Liquimetal Coating


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Uncommon
Scars of Mirrodin Uncommon

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Liquimetal Coating


Tap: Target permanent becomes an artifact in addition to its other types until end of turn.

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Liquimetal Coating Discussion

Inferno323 on The First Ooze Planeswalker!

2 days ago

Using Karn's animation ability after turning them into artifacts either through Liquimetal Coating or Mycosynth Lattice.

iAlchemist on Put on your masks and animal skins!

2 days ago

Goodness, The7thBobba, I'm still kinda new. This deck looks savage with a lot of card synergy, but seems like it won't have an issue with consistency like the "This deck is leaking worse than Cytheria" that you made (Such a fun deck though, mate.) The curve looks good too, which helps the consistency.

You might already know this, but I really like having more than 20 lands. 20 lands really bothers me and I feel like it's going to have the same issue here. It's also worth noting you rarely run dual lands? Why's that? Typically they come in just fine if you already control a normal land, and they'll come in tapped if you draw them first turn, which is okay because you don't have a lot of one drops to really concern yourself with and the potential for options on the next turn with dual drops. I dunno. I'm still very very new to deck building, especially on land base, but in my opinion, a good land base is unbelievably important to any deck value.

Worth noting, I have bought the cards for two of your decks, and I can personally say you're a better deck builder than I am at the moment. That Artifact deck is awesome...when you draw Liquimetal Coating, and the above mentioned deck featuring landfall is just unfair in multiplayer, managed to win a five-way match against "meta-decks" just by drawing my deck in a single turn. Oh dear, this deck advice has evolved into being a kiss-ass. Eh, oh well. Maybe look into modifying your lands a bit, or not. Your choice.

With Regards, iAlchemist.

Eiti3 on Lantern Control in Commander?

2 weeks ago

Not too few, but the 4 costing artifact creatures would need to be cast after Arcum for maximum efficiency. I'd think you need as low costing artifact creatures as possible, but not to a detriment. Liquimetal Coating might be able to help with the non-artifact creatures, but even that can be slow.

Without knowledge on what to cut, I could recommend Epochrasite, Etherium Sculptor, Hope of Ghirapur, and-or Myr Moonvessel.

Firebones675 on

2 weeks ago

Just so you know, you can't use Saheeli Rai in they way you describe in the description. She specifies it has to be a creature or an artifact so she can't make a copy of Trial of Knowledge unless you can change its card type first with something like Liquimetal Coating but that seems too clunky to be practical.

You can however blink it with Felidar Guardian.

Also Clockspinning might be ok here

Dennis14 on How to lose all of your friends 101

2 weeks ago

Cool deck.

I really the idea but want to make it more competitive.
To do this I think a Blue splash is necessary for some key cards:

  1. Snapcaster Mage - to reuse all your LD spells and L.Bolts and flashback Ancient Stirrings to make sure you find the Liquimetal Coating.
    It is a big upgrade over Isochron Scepter as it can't be blown out by artifact removal and doesn't cause card disadvantage (quite the opposite).
    2 . Delver of Secrets  Flip - the deck already has plenty of instants/sorceries and this creature can take advantage of the tempo you gain on your opponent and actually pressure their life total and close the game.
  2. Muddle the Mixture - the most efficient way to tutor for Liquimetal Coating (and other 2-cmc cards in the deck) which can also be used as a counterspell.

Blue also improves your SB options with counterspells.

Also, adding a creature that destroy an artifact upon EtB is a good idea.
The best options are: Tin Street Hooligan and Vithian Renegades and there is also Trygon Predator that can repeatedly destroy artifacts/enchantments if it connects.

Here is my take on the deck:

Temur Liquimetal Coating

Modern Dennis14


smutazos on Mah Cars!

3 weeks ago

I am rather new player and when in my group one pro player gave me the Clock of Omens and told me that I should run it in my Breya (ETB, no inf combos) deck I didn't see the potential of this card but added it to my deck because why not (especially when you get free card and advice from pro player). So I've put Clock in my deck and forgot about it since I didn't draw it for few games but when it showed up on table I momentarly started to using it and I was more than amazed. But nevermind, lets get back to Macar.

Imagine that you have King Macar, the Gold-Cursed on the board and a few other artifacts: some Gold tokens, some Myrs form Battlesphere and other. Than imagine on that board Clock of Omens and one of these:

Thran Forge or Ashnod's Transmogrant or Liquimetal Coating :D

enpc on Sydri's Artifact Hell

3 weeks ago

I think you could easily cut Memnarch, Take Possession, March of the Machines, Angel's Grace, Liquimetal Coating, Caltrops, Blinkmoth Urn and Mindslaver and the deck wouldn't miss them. That's a start at least.

Also, running 1 counter spell seems silly. I'd say either cut it or add more.

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