Mind Twist

Mind Twist


Target player discards X cards at random.

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Mind Twist Discussion

BrassLord on Rakdos Dragon actual

3 weeks ago

Looks like a fun deck to pilot.

In reviewing the deck in it's current form, I can see a few different ways of trying to approach your problem. The first would be to double down on discard and reanimation effects to cheat the cards into play. Stuff like Winds of Change Wheel of Misfortune Wheel of Fate help filter through your deck and pair well with those other looting effects you already have. Adding in reanimation redundancy like Animate Dead could could also go.

I think the dragon...er... elephant in the room is the mana curve. Your commander incentivizes you to play big beefy dragons, but that skews your mana curve. Currently you have a LOT of low to the ground single mana producing artifacts (2cmc) and a few later game payoff ones, with the rest of your curve being around the 4-6 CMC. Another way to approach the mana problem is to double down on the big boy ramping artifacts, like Gilded Lotus . Then pair it Voltaic Key and Manifold Key so when it's online, you could actually hard cast some of those late game dragons!

The way mentioned above addresses the mana production head on. It'd also help if you paired some of this with some early game disruption to prevent opponents from getting ahead TOO quickly so you can't catch up. Cards like Mind Twist and Rakdos's Return can be backbreaking when ramped into early, shutting down the scariest player and allowing you to catchup with your dragons. Along those same lines, Torment of Hailfire is another staple big mana sink card to close games (though honestly, your dragons seem like they don't need that much help!) In a multiplayer game, cards like Fleshbag Marauder , Merciless Executioner , and Plaguecrafter can be removal in the early game and make utility spot removal reanimation targets later on.

Cuts I personally struggle with as well! I'd focus on whether or not the cards further your gameplan or promote you winning. For example, in the current list Dragon Mantle feels like a win more card, despite the fact that it cantrips. Unholy Indenture also feels the same way. But you should play the cards you like!

Happy Burninating!

BrassLord on Mono Black Reanimator

1 month ago

Howdy! Unfortunately Deathrite Shaman has the color identity of both black and green, so you can't "legally" play that card! I'd suggest replacing it with something like Vilis, Broker of Blood as that card is BONKERS when your commander is on the field, just draw ALL the cards!

Also another card to look at could be Mind Twist . Making an opponent discard all their cards in hand can be really backbreaking!

BrassLord on This Demon Brings the Slap Party!

1 month ago

Neat commander! Could also look into cards that create temporary tokens of the commander, as he doesn't really care if he sticks around. Heat Shimmer , Twinflame .

Monarchy also seems to work really well with your commander, as you're forcing everyone to attack someone other than yourself. Court of Ambition , Skyline Despot , Emberwilde Captain , Court of Ire . Captive Audience is also a rude card, as you'll force your opponents to attack eachother with the zombies, giving you five zombies to run amok.

General rude Rakdos cards, something like Mind Twist or Rakdos's Return can cripple a player. Combined with having to attack someone else leaving themselves open seems like it'd be really backbreaking!

MLS91 on Relics of Fear

1 month ago


  1. Oppression and Desolation are interchangeable in my mind at this point, I'd rather run them both together but I can't really see the space for it, hard cuts, hard decisions sorta thing.

  2. All Is Dust was cut from the original "brainstorm" build due to hurting my stax/control pieces, I see the value in hitting other permanents being in mono-black. Living Death took this spot to me.

  3. I have a Mind Twist in the mail as we speak, in what we've been discussing above I still think i'll be running Thoughtseize until i become more comfortable with the deck.


Thank you, I appreciate your appreciation. In light of your suggestion, i'm looking at cutting Fleshbag Marauder for Phyrexian Obliterator . I've liked the idea of Mirage Mirror but I don't get what the potential value you see in it could be in? Is this perhaps similar value in mind to Profet93 and I's discussion over Vesuva and Thespian Stage? Likewise are you seeing the same similarities in Homeward Path and Guardian Beast ?

Profet93 on Relics of Fear

1 month ago


Good swap on lotus. I disagree regarding Oppression vs. Desolation. Oppression forces them to either discard a permanent which you get or a non-permanent which they would have wanted. I get your hesitatation due to the symmetrical nature which you can still abuse and desolation is less symmetrical in a sense. But I think oppression has much better value. Both are good though and preference is meta dependent too. Don't forget, blue players with artifacts and green dorks can bypass this so keep that in mind.

How does All Is Dust work with your commander, if at all?

While Thoughtseize > Dread Return, Mind Twist > Thoughtseize. While it is random, costs more and doesnt provide you with information, the ceiling is much higher and I think outweighs the negatives.

ZombieCat on Looming Shadows {Tergrid Brutal Build}

1 month ago


Thanks for the upvote, much appreciated and I absolutely love the Head Games combo, as far as I know I'm the first to figure out that one.

Infernal Darkness is good but I don't like the cumulative upkeep of since that's mana I could be using for a spell or effect. I do have one in my binder just in case.

Mind Twist is a great card in the deck but I don't like the mana intensive side of X.

Ill-Gotten Gains already got a foil one, amazing card. Considering it.

Cavern of Souls and Boseiju, Who Shelters All - How did I overlook these!?

As for Megrim like cards, I want to thoroughly test them out before cutting them. I figure if I make someone discard their hand that's automatic 14 damage.

Extraplanar Lens I run in my Avacyn, Krenko and Korlash builds (On my profile) and I've never had issues running 24 or less basics with it. If I need to I might up the land count to 32.

Thank you so much for your feed back, gave me a lot to think about wish list some stuff.

Profet93 on Looming Shadows {Tergrid Brutal Build}

1 month ago


+1 just for the fact you have Head Games!

Have you considered adding Infernal Darkness for redundancy to contamination which A) Doesn't require a creature and B) Doesn't impact your own coffer, lake of the dead, phyrexian tower, nykthos, etc....

Mind Twist - Extremely powerful and it seems like you don't mind hitting only 1 opponent.

IMO - Megrim like cards are winmore and while they are nice once you get going, they don't provide any actual value, which you will need when the table attempts to beat you to death

Ill-Gotten Gains - Value/recursion

I've found extraplanar lens to be too risky because A) You go down a land B) Symmetrical given many are runnign snow-covered, albeit, a meta choice C) You don't have enough basics to warrant it's inclusion

Cavern of Souls / Boseiju, Who Shelters All - Antiblue/synergy with Nethervoid

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