Mirror Mockery


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Rare

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Mirror Mockery

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Whenever enchanted creature attacks, you may put a token onto the battlefield that's a copy of that creature. Exile that token at end of combat.

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Mirror Mockery Discussion

Thekitchentable on Simic multiplayer

1 month ago

I think you should look into Sidisi's Faithful and Mirror Mockery. Turn one: sidisi's faithful. Turn 2 Mirror mockery. Attack your opponent for 0 and exploit the token to bounce a creature. It dodges a lot of removal and it can get super annoying. If you don't have the combo they both are solid on their own. Sidisi's Faithful is a great early game blocker that stops aggro in their tracks, and mirror mockery is great with anything that has great ETB's. Attach it to thragtusk, swing in make a token, gain your life, the token leave and you get a beast token.

TypicalTimmy on Blue Creature Cloner?

1 month ago

Here's a list of what I could find.

Loreshadow on Best MTG Block/Set in the ...

2 months ago

DTK for Living Lore and Mirror Mockery.

But overall Block would have to go to BFZ for Awaken, Surge, and Landfall all in one. Those three keywords combo well with cards like Skyline Cascade turning Lands into free reuseable spells when you have Slab Hammer in the mix. Locking down a Red Aggro deck with Skyline Cascade and Rush of Ice is pretty hilarious. But, so is 0 mana artifacts and Surge. Overwhelming Denial was a huge help in facing off against Esper decks, of which there were many. Good time for Esper.

The Eldrazi were done very well and had some nice counter spells. Using counterspells to add mana was pretty awesome. So was using countered cards in exile as fuel to return those same counterspells for reuse. It wasn't too bad a time for mono-blue, a lot of interesting interactions.

Using several of them to build in Modern now. Seems like BFZ makes up half of all my Modern deck ideas. Counter spells didn't make the cut though.

Some of the new sets are really pushing things though with cards like Spell Swindle further turning counters into rewarding ramps. Though I wish Surge and Rebound were in a single Block instead of seperated between DTK and BFZ. Both keywords are a little limited but would work so well together. Preferably without having to use 2-3 colours just to access enough cards or favouring Blue/White and Blue/Red respecticely. Would like to see all colours be able to use Rebound to power their Surge spells, particularly in Mono decks.

That would become my favourite Block.

Loreshadow on R Kelly (Wiz on them)

2 months ago

I'm trying to convert my old Standard deck into a Modern deck using Halimar Tidecaller + Naban, Dean of Iteration . While my deck is heavily based on Awaken cards, there are some cards I will be adding to mutiply the Mirror Mockery affect. So while you have exile instants and sorceries as well. You may wish to expand that into the token spell, enchantment copy and creature clone areas. That is, if your ETB creatures are the focus and not he distraction. Just click on my profile for the link. I've collected a few ideas to abuse ETB for future EDH decks as well. Jwari Shapeshifter and Phantasmal Image look really useful.

Anyways. I will have to look more closely at your deck once I get into EDH myself. Still got to dinish my first Modern deck though. :p

Variux on Magic Merfolk (Super Budget!)

2 months ago

Loreshadow - Mirror Mockery is awesome! I only started playing when Amonkhet came out so there's so many cards I'm unaware of.

Loreshadow on Magic Merfolk (Super Budget!)

2 months ago

Pretty cool stuff. Reminds me of abusing Mirror Mockery. Very cool. Might try and mix these new cards with my old Mirror decks. Halimar Tidecaller is a Wizard too. :)

Perhaps even an EDH deck down the line. Will have to look into the new sets now.

Loreshadow on R Kelly (Wiz on them)

2 months ago

If ETB abuse is your plan, then Mirror Mockery may help.

Loreshadow on Winter Orb Powers!

2 months ago

Doesn't look like it works like you're wanting it to. You have two artifacts that say Tap, but no Untap. That leaves you with only untapping on your upkeep, and letting your opponent play his cards freely on his turn after you do. So while you get the initiative you don't really get to abuse it fully.

You can:

Add Untap permanents like Retreat to Coralhelm and spells like Refocus.

Add land untapping indirectly with Slab Hammer.

Add Flash cards so that you can tap and play on opponents' turns, allowing you to Untap for free on your turn, after you untap your mana maybe? Ask the rule guys about that.

Add Quicksilver Amulet to play Flash creatures of any mana cost when Winter Orb is tapped. Creatures cannot be countered as they aren't cast.

Add Brain in a Jar to play your 1, 2 and 3 mana spells, for one mana. Reset for 3 mana or just stop using it, or up your spell mana costs for powerful game winning spells.

Add Horribly Awry to abuse opponent's limited mana access.

Add Mirror Mockery with Enter the Battlefield affects for mana free repetitive affects. Slip Through Space and Artful Dodge could work well with that.

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