Sosuke's Summons


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Betrayers of Kamigawa (BOK) Uncommon

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Sosuke's Summons


Put two 1/1 green Snake creature tokens into play.

Whenever a nontoken Snake enters the battlefield under your control, you may return Sosuke's Summons from your graveyard to your hand.

Sosuke's Summons Discussion

Funkydiscogod on A green-blue snake deck who ...

1 week ago

Matsu-Tribe Sniper is probably best in the sideboard as an answer to Little Miss Aeons Torn and Lingering Souls .

I've been wanting to brew up blue/green snakes for a while. My idea was to discard Sosuke's Summons to activate Vivien's Arkbow , and find a snake, to get the all the Summons back from my graveyard ready to discard again. Bonus points for finding a Mystic Snake in response to an opponent's spell.

In my experience, Orochi Eggwatcher is underrated powerful: as soon as it flips, the game will end: you attack, and sacrifice each blocked creature to pump unblocked creatures.

I can see a combo if can have a Frozen AEther on the batlefield, and a Cryptic Command to tap their creatures you can then start the attack with Shisato, Whispering Hunter until they're dead.

Chesu on Hapatra (Old Brawl deck)

1 month ago

It all depends on who you're using as the commander. If you're using Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons you'll really want to focus it down. Are you looking for the -1/-1 counter part of it or the 1/1 snake tokens? Hapatra can go off very quickly with snakes.

Orochi Hatchery , Sosuke's Summons , Snake Pit , Serpent Generator are all good cards, even if the last one has a high cmc.
- ( Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons or Flourishing Defenses ) + Devoted Druid + ( Ivy Lane Denizen or ( Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + ( Swiftfoot Boots or Lightning Greaves )))= Infinite Mana + Infinite Deathtouch Snakes -( Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons or Flourishing Defenses ) + Cinderhaze Wretch + ( Ivy Lane Denizen or ( Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + ( Swiftfoot Boots or Lightning Greaves ))) = Infinitely Discard Opponents (during your turn) + Infinite Deathtouch Snakes - Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Woodfall Primus + Ashnod's Altar = Destroy all noncreature permanents + Infinite Mana -( Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons or Flourishing Defenses or Nest of Scarabs ) + Grim Poppet + Sculpting Steel = Infinite Tokens -( Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons or Flourishing Defenses or Nest of Scarabs ) + Blowfly Infestation = Infinite tokens entering and dying. NOTE: This needs to be used in conjunction with something else such as Blood Artist , Zulaport Cutthroat , or just another one of the cards listed above.

-Credit to akumawerewolf for his great Hapatra combo list.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on My snake deck (that title took me two weeks...)

2 months ago

Ninokun: that would totally suffice if the blue was only meant to cast kaseto. Activating his ability multiple times in one turn is pretty colour intensive though, so it doesn't work that way. Thanks for the nice idea though.

Chasmolinker: hapatra is a powerful card, but she wants a totally different deck. It could be done. I envision something among the lines of hapatra herself, Seed the Land , Noose Constrictor , Sosuke's Summons and Archfiend of Ifnir . Seems pretty interesting btw...regarding Metallic Mimic : I totally see the upsite of cards like this, but I don't usually like to include them in my tribal decks, and they aren't actual members of the tribe.

Funkydiscogod on Simic Arcbow

4 months ago

You should run cards that return themselves from the graveyard to your hand, for more Arkbow fun. Probably the best card for your budget and colors would be Sosuke's Summons . The best card to find would be Mystic Snake . Other cards like Coiling Oracle and Sakura-Tribe Elder would be good finds, too. The basic idea would be that you discard it to the Vivien's Arkbow , find a snake, put it on the battlefield, and immediately return all your Sosuke's Summons from your graveyard to your hand.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Super Snek Deck

5 months ago

Interesting. This is a weird kind of snake deck. But I like it. Phyrexian Swarmlord seems super-off though, and Rotting Fensnake is just terrible. Maybe try some numbers of Seshiro the Anointed and Sosuke's Summons instead?

skeletonbarrel on Snakes making a comeback!

11 months ago

I run a casual snake deck and I get most of my mileage from Sosuke's Summons and using cheap snakes to bring it back.

I would suggest swapping Blight Mamba for Wasteland Viper. If you want to add a 3 drop Prowling Serpopard is pretty slick.

Snake Basket can be a nice way to come back from mass removal.

If you want more card draw for Lorescale Coatl you could try Curiosity or Coastal Piracy.

Hope that helps, good luck with the snakes!

TheGiantOfTheJungle on Sneaky Snaaake

1 year ago

Sosuke's Summons will give you a heap of mileage. I'm unsure if Crucible of Worlds is worth it with the four sac lands in the deck, but if it works for you go for it; however I would consider Ramunap Excavator just because it is another creature you can throw counters on if needed. Otherwise the deck looks excellent dude!

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