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Blood Moon is pretty much always better due to the fact that it hits nonblue decks. Which means Jund, and a lot of other decks.

However, you have 4 cards that have double blue. And they're SUPER important to your strategy.

So, what you need is fetchlands. I recommend Prismatic Vista is okay, any blue fetch such as Flooded Strand is fine as long as you find a copy or two of Steam Vents. Evolving Wilds can replace some of your taplands.

This is one of those things where your problem is finding a way to afford fetchlands. Blood Moon is 100% better in this case.

Unless, of course, you splash green and use tri-lands like that Triome and Frontier Bivouac and cut all your islands. Then you can use Choke.

January 19, 2021 4:18 p.m.

Said on The gods...


Oh, yeah -- you should go Golos x Jegantha for super ramp.

I think you can

I think if you can topdeck Channel, you can pull off a full t4 Purphoros Combo Kill w/World Tree.

January 19, 2021 10:29 a.m.

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God Tribal, I'd totally take the Golos-Tree path. I REALLY recommend using Chromatic Lantern to help activate Tree(in most other cases I find it pretty meh, but it's great here).

My recommended Golos plan is:

At this point, you're probably at an impressive 30-40 ramp spells.

You'd then include a variety of Gods. I'd recommend a package something like this:

Purphoros, God of the Forge and Changeling Berserker, Changeling Titan and Changeling Hero. You'll use the three Changelings to create an ETB loop and kill every single opponent.

Alternatively, you can use Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded to give all your Gods haste and kill people with hastey slaps.

January 17, 2021 1:56 p.m.

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If you're playing Standard, you might lean towards Dimir Rogues. I hear it's a pretty good deck in Standard and it uses the mill theme quite heavily.

Legacy Dredge is also one of the go-to budget Legacy decks -- you should be able to find a lot of lists online.

January 17, 2021 1:56 p.m.

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Beguiler is basically like another Volition Reins. Whichever one happened last is the one that is applied.

Think of it like this: layers of a cake. When you play the creature, you have a layer of cake. Then, Bill cast Reins on that creature -- Bill adds his slice. Since Bill's slice is on top, he gets it. Then Tim casts Bond on it, so he has it until end of turn, at which point Bill gets it. Then Jake Beguiles it, so he controls it.

It's just whichever one happened last, as they are all 'control' abilities.

January 14, 2021 4:44 p.m.

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Black is 'mill in general', while blue tends to focus on the opponent and green/red both have ways to get cards into the graveyard.

What format are you going to be playing? And is it casual w/friends or aimed towards FNM?

January 14, 2021 4:11 p.m.

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Actually, layers. Time is more relevant, so because Bond has been played after Reins, then the person who controlled Bond would control said permanent during that turn, but that turn only.

January 14, 2021 4:08 p.m.

Wouldn't Phyrexian be mutually exclusive to, say, Myrran? But then Myrran's not a creature type, so . . .

January 13, 2021 5 p.m.

Opposition actually prevents card quality, not card advantage. Slight detail there.

Also, if Magic didn't have such interactive cards, then it really wouldn't be Magic. The tools you have to deny your opponent(s) certain aspects of their strategy is what defines formats.

I mean, Legacy has Force of Will. Modern, instead, has Force of Negation, which helps keep storm-ey combo decks in check while also providing a card that you can easily step around if you want to.

We have Force of Vigor, which means that both artifact/enchantment heavy strategies have a bad time post-board against Green decks, but it also means that we have an easy way to crush any Stax strategy with one card.

In EDH, Hullbreacher needed to be that good to have seen any play. Do we need card-draw hate spells? Well, maybe the fact that Turbo Naus is a strategy in cEDH means that any way to draw 20+ cards is pretty insane.

I think the real problem is not that the cards are "annoying" or "too powerful", it's that too many players decided to complain instead of realizing that Lightning Bolt and Naturalize are pretty darn good at getting rid of most of these annoying strategies.

Not Pox tho, only countermagic beats Pox, but Pox is Pox so . . .

January 12, 2021 11:15 a.m.

Well, I don't know, in the short span of a few sets we now have Sharks, Dogs, Warlocks, and more. And that's not including the Dinosaur errata and Mummy -> Zombie errata that's happened in the past as well.

Wizards sort of went off the rails with them creature types. I wouldn't be surprised if "you" and "Rosewater" become Planeswalker types in the near future.

January 12, 2021 11:14 a.m.

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If you like self-mill, you'd be looking at the dredge mechanic. Golgari Thug, for example.

There are a couple other decks that don't use dredge, but it really depends on the format you're playing. If you're going to play tournaments, you should probably use a dredge variant in Legacy or Modern, or Spy in Pioneer.

Reanimator is pretty good in Pauper, though.

If you're just playing with friends casually, reanimator with the slower spells like Zombify(as opposed to Reanimate or Dance of the Dead) is probably better Otherwise you'd be stomping the crap out of people.

January 11, 2021 4:11 p.m.

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*Clarification: That's how I'd build that sort of list. From what I hear, a lot of players get salty and you might get hated out of the game. If you don't find a group that is fine with such a cutthroat strategy, I recommend something like Dinosaurs, Cats and Dogs, or(especially if you really want to go the BW route) Black-White enchantress.

January 11, 2021 10:48 a.m.

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When it comes to EDH, I like to use a 5-point building strategy. This includes

  • Lands(largely fixing)

  • Ramp(the higher power stuff)

  • Card draw

  • Win Condition

  • Interaction

Every card in your deck should be in one of those 5 slots. Additionally, I consider cards like Fellwar Stone, Signets, Talismans and Arcane Signet to fit largely in the 'land' slot. They're there for ramp, yes, but they're also largely there for color fixing.

Also, your win condition should be fairly compact. You can take a combo route, or you can have a couple specific cards that can win the game on their own or with a little support.

In discard themes . . . you don't get all that much. All the discard payoffs that help in other formats are too slow in EDH.

So I'd take the Pox plan -- use Smallpox, Pox, Hymn to Tourach, Wrench Mind and Vicious Rumors to throttle your opponent's hands. Use spells like Deafening Silence, Rule of Law, Spirit of the Labyrinth, Leonin Arbiter and Aven Mindcensor to prevent your opponents from getting back on their feet. Then, hit them with some win con of your choice. Make it quick, though, because they will eventually get out of your lock and come for your throat.

January 11, 2021 10:37 a.m.

Red carries White in RW EDH decks with cards like Dockside Extortionist, Pyroblast and Red Elemental Blast, Deflecting Swat, Gamble, Faithless Looting, Captain Lannery Storm, 6 of the 10 playable rituals, Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Misfortune, Reforge the Soul . . . Red, in more tuned EDH, shifts from the aggro role it has in other formats to a color that wants to dump its hand to generate advantage and then cast a wheel effect to go back to 7.

If you get into cEDH, red is the color that drops Mana Crypt into Simian Spirit Guide and Rite of Flame to cast Fellwar Stone and then Wheel of Misfortune, meaning they ended net -1 cards to get a land, a crypt and a rock out. Starting t2 with 5 mana and a full hand is pretty good.

White can . . . get Deafening Silence out t1. Or maybe Rule of Law. Not bad, but it's not exciting at all and it also doesn't synergize with red in any way.

So the cards red/white gets from white are the generic support cards and a couple high-power tutors that Red misses. Cause who wants to play Deafening Silence when your whole strategy is 'cast your hand'? RW isn't bad in EDH, but it is pretty much just R+.

January 11, 2021 10:37 a.m.

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I think you'd be better off going far away from mill.

A lot of newer players make the mistake of thinking "wow, it's a way to win that denies my opponent resources". It's not. It's a way to win that actually gives most of your opponents resources.

Even if you're playing casual, if your friend has their own Gravepurge then you just gave them a huge advantage.

However, there's another archetype that you definitely have some of the cards for and the rest is cheap: blue black control.

Try this basic list:

Then add in your Dragonlord and that Liliana as well as some other big fun blue/black cards that win. Not the Abberations tho. The Necromasters will do fine.

Then, I recommend picking up some better untapped fixing and replacing those Refuges with River of Tears.

That list should cost you about $30. I've included budget options for the cards that may be more expensive, but if possible use the first in each line rather than the second.

I think you'll like that list a lot more, and do pretty well with it. With some slight tweaks(mostly replacing Preordain and Ponder with Opt and Serum Visions), it'd be playable in Modern, and, if you're skilled enough, you should be able to pick up some wins and do fairly well.

But that's just me -- if you don't like that direction, that's fine. Mill can be pretty fun sometimes.

January 9, 2021 11:22 a.m.

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That's called Stax.

Unlike what many players end up assuming, stax is a strategy where you want to resolve one or two permanents that throttle your opponent in extreme ways that also don't really affect you. Then, you dig for your win condition.

Some good example cards are Narset, Parter of Veils, Stony Silence Deafening Silence, Rule of Law.

January 9, 2021 11:07 a.m.

red/white? not the color pair, not really. I feel like there's a good number of reasons to be using red/white anyways.

One of the best(dockside x Emiel) forces you Naya, but I feel like that's a bonus in that case. Those two cards alone are crazy good.

Also, in the last couple sets we've been getting a ton of good red/white cards, and I feel like there'll be a couple that become competitive.

I think the problem is that red is carrying the combination. We just need a few new unique white staples. Emphasis on unique, in particular permanently unique or unique to white's identity. I feel like everything white's gotten recently was then given to the other colors as well, and we can't have that.

January 9, 2021 11:07 a.m.

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DemonDragonJ Seedborn Muse reads "you may activate Thrasios once each turn, unless you use that mana on countermagic"

Prophet reads "you have 4 turns, but you don't draw cards and you can't cast artifacts, enchantments or sorceries during 3 of those turns". I don't know about you, but having only one turn to cast my powerful artifacts enchantments and sorceries and getting to use everything else on my other 3 turns seems pretty fine to me, especially because half the creatures in the game get 100% better with the Flash keyword.

The difference between "extra countermagic and Thrasios activations on my 3 extra turns" and "I can play Thrasios and activate him at instant speed and also all of my combo pieces are instant speed and also most of my value engines are instant speed and also a significant portion of my ramp is instant speed and I still get 4 turns" is pretty big.

January 8, 2021 6:23 p.m.

Said on How is Elder …...


Prophet is really not balanced at all.

Let's break it down: At the beginning of your end step, take X extra turns where X is the number of opponents you have. You skip your draw step during those turns, artifacts you control don't untap, and you can only cast creatures, instants, and cards with flash during those turns. You can't play lands during those turns.

What part of that is perfectly balanced? I mean, if you don't have any card draw, it's fine. Wow, you emptied your hand, not all that scary in EDH. But add something like, I don't know, Rhystic Study to back it up and you literally get to take 4 turns while your opponents get to play one each. It becomes a 4v3, where it once was a 1v1v1v1 or 1v3 or sometimes 2v2.

is it broken? Eeeeeh maybe in EDH if you run enough card draw and enough mana dorks and creatures that actually impact the game. But it entirely imbalances the game. That's what it does. That's its entire purpose.

Uro, on the other hand, is better in 1v1 due to the fact that it makes each of your turns 1.5 turns, meaning every two turns you've sort of taken 3 while your opponent has taken 2. He's fine in EDH because he'd be giving you 3 turns against a total of 6 turns, or 6 against 12, etc.

They're both imbalanced. Not really broken, but they are imbalanced.

January 7, 2021 4:48 p.m.

Said on How is Elder …...


Overpowered facebeaters? Hmmmm . . . No, not really.

Broken creatures in general? Hmmmmm . . . Storm Crow.

For a creature to be broken, it needs to

  • Have a relevant on-cast or ETB trigger, making it pretty much immune to everything except countermagic

  • Be able to win the game, either via their ability or by having enough abilities and power to be able to win.

  • Be castable within a relevant timeframe. For example. Felidar Guardian is broken in slower formats when paired with Saheeli Rai because it's literally a 2-card I Win on turn 4, but faster if you have good ramp and incredibly often with enough consistency.

The only creatures that remotely enter that from the top of my head are Felidar in Pioneer due to its ability to win, Lurrus in Vintage/Legacy due to the fact that casting Lotus every turn is freaking insane, Zirda in Vintage/Legacy due to the fact that it's a combo piece that starts in your hand in formats where you can run some tutors and also have Force of Will to back you up, and Arcbound Ravager in FoWless formats that also have artifact lands.

Oh wait, that's all banned.

January 7, 2021 2:09 p.m.


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