Feed the Pack


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension (DKA) Rare

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Feed the Pack


At the beginning of your end step, you may sacrifice a nontoken creature. If you do, put X 2/2 green Wolf creature tokens onto the battlefield, where X is the sacrificed creature's toughness.

Feed the Pack Discussion

Natalbee on Wolfgain Amadeus

2 weeks ago

Chhris - Me too! To be honest I didn't think much of him when he was first spoiled, but after pulling two copies (and a Voja token) at the prerelease I had to put him in my sealed deck, and that experience changed my mind. Such a fun card :D

Feed the Pack is already in the list, but I'll test out Pack Guardian and Raised by Wolves . Raised will probably replace my Loyal Guardian .

I appreciate the feedback!

Chhris on Wolfgain Amadeus

2 weeks ago

Im so glad Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves is a thing. If only the Wolfir didnt get shortchanged by WotC during Shadows over Innistrad. Such a missed opportunity!! Id suggest Feed the Pack for flavour reasons, as well as maybe Pack Guardian ? Also Raised by Wolves could be an interesting win con if attached to Tolsimir, and doesnt lie dead in your hand as it will still net you 2x 2/2 Wolves as well. Good Luck with the deck! and +1 for the name because composer worldplay is unterutilized on TappedOut :P

Ziusdra on Wolfblood's Crusade

1 month ago

I love wolves, but I'm seeing WotC move in the direction of wolf/elf hybrid tribal, and I am not convinced that it could be as strong as a pure-wolf or pure-elf tribal deck. But it's worth a shot. On the wolf tribal side, Feed the Pack would be a great inclusion, as many of your non-wolf non-elf creatures already have high toughness, allowing you to trade out your Wolfbriar Elemental for four 2/2 wolves, or your Juniper Order Ranger for five wolves. Young Wolf is also a good thought, because although it is only a 1/1, it does come back to life after a board wipe, and flies under the radar of your opponents' kill spells (no one will want to waste a kill spell or ability on this guy, and if they do, that's good for you), allowing you to keep him until you lay out your +1/+1 (or +3/+3) effects. Silverfur Partisan is almost a must... Briarpack Alpha is a good thought, since you can get that +2/+2 at instant speed and gain yourself another blocker, potentially surprise-killing two attackers. Somberwald Alpha is also another thought, because although its triggered ability is meh, its activated ability is clutch to getting lots of damage through your opponents' chump-blockers. There are a good deal of wolves with flash for that purpose too... Wolfir Avenger and Spirit of the Hunt also, at a decent mana cost considering they have flash. Darkthicket Wolf doesn't have flash but it does give you an ability in case you're running out of cards in your hand, and is a good option for budget decks. That's for if you want more nontoken wolves for to go in the direction of wolf-tribal. Otherwise, the Feed the Pack is the only essential inclusion, since you're already buffing tokens with Intangible Virtue . To that end, I should also mention Predator's Howl , although it's kind of high in mana-cost, this is commander after all, so you should be able to pull it off with some mana rocks or land enchantments. Don't forget to leave a space in this deck for some of War of the Spark's new wolves and elves. I'm sure you've seen Arlinn's Wolf (meh) and Arlinn, Voice of the Pack (alright!) and Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves . I would think that latter card would be an auto-include for this deck, if not as commander, than as a one-of. Cheers!

B111adeWo111f on A Thromok Deck

2 months ago

Also Feed the Pack would be sick!

EPICSpider23 on Edh Werewolfs

2 months ago

Big fan of Werewolves and have also looked at Eidolon of Rhetoric with the same thing in mind and I really like what you've done here. Just a couple things... - Seeing as it's not that budgeted, why didn't you include Arlinn Kord  Flip? I mean, she's a Werewolf planeswalker, that's pretty neat. - There's more Wolf or Werewolf cards that you might have missed that have some pretty hefty effects you might want to consider; Silverfur Partisan , Spirit of the Hunt and Ulrich's Kindred (I imagine this would be incredibly useful to use up mana as well because you don't want to cast too many spells). Would consider some of these over some less-synergy creatures. - Furthermore, I know it's a Werewolf deck but focusing on some Wolf tokens as well is especially useful even more so since they also get majority of the same buffs. Some that I found are: Wren's Run Packmaster , Kessig Cagebreakers , Raised by Wolves (One of my personal favourites :P), Wolfcaller's Howl , Feed the Pack and Master of the Wild Hunt (would be especially good since it won't even put your Werewolves at risk). Just remember it is your deck so you don't have to take any of my feedback at all but I do like what you've done. Happy brewing and good luck sleeving and de-sleeving all those Werewolves!

KoiBoy on Arcades Walls: Kumquats' Difinitive Edition

4 months ago

An additional backup plan when Arcades is drawing the hate is Feed the Pack . Turning a 0/7 Wall of Ice into 14 power on board is rather a good trade up.

Kjartan on Garruk's Pack

4 months ago

There are a lot of slow and clunky elements to this, I'd say.

You need a lot of the right cards to appear at the same time, and you need for your opponent to be a bit slow as well.

Maybe if you added a bit of ramp that would help.

If you took out your Feed the Pack for some ramp, I think that would be an upgrade. I don't think the card is that good either, when you really want to keep your creatures around.

Fable of Wolf and Owl also seem a bit slow as a four of, so you could maybe drop 1-2 of those for some morem ramp.

hoffie4 on The Hungry, Hungry, Thromok

4 months ago

One idea I've toyed with for this deck is trying to combo Death's Presence and Forgotten Ancient. The Forgotten Ancient would serve as a great counter dump for when Thromok dies, likely because I've sacked him using Feed the Pack or Fling.

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Feed the Pack occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%