Don't you want to create a stupid amount of tokens? We have a Parallel Lives in the Command Zone, so we are going to make a nauseating amount of tokens. I hope you've dusted off your multiplication tables and have some tokens handy.

The game plan:

  1. Make hella tokens via token producers that create bursts of tokens on ETB, or passively/repeatedly generate tokens with little repeated Mana investment to create them. Adrix and Nev have Ward, but they may not stick around for long, so token production should be as immediate and consistent as possible.

  2. Go wide & swing for the fences with over-run effects.

  3. Make hella copies of Biovisionary for the memes if you can pull it off. Very Optional. I recently removed Biovisionary to make room for Tireless Provisioner

Will likely replace Sakashima's Will with Volo, Guide to Monsters once its available to try out for play-testing.

I want to get Adrix and Nev down early, and start pumping out tokens ASAP. Most of our heftiest token producers are 4+ Mana, so the sooner they can be played and protected, the better.

Mana Dorks

Mana Rocks

Cantrippy/Ramp package

A mix of cantrip/"play an additional land", and search effects.


This stuff is far more cutesy and situational, but can lead to some big mana.

  • Cryptolith Rite - What if all your token creatures were Mana Dorks? What if your Mana Dorks now tapped for all your colors? As cool as this is, I suspect Cryptolith Rite could get replaced, since it is dependent on a board state existing to get the most out of it. Cutesy.

  • Hullbreacher You thought this fuckin guy was nasty already? What if you could double up on his Treasure tokens? Get a load of this fuckin guy right here. This fuckin guy is also expensive, and not all necessary for the deck to function. If needed, additional token producers at this slot could be Spawnwrithe , Mist-Syndicate Naga , maybe even Caller of the Claw . RIP Hullbreacher. You were banned before I could get a nasty amount of treasure from you, although the banning was the right choice.

  • Tireless Provisioner Another early drop token producer that felt like what the deck was missing before. Makes Treasures on land drops and keeps our foot on the gas. Thank you Hullbreacher and Tireless Tracker for making this love-child together.

I'll omit mentioning the cantrip effects already mentioned in the Ramp section. These effects are a mix of repeatable, as well as "burst" effects. Three of these effects are combat damage dependent, but if all goes well enough, you should be able to get enough creatures past chump blockers. If you have stuff like Mystic Remora and/or Rhystic Study , then by all means, smoke em if you got em.

  • Mikokoro, Center of the Sea This is a "I have a copy and need draw, might as well shove this in" card. Repeatable draw, but also helps the table. Try to use that goodwill to your advantage.

  • Mystic Remora Moving over from my Brokkos deck for play-testing here. The Fish is good draw, not much else to be said here. Somewhat stax-y since it might force opponents to have sub-optimal plays so they don't feed the fish.

  • Skullclamp Should be making a shitload of tokens, so why not Clamp a few of them?

  • Idol of Oblivion Dependent on token creation, and only happens once per turn cycle, unless you have some untap shenanigans on hand. Has the upside of creating a big beater token if really really needed.

  • Tireless Tracker Similar to Hullbreacher , why not double up on those Clue tokens? Clue tokens are another sink for all the mana you can ramp out, or for Hullbreacher's treasure tokens.

  • Reconnaissance Mission Felt like I needed another draw effect, especially one that isn't on a creature. I like that the draw on this is a "may", so no fear of over-drawing if you do swarm with a bunch of tokens.

  • Toski, Bearer of Secrets Throw the squirrel god and your army of tokens around the table. Can't block them all

  • Mulldrifter Some additional draw and a prime target for Mystic Reflection or Esix, Fractal Bloom . Mulldrifter is one of those cards that usually ends up in a lot of my initial drafts for a deck then just doesn't make the cut. Wanted another burst draw effect that can get copied with some of the other effects in deck.

  • Ohran Frostfang Another fuckin guy that's getting expensive. Smoke em if you got, or can buy one. If not, maybe this can be a slot for the slightly more budget options of Guardian Project , Beast Whisperer , Elemental Bond , or even Garruk's Uprising . Giving your swarm of creatures deathtouch will make those blocks harder. Maybe this slot could be a Seedborn Muse if you want to untap your token swarm, and leave mana up for interaction.

  • Return of the Wildspeaker Such a good and fun card. Need a burst draw effect? Need an over-run effect? Boom, you have choices.

Protect your board and remove threats.

This is my broad umbrella term for: Counter spells, protection effects, and political offers.

  • Alchemist's Refuge In interaction? Turn those sorcery speed wipes into instant speed if you have some mana available. Situational, but available.

  • Arcane Lighthouse Help push through your own removal, or bargain with the table to help remove someone else's threat.

  • Vesuva Not at all necessary for this deck. I pulled a copy and wanted to give it a try somewhere. Useful for copying another utility land, like a Homeward Path or Glacial Chasm , since both exist in my meta and land destruction doesn't for some reason.

  • Miscast Catch someone with their pants down when they've over-extended their mana trying to push through removal or combo pieces.

  • Sylvan Offering Create some tokens for yourself, most ideally cast if The Twins are on board. Politic around the table by offering tokens in exchange for some minor favors, maybe help take a bit of heat off yourself.

  • Counterspell Lol, no

  • Heroic Intervention Boardwipe? Nope. Someone wants to steal your stuff? Nah. Combat trick to push your swarm through? All helpful uses

  • Lazotep Plating Protect your stuff from removal and targeting effects. Creates a token, which is kinda neat.

  • Negate You already know tho

  • Swiftfoot Boots Ward is cool, but maybe you want full on Hexproof? Not a super necessary protection piece, def a flex spot.

  • Arachnogenesis Got lucky and picked this up last year. A Fog that can shit out an army of Reachy spiders. Slam dunk. This can also just be a straight up Fog or AEtherize if you don't have an Arachnogenesis.

  • Hullbreacher Turn those bonus draws into Treasures

  • Mimic Vat Imprint creatures with useful removal ETBs

  • Faerie Artisans This fuckin guy right here, this fuckin guy does some work. Having played in my first actual play-through of this deck, it got some sweet value of opponents' creature plays, and might've delayed some creatures from being played so I couldn't get a copy or two. This fuckin guy is also expensive. This slot could also be a Chasm Skulker if you so wish, maybe a Thopter Spy Network

  • Sakashima's Will Tbh, I have this in deck more so for the copy effect. I imagine the steal will often lead to getting the worst creature they have, unless they're down to a handful of creatures. I can see this being cut if neither option is really all that helpful. This could also be a Second Harvest or Crafty Cutpurse

A mixture of single-target and wipe effects

  • Field of Ruin Remember I recently pulled one of these from one of the few TSR packs I managed to find. We have very little if any land destruction in our meta, and I want to slowly start changing that since we do have a couple up-and-coming Landfall decks in the meta, as well as a Glacial Chasm and other utility lands that can become problematic. up
  • Pest Infestation I want to try this out over Sylvan Offering Making some chump blockers and removing a few problematic artifacts and/or enchantments feels decent enough.

  • Pongify and Rapid Hybridization Efficient single target removal, or can be used to reset one of your own creatures and turn it into something else if you have Esix, Fractal Bloom on field. Cutesy.

  • Reality Shift When you need something fuckin gone. Also has the potential upside of a 2 for 1, by manifesting a non-creature card.

  • Beast Within

  • Reclamation Sage ETB get rid of some enchantments or artifacts. A potential copy target if you have Esix on board.

  • Trygon Predator Repeatable artifact and enchantment removal, although dependent on combat damage. Another potential copy target if Esix is online.

  • Amphin Mutineer Single target exile removal, with the upside to scale through Encore. This can turn into a pseudo-wipe if The Twins and/or Parallel Lives are on board. This is replacing Reef Worm for now.

  • Wash Out Bounce White, Red, and Black permanents without a second thought, unless your opponents are playing ETB heavy strats. Can be used to reset some of your own ETBs if needed.

  • Oversimplify I'm not really a fan of this card at face value, but want to give it a few tries before I replace it. Has the upside of being exile removal, and can hose strats that would rather have their creatures die or return to hand.

  • Perplexing Test Depending on board-states, has the potential to be an asymmetrical wipe.

  • Bane of Progress Another case of "I have a copy and could fit this here, fuck it". Smoke em if you got em. Kinda like a big Green Vandalblast that leaves a beefy boy behind. Most ideal against strats that are reliant on artifacts or enchantments. Another Esix copy target if there ever was one.

Pump out tokens and make copies of some fun stuff. Gotta give Adrix & Nev some token makers to work with. I tried to focus on token producers that create tokens on ETB, in large "burst" quantities, and/or create tokens through passive interaction with the rest of the board. I do have copies of stuff like Spawnwrithe and Mist-Syndicate Naga , but felt like those fit better as Mutate targets in Brokkos Buried in this Jungle, with greater chance of evasion.

  • Combine Chrysalis Can cash in a smaller creature token and turn it into a 4/4 flying beast if needed. Sounds almost like White's 4/4 flying Angels.

  • Idol of Oblivion Creating the Eldrazi token is kind of a last ditch effort if pulled off.

  • Lazotep Plating The extra Zombie Army token(s) are a nice little upside with the protection. Can be fodder for Skullclamp

  • Arachnogenesis A Fog that comes with an army in a can that also blocks flying creatures is really nifty. As mentioned before, this card is expensive af, and can be a Caller of the Claw , Fog , or whatever other similar effect you'd like to have around 2-4cmc.

  • Hullbreacher This fuckin guy is expensive, but can make some treasure tokens off those bonus draw effects. Put a Chasm Skulker or something else similar in this slot

  • Mimic Vat Currently play-testing over Augmenter Pugilist  . Wanted to get another means of re-using ETBs, especially if the token copies can be doubled up by The Twins or Parallel Lives.

  • Scute Swarm I like token production that happens on ETBs. Scute Swarm can get out of hand once land count is reached, and especially with Adrix & Nev on board. Add in Esix for silliness on each land drop.

  • Faerie Artisans Another nutso card. As mentioned before, this can leech value from your opponents' creatures, and really gets turned up with the Twins.

  • Master of Waves Another army in a can, although somewhat dependent on a board state to get the most out of the devotion kick. A big target for Esix or Mystic Reflection when it ETBs

  • Notorious Throng Currently play-testing this over Rite of Replication . I think this will be a "defensive" 2nd main phase spell to replenish my board for chump blockers if I've swung out with a board full of tokens and connected with enough of them. The Prowl cost extra turn is less likely to happen, since Glasspool Mimic   is the only Rogue I currently have in the deck. I mostly want a lot of Faeries. Fairly conditional token production.

  • Wolfcaller's Howl Slotting in for play-testing. I think this could consistently net more tokens per turn cycle than Beacon of Creation could have. I don't think it's too unreasonable to net 2-3 wolf tokens per turn cycle, especially since most players in my meta run a few different card draw effects.

  • Tendershoot Dryad Shit out 1/1 Saprolings each upkeep. Chump blockers or Skullclamp fodder if you don't have the City's Blessing for some reason.

  • Avenger of Zendikar Drop this fuckin guy after you've Harvest Season 'd out a bunch of basics. Another prime target for Mystic Reflection and Esix

  • Myr Battlesphere Mystic Reflection and Esix want to be friends with the Myr. Make someone take a lot of damage to face, regardless of blocks.

We're making plenty of tokens, so why not clone some of those effects and get them even more?

These are all cards that I currently own at least one copy of, and are in another deck or floating in my binders somewhere. Since I have at least one copy, I'm more likely to proxy additional copies, especially if the card is above $5, and definitely if it is above $10.

  • Bow of Nylea Deathtouch anthem with some utility options that all feel kinda meh and too situational

  • Esika's Chariot I have a couple copies and might try it out soon. Something about it feels a little clunky or easily interrupted.

  • Arasta of the Endless Web My meta is a bit more creature heavy, so I don't see her creating a consistent enough flow of spiders.

  • Beast Whisperer On cast draw is cool. I think I opted to try and have the draw effects on artifacts and enchantments as much as possible, to make them a little more resistant to removal.

  • Birds of Paradise - My one copy is currently in my Brokkos, Apex of Forever deck, since it can ramp or be a Mutate host. I'd rather keep it there for now, but the option is there. The current batch of Mana Dorks work just fine.

  • Fynn, the Fangbearer - I already have Biovisionary as my cheesy win-con option. I considered slotting it in since I do have Bow of Nylea and Ohran Frostfang in the deck. I figured 2 deathtouch related anthems was too small of a subtheme for a slot. It's there if I want to try it.

  • Augmenter Pugilist  / Echoing Equation - This was previously in deck more so for the Echoing Equation side, in theory. In play-testing, I didn't like how the card felt, or drew it too early for Pugilist to get the full buff. May give this another try if I feel like I need another board cloning effect.

  • Biovisionary Sometimes your memes should be dreams. I had this in the initial build, but opted to have something more useful/consistent in deck instead.

  • Caller of the Claw - To me, this occupies a similar space as Arachnogenesis . I've had my Arachnogenesis copy for about a year now, and it felt like such an awesome auto-include. I think this green Rise of the Dread Marn -ish card can help with board recovery. Also felt like it kinda non-bos, since I'm mostly banking on having mostly creature tokens.

  • Champion of Lambholt Could switch out Bow of Nylea to test this out a bit better. To me it feels a bit more vulnerable to removal than the Bow, and the Bow has a few more options if needed.

  • Chasm Skulker I like Chasm Skulker and it could find its way into the maindeck. I think that Reef Worm occupies a somewhat similar space, and makes gradually growing tokens. Chasm Skulker didn't make the initial cut, since I felt like there was too much build up to get it tokens. Will probably swap out Reef Worm for this if it feels underwhelming.

  • Hornet Nest Would just be removal bait? The Command Zone summed it up nicely. Hornet Nest doesn't even have Reach, even though it's on a tree branch. Flavor fail /s

  • Nadir Kraken I have similar feelings for this as I do Chasm Skulker. Great if I'm drawing more than 1 card per turn, & can give me chump blockers or Skullclamp fodder, but that's mana I also would want to use for interaction/removal if needed.

  • Mist-Syndicate Naga Same as Spawnwrithe.

  • Spawnwrithe Another card that currently resides in my Brokkos deck. I think it has greater potential in that deck as a Mutate Host, and has a greater likelihood of getting evasion through a Mutate instance.

  • Crafty Cutpurse Cutesy and situational. Only really useful against the token decks in my meta, and leaving 4 mana up for this doesn't feel great.

  • Curiosity Crafter Slightly more narrow version of the Ohran Frostfang and Toski, Bearer of Secrets , since it only checks for your creature tokens, but you're probably going to be swarming everyone with creature tokens anyways. Moved this to Maybe Board to play test Mulldrifter

  • Reef Worm Chump blocker extraordinaire. Not my most favorite token producer in the deck. Kinda been on the fence to swap Chasm Skulker into this slot.

  • Hydra Broodmaster The Hydra by itself costs 6, and becomes removal bait for the next turn cycle. As a mana-sink, the X cost isn't ideal, and I'd rather use that mana for other things.

  • Rampaging Baloths To me, this occupies a similar space as Avenger of Zendikar , Tendershoot Dryad , and Myr Battlesphere . The "burst" creation of tokens on Avenger & Battlesphere feel more reliable and consistent. Tendershoot shits out saprolings on every upkeep, and anthems them up. Baloths doesn't create any tokens on ETB, and I either have to reserve a land drop the turn it comes down to get at least 1 token, or it has to survive a turn cycle, and I have to hope to draw lands in turns where I may want other cards vs lands. Makes late game ramp spells more relevant tho, but that's not ideal.

  • Agent of Treachery My one copy is currently in my Araumi of the Dead Tide deck. Feels fun there as an Encore target. Could lead to some theft and draw here if copied. Might consider subbing out Myr Battlesphere for this at some point.

  • End-Raze Forerunners I have other over-run effects in Beastmaster Ascension , Overwhelming Stampede , and Return of the Wildspeaker . For now those feel like enough options, and all of them come down a lot sooner than the Forerunners. Also 4 pips in the cost, and 8 cmc are not most ideal. Would be a dead draw if I have 8 mana, but not a decent board, and I'd rather pay 5 cmc for a similar effect, and leave some mana up for counter spells.

  • Burgeoning I have a copy, I just need to remember which binder it's in. Feels like a good way to paint an early target on myself. It's there if I feel I need it.

  • Exploration My one copy is in Brokkos. For now, Brokkos feels like it needs it more, especially since the Bog Beast is 5 cmc and 3 colors. The ramp in this deck feels sufficient enough for now.

  • Guardian Project My one copy is also in Brokkos lol. Might move it over if I feel like I need it.

  • Mystic Remora My one copy is currently in Brokkos. I think Skullclamp should work a bit better in this deck, for now. Can always swap over if I really want to try it.

  • Wolfwillow Haven It's ramp. As a desperation move it can make a 2/2 token. Not ideal

  • Awakening Zone I think this has better potential with Esix as the commander. The couple times I've played Awakening Zone, it's felt pretty meh as a ramp piece. Might give it another shot at some point.

  • Thopter Spy Network Should be able to create some tokens if I have some mana rocks on board, but that might not always be the case, and I currently only have 8 artifacts in this deck, counting Myr Battlesphere, technically 9 if you count the tokens from Faerie Artisans . Might give this a try if Curiosity Crafter or Toski, Bearer of Secrets feel underwhelming.

    • Arcane Denial Decided to slot in Miscast , my reasoning being that most removal I'd want to stop would be an instant or sorcery, and depending on the stage of the game, players might over-extend or not have to pay. Arcane Denial cantrips, but also gives an opponent 2 cards. Not ideal.

    • Cyclonic Rift I have a couple copies that are in other decks. I wanted to give some of my other wipe effects a try, primarily Wash Out and Oversimplify . One of the other decks that C Rift is in needs it just a little more.

    • Double Major Similar space as Mystic Reflection . Not necessarily something I wanted to leave mana up for, then have the creature spell it's targeting be countered, then I essentially over-paid 2cmc for 1 creature.

    • Theoretical Duplication Make a copy of something cool an opponent has. Moving this out for adding more draw. Seems fun on paper, but holding mana up for this doesn't remove the threat it copies, and it would compete with actual removal I'd be holding mana up for.

    • Second Harvest Splashy, but board dependent. I already have Parallel Lives in deck and in the Command Zone. This felt a bit cutesy and unnecessary. Might try it out at some point if I feel like I need it. Could take the spot of Augmenter Pugilist  / Echoing Equation if those feel underwhelming.

    • Sylvan Offering Definitely a political piece, but a decent enough way to get a variety of quality & quantity of tokens out on the board.

    • Cultivate Could replace Harvest Season if it is too inconsistent.

    • Curse of the Swine I already have Oversimplify in main board, and don't have to pay into an X cost to wipe the board.

    • Gaea's Blessing Minor recursion piece and cantrip. I have a bit of Mill in my meta, but not enough to warrant including this right now. I'm usually the one doing self-mill in my other decks.

    • Golden Ratio Board state dependent for a burst effect. If I meet the criteria for the card, I'm likely already ahead and don't need it.

    • Beacon of Creation This card is now spiking in price, very likely thanks to Adrix and Nev. This card does some WORK, especially in a deck with primarily basics. Counters and interaction aside, this can get nutty, since it shuffles back into deck, and has upside of potentially having more Forests on board each time it's cast. Army in a can. Currently moved to Maybe-Board to playtest Wolfcaller's Howl

    • Quasiduplicate I'd like to have clone/copy effects that can hit my entire board if possible.

    • Rite of Replication Get bonkers copies if you have the 9 mana to cast & kick it. Switched this to Maybe board to try out Notorious Throng

    • Ezuri's Predation Kind of a weird wipe. Similar feelings as End-Raze Forerunners , in regards to the restrictive CMC.


    Updates Add

    Since these cards haven't been added to Tappedout yet, here are a few likely changes I'll be making:

    • Bow of Nylea will be replaced by Combine Chrysalis. I want my token swarms to have more surefire evasion, as well as better defensive capabilities against flying creatures. Chrysalis comes down sooner, and can cash in a token for a 4/4 Flyer if needed. The utility on Bow of Nylea was fairly situational.

    • Fae Offering is definitely on my radar, but with more hoops to jump through, is less likely to make the cut.

    • Academy Manufactor and Tireless Provisioner could both earn slots in the deck. I could see myself likely dropping Biovisionary all together for at least one of these, and possibly Sakashima's Will. TBD