Trying to build 50d budget deck with dina soul steeper. Gain drain to ping opponents to death. Make pests and other sacrifice fodder and gain value when they die.

The Combo ish win is to draw half your library lose half your life with peer into the Abyss or creature dies draw card effects then discard. Next turn use twilight call or Living death to return all creatures and use gain drain effect to win on the spot. Lots of recursive value built in.

Alternatively backdoor into 4 demons to win with liliana's contract.


Editing I am working on....

** Currently playtesting to tune deck and learn more before I buy irl. So far solid t6 to t8 games. Winning by out valuing opponents better ramping than most green decks I've faced.

Interesting line of play i found heirloomblade on any of my a few unpaired creaturetypesalways finds gravesifter because it is a changeling.Simular to having 7 extra copies. (Unpaired list: citizen thrull bat avatar eldrazi wall dryad)*

Trudge garden seems bad? Lands need to be adjusted after budget is fixed.

I might want a cheap demon(or shapeshifter) but deciding on which and what to cut. Cut skullwinder for Veteran explorer t3 ramp the table makes for fun games.also skullwinder back living death seems too oppressive for my playgroup. Didnt pull it off though. The list is fun to play and always plays well.

Current places I'm looking into:

Just found room for living death YAY. Prices adjusted yesterday and it's over 50usd now looking into fixing that.

Flip lands BFZ lands some are cheap

Discard outlets I currently only have 1 pestilence cauldronand it discards 1 a turn.

Dealing with indestructible creatures my idea(Dictate of Erebos or Grave Pact byt they are expensive and difficulttobudget)

Psychosis Crawler as the deck draws alot of cards and wins with Peer into the Abyss sometimes.

Top cards i would add if they weren't so expensive!

Aetherflux Reservoir, Deathgreeter, Skullclamp, Essence Warden


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