Creature — Human Wizard

At the beginning of the end step, if you control four or more creatures named Biovisionary, you win the game.

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Biovisionary Discussion

jordybear2002 on Paging all Riku players!

2 days ago

Ok so I don't have a Riku deck but because of the world of commander I have a pretty good idea of how he works and how to build around him. Yes cards like Avenger of Zendikar would work. Also get cards like Blade of Selves and anything close to Clone. Maybe having a copy of Biovisionary just to have a fun win condition! Is there anything else specific that you want to cover on this topic?

hellokitty6666666666666 on Natures Wealth! Or, Rashmi? RASH YOU!

1 week ago

Avenger of Zendikar not the most budget card, but a great creature

Biovisionary is fun and you've got enough creature copies to win with it, I think, maybe you could add a few more if you decided on this

personally I ran more copies and tried to rely on the other players to win the game, as is my preferred play style with most decks

bwanabeast5 on Replacement.

2 weeks ago

In my deck Tatyova Take Ova I want to replace two cards Biovisionary and Paradigm Shift. Any suggestions on anything?

maxon on Jodah, The Walker that Never Was Returning Alive

3 weeks ago

OK, so looking at your deck list it's apparent you're going full on 'walker style. I think if you're going to keep it this way, you should think about including more creature wrath. Damnation, Wrath of God, Day of Judgment, and In Garruk's Wake come to mind. This way people can't just swing at you unimpeded.

I also have a Jodah deck (Monsters, Friends, and the Right to Replicate), and I packed that sucker full of the kind of ramp where you pull land out of your library and put it into play.

Those spells include: Collective Voyage, Farseek, Urban Evolution, Explosive Vegetation, Ranger's Path, and Tempt with Discovery. I also have some creatures that grab land. Those are Farhaven Elf, Ulvenwald Hydra, and Yavimaya Dryad. Llanowar Scout fills a similar role. (I'm still tweaking this deck, but right now I'm happy with the ramp package. I did however have to up the number of basic lands to really benefit from the spells I selected.)

For extra benefit from all the land entering, I added Tatyova, Benthic Druid and Emeria Shepherd.

I think it's important to grab lots of land because you want to be able to use Jodah's ability as much as possible so you need all your colors.

Now that you have tons of land at your disposal, you have room for a secret weapon. A personal favorite of mine, Biovisionary and Rite of Replication. I include a Silence to ensure no one effs with the win. Worst case, you draw a counterspell with Silence. Cool thing with Biovisionary is, unlike most triggered instant-wins (like Mortal Combat), is this triggers at your endstep so you just do the thing, end your turn and win.

I also recommend trying Muldrotha, the Gravetide. It will let you cast 'walkers from the grave. It's stupid good.

For now, that's all I have. Gotta go back to work. Let me know what you think.

Darth_Savage on Blue Fax Machine

3 weeks ago

Hi SprScuba,

There are familiar foundations in this deck, similar in many ways to Owl-ing Mine (not my deck, but it inspired my own take on owl-ing mine), but with a different and possibly more fragile payoff. My initial thought is that your deck would struggle against other decks which aren't particularly creature focussed; heavy discard (8-rack), Storm and other go-wide strategies (Affinity / 8-Wack / Pyromancer / BW Tokens). Now if your meta is filled with good-stuff creature decks then this is exactly the sort of deck that can prey on that, but metas change...

I wouldn't particularly worry about enchantment removal, it is far less common, especially since Black and Red don't have access to it, but I would worry about facing decks which aren't creature focussed or go-wide. One of the easiest fixes I can think of is to play the Biovisionary combo. Splashing Green would give you access to ramp and Herald of the Pantheon too, which could help play those enchantments. Though if the aim was Biovisionary then Renegade Doppelganger and Cackling Counterpart would be good choices, maybe even one of Progenitor Mimic.

If you are planning to stay in mono blue, then you need an alternative win-con, the two obvious ones being Thing in the Ice  Flip and Cryptic Serpent, but even an Illusory Angel or Riptide Chimera could work. Your also not running any clones, per say Cryptoplasm or Phantasmal Image are the first that come to mind.

I guess what my comment boils down to is that your deck needs a better win-con, incase you are faced with a deck which isn't aggro focussed. I hope this is of some help, have fun brewing your deck.

bwanabeast5 on In Tatyova - Cards Draw YOU !!!

4 weeks ago

I love it, I see what you're saying but I also have one problem with your are running Rite of Replication... without Biovisionary???

Catalog9000 on Blue Creature Cloner?

1 month ago

Here's a list of what I could find.

TempleOfAsmodeus on Rubinia - Helm of the Host

1 month ago

When C17 came out, the first thing I did was try to rebuild the Vampiric Bloodlust deck to make exponential copies of Edgar Markov attacking each turn for the explosive +1/+1 counters. It required Blade of Selves, Mirror Gallery, Strionic Resonator, Anointed Procession, AND Sundial of the Infinite... talk about Magic Christmasland. I nearly fell off my chair with excitement when Helm of the Host was spoiled. I preordered 10 copies, put one in Edgar and one in Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker, and I've been looking for things to do with the other 8.

This is the first deck I literally just clicked & bought the whole list. So excited to test it out this weekend. I happen to have a Stoneforge Mystic and an Avacyn, Angel of Hope sitting around I'm going to toss in as well as a Curator's Ward. Didn't think of Biovisionary, but I'll probably mix one of those in later.

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