Assure / Assemble


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Rare

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Assure / Assemble



Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature. That creature becomes indestructible until end of turn.


Create three 2/2 green and white Elf Knight creature tokens with vigilance.

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Assure / Assemble Discussion

Hexaflexagon on Elves of Ravnica

4 days ago

Melanthios you can tag flip cards like this:

[[card:Assure / Assemble]]

Assure / Assemble

Reason / Believe

crusafix22 on Selesnya Midrange (Help Wanted!)

5 days ago

Second Update

Main Board


x1 Kraul Harpooner

x1 Knight of Autumn

x3 Assure / Assemble


x2 Beast Whisperer

x3Heroic Intervention



x3 Prey Upon

x3 Pause for Reflection

x3 Rallying Roar


x3 Prowling Serpopard

x1 Kraul Harpooner

x3 Settle the Wreckage

x2 Carnage Tyrant

Recognized that the deck's primary weaknesses were board wipe and blue counter control. Prowling Serpopard is a great counter to the blue control decks along with Carnage Tyrant. Settle the Wreckage helps deal with other green midrange decks, token decks, and aggro decks like Boros. Added Beast Whisperer to help against board wipes and games that go long so we don't find ourselves top decking every turn. Heroic Intervention replaces Assure / Assemble as Heroic Intervention is better than every way as we will not be using the assemble option very often as our Nullhide Ferox makes it difficult to afford.

crusafix22 on Selesnya Midrange (Help Wanted!)

5 days ago

Hey lords2001 I really appreciate the feedback, I'll respond to each of the points you have made.

So in regards to your concern that I need some kind of card draw to help sustain a game that goes late or worst case someone wipes my board, I agree! I am not sure what the best solution is, I have toyed with adding Beast Whisperer and he is currently in the maybe board.

I definitely understand the criticism of Nullhide Ferox but I still think he is pretty valuable. My justification is that all of my non-creature spells are relatively cheap so adding 2 mana to remove Nullhide Ferox's isn't enough to make me sideboard such a powerful card. The exception to the cheap non-creature spells is Conclave Tribunal however it does have convoke which gives me some options to pay for that two additional mana. The assemble ability from Assure / Assemble would increase to a staggering 8 mana, however, to be honest, I am primarily adding this spell for it's instant and cheap indestructible ability. This is mainly to protect my vulnerable Shalai, Voice of Plenty or Nullhide Ferox after my opponent makes him vulnerable or responds to me removing his ability. Like you mentioned a 6/6 for 4 mana is great and I have the potential to cast it on turn 3.

Finally the issue of flyers and nasty stuff :p. I know you recommended Seal Away do you find this to be a much better solution than Conclave Tribunal? Would you replace Conclave Tribunal or play both? In repect to the flyers I do also have the Kraul Harpooner, now I realize that he is not a reliable solution to the higher toughness flyers but I do think that between it and Conclave Tribunal I have some reliable options, perhaps adding Seal Away to the sideboard in place of Prey Upon would be a more reasonable solution?

Again I appreciate the comments and I hope we can continue discussing your suggestions and concerns :)

Rewdog on GW Midrange v2

1 week ago

Hey! I'm a huge fan of this archetype and I really like your list, I think your curve is a little heavy in a way it doesn't have to be though. At the 3 slot, you have alot of cards and alot of really toxic mana conflicts, particularly between Steel Leaf Champion and Benalish Marshal. I think that its good to have the lord effect of the marshall, however, you can get it in a better form. Trostani Discordant will give you the same effect, on a body that can't die to Lightning Strike and give you two more bodies (it's almost a free conclave tribunal with convoke), and it moves power from the 3 slot to the 5 slot. Doing this would also allow you to run Llanowar Elves, which with Temple Garden and Sunpetal Grove still allows you to get a turn two Resplendent Angel or Steel Leaf Champion without having to worry about bricking on a Benalish Marshal. I'd cut the Benalish Marshals and the Conclave Guildmage's and maybe a land or an Assure / Assemble or two for a playset of Llanowar Elves and 2 Trostani Discordant!

djnewellmit on Song of the Conclave (Tokens)

2 weeks ago

I like Arch of Orazca here; I need to consider it for my Selesnya elf deck too. I'm not sure it would work here, but on my GRN bucket list is resolving the second half of Assure / Assemble with Divine Visitation on the battlefield.

multimedia on Elves of Ravnica

2 weeks ago

Hey Melanthios, wow three years ago? Long time, welcome back :)

If your meta becomes Jeskai Control heavy then you'll want to consider making some changes to the main deck to combat Settle the Wreckage. First consider dropping the aggressive strategy with Venerated Loxodon and shifting into a midrange strategy with ramp and Shalai, Voice of Plenty. You'll want main deck Shalai to stop Settle. Main deck more Assure / Assemble; Assemble gives you an instant spell to use all the lands that Settle gives you to quickly rebound with a new board state and it works well with more ramp. Assure is a way to protect an Elf from damage removal spell (Lightning Strike, Justice Strike, Lava Coil, Deafening Clarion, etc.) these are spells that Jeskai Control will most likely be using. Beast Whisperer is also good against control with more ramp because you draw when you cast a creature which triggers before a counterspell.

If your meta becomes Esper Control heavy then you'll want to plan the main deck to recover from Ritual of Soot. Just like with Jeskai Control I think going midrange with more ramp is better to consistently be able to play four/five drops faster which don't die to Soot. Beast Whisperer being a four drop survives Soot which is good. The aggressive Loxodon plan will consistently fail if Soot is a big part of the meta. Selesnya is the not the direction I would go if Soot is a problem in Standard. Golgari or Abzan are better options.

Carnage Tyrant is problematic to play against control that's using Settle and Cleansing Nova, but if you want a big creature to block the battlefield from Knights from History then he's an option. If Selesnya then you don't need Reclamation Sage because of Knight of Autumn which is a better Sage and it's in the main deck. If History is a huge part of the meta you play in then consider a fourth copy of Autumn in the sideboard? Tyrant is much better against Esper Control than Jeskai Control because Esper will most likely not have Settle/Nova instead playing Soot and Vraska's Contempt which are two spells that can't stop Tyrant.

Realistically though if any control is a major problem in the Standard meta or in your specific meta than we'll want to play black for Duress; either Golgari or Abzan are choices, most likely Golgari. Abzan is less desirable because of the lack of basic lands which are needed in the manabase to get any kind of mana advantage after a Settle. That being said Abzan gives you access all of Shalai, Duress and Assemble which is a great combination to combat/rebound from Settle as well as convoke. See my version of Abzan, Elves of Dark Conclave (GRN).

In my opinion Golgari is the direction to go if control is a problem. More black not just for Duress, but also Golgari Findbroker, Plaguecrafter, The Eldest Reborn and Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip. These are good cards to play against control and Findbroker can recur Plaguecrafter, Reborn, Blood Fast or a Planeswalker, etc.; she's anti counterspell/Soot tech. See my version of Golgari, Elves of the Swarm (GRN). Golgari also has a good matchup against Mono Green/Golgari Stompy.

The current Selesnya version is not built for control matchups; it's built to beat Mono Green/Golgari Stompy and Goblin Chainwhirler red aggro. Going wide and tall, winning the Steel Leaf Champion, Thorn Lieutenant and Pelt Collector battles with Elvish Clancallers. The reason for all the life gain main deck is to beat aggro. Early on I like the main deck aggressive explosiveness of Loxodon and convoke right now.

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