Resolute Watchdog


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) Uncommon

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Resolute Watchdog

Creature — Hound


, Sacrifice Resolute Watchdog: Target creature you control gains indestructible until end of turn. (Damage and effects that say "destroy" don't destroy it.)

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Resolute Watchdog Discussion

Murphy77 on Birds of a feather

2 months ago

I far prefer Resolute Watchdog to Dauntless Bodyguard

I would suggest Spellgorger Weird in place of Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin . This provides another body that quietly collects +1/+1 counters while you play, until you have a powerful creature, in place of a number of 1/1 tokens that would die to any area effect spell. Either card works.

K4m4r0 on Nobody has the intention of building a Wall

2 months ago

Vlasiax there is no real reason for not running Portcullis Vine , I just think it is not that good :) I put Dragon's Eye Sentry out in favour for Resolute Watchdog . Like THCue said, I also don't run dorks because I don't think that they aren't needed so badly and have a big target painted on their head (espeacially Noble Hierarch ) I think I'd rather play a defender for one mana instead of a dork, to put pressure to the table. I'm torn between Lightning Greaves or protection in general or counterspells. I can't say what's more effective. But greaves can be very good, I agree. Struyk how many counterspells do you run?

Murphy77 on Hu-Wall(not really walls)-Ti.dek

2 months ago

Sorry, that was a bit rude,

If you are splashing green for Huatli, the Sun's Heart , then Tower Defense is a must-have. Imagine 3, 0/4 creatures and High Alert - Play Tower Defense and swing with 3, 8/8 creatures. Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive can then make all of your creatures unblockable. Slaughter the Strong gives you a cheap one-sided board-wipe. Dovin's Veto counters your opponent's board-wipes. This should be the core of your deck.

I rather like Suncleanser , but would back it up with 2 or 3 Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive , Wall of Mist , Wall of Runes , Grappling Sundew and Resolute Watchdog . You want to aim for your first attack to be a one-turn-kill.

9-lives on Testudo Tactic Holy Cadre

3 months ago

So basically Teyo, the Shieldmage is a useless card because it will be destroyed the minute it is put on the field? If I can use it once since it doesn't have summoning sickness I guess that's okay, but I need him to stay on the battefield for his hexproof ability. My Arcades, the Strategist faced bolts and died from them the turn I put him on the field. Teyo is kind of useless if I can't defend him from damage, and Arcades is too. Resolute Watchdog is a very useful card for that, but I don't know how many bolts my enemy will have. Last game I played the other player had at least 12 bolts in his deck; 4x shock, 4x lightning strike, 4x wizard's lightning. He used nearly all of them, mostly on my own life-points, so keeping Teyo would be very useful against that. I need to prepare myself for the death of Arcades, the Strategist and High Alert and Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive --and Teyo, the Shieldmage if I'm going to use him. If you can help with any of this, I would be greatly thankful.

natetc95 on Testudo Tactic Holy Cadre

3 months ago

Murphy77 9-lives

Also remember that in War of the Spark, they have already spoiled Teyo, the Shieldmage . Makes 2 walls for and gives you hexproof. So, pretty good in this deck! I love this deck and have been playing it since the beginning of Allegiance. It's just so much fun to mess with people. They usually think you're new to the game haha. "Look at this scrub playing defenders..." When those same people lose, they always look like they have to re-evaluate their life choices.

Murphy, Arcades is your win condition and both of your win conditions (Arcades and High Alert) are easily removed right now. Vivien Reid , Crushing Canopy , Mortify , etc. And as a draw engine and win con, arcades draws removal. It hurts to have one in hand and another on the field but since he's 5 power and legendary, generally your opponents have to expend a lot of resources to kill him. When he gets killed, it feels awesome to immediately play him on your next turn. I run 4 in my deck. If you only run 3, then the odds of hitting him with Adventurous Impulse go down dramatically and now your method of getting to your win con quickly is far less effective since it doesn't hit High Alert.

The other thing I would say would be to swap Snubhorn Sentry to Resolute Watchdog . Able to block very favorably from turn 1 and his effect allows you protect Arcades for . This little dog has saved Arcades more than I am willing to admit.

Vlasiax on Executive Order 13767

4 months ago

Hello, your deck looks quite good but I'd make a little changes here and there:

  • First of all, you probably don't need these 6 CMC cards as they come really late and don't impact the board that much. It would make room for Beast Whisperer and Orator of Ojutai that you have in maybeboard
  • Also Tempt with Discovery ? 4 CMC is where your curve actually ends so you don't need that much ramp, especially when your 2 CMC ramp package is alright. If you can afford Breeding Pool and Canopy Vista you can easily set yourself up with Nature's Lore .
  • For another 2 CMC ramp swap - Gatecreeper Vine is not that great, you're waaay better off with Sylvan Caryatid , you won't belive how many times it's hexproof screwed my opponents tring to remove it.
  • Another little swap - Tower Defense is way cheaper than Solidarity . But if you want to swap it or use both its up to you. Maybe I'd cut Slagwurm Armor for another copy of this effect because artifact is easy to remove compared to instant speed combat trick.
  • For further lowering curve I'd add some utility walls: Resolute Watchdog is amazing for protecting commander and Portcullis Vine alongside Wall of Mulch make great card draw engine (use them with Wall of Kelp tokens or defenders that are about to die and... thank me later xD)
  • As you lower the curve maybe you won't need signets. Also I see you lack some interaction in form of counterspells but I guess your playgroup isn't that removal heavy.
      That's it from me, hope this helps. Let me know what you think about these changes and take care

Vlasiax on We Don't Need No Education

4 months ago

Have you considered adding some protection/flicker effects here? Heroic Intervention for protection and Eerie Interlude with Ghostway not only save your board state but with Arcades give ton of cards after comeback.
I think that this deck has too high curve so I'd cut cards like Azor, the Lawbringer , Dazzling Ramparts and Collossus of Akros to make some room for low-cost cards. Especially that Wall of Mulch and Portcullis Vine can give you some more cards (I like to use them with Wall of Kelp tokens) and Resolute Watchdog can protect the general.
For another low-cost replacement I'd suggest going for Brave the Sands instead of Oathsworn Giant and maybe Serra's Blessing for more Vigilance effects. If you want more oomph then Tower Defense is an amazing combat trick that can finish games with unblocked defenders out of nowhere.
Also for ramp and manabase I'd highly recommend adding a few basic Forests and Rampant Growth , Nature's Lore and Farseek might speed up your gameplan by a ton. For defenders Overgrown Battlement and Vine Trellis add some but main objective to use them is to ramp into Arcades ASAP and after he's present then draw some cards + that mana can easily be dumped into Assault Formation for boost.
Hope this helps :)

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Resolute Watchdog occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%