Turntimber Sower


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Leviathan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2018 (C18) Rare

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Turntimber Sower

Creature — Elf Druid

Whenever one or more land cards are put into your graveyard from anywhere, create a 0/1 green Plant creature token.

, Sacrifice three creatures: Return target land card from your graveyard to your hand.

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Turntimber Sower Discussion

dennisdegooijer on Lord Windgrace, Lands Vengeance

1 month ago

Thanks for the comment, I'm defenitely gonna try the Kessig Wolf Run and Smokestack. I already tried the Turntimber Sower and was'nt quite content with it, maybe I did'nt try it properly. I'll put it back in when I get my hands on a Smokestack

As for the orbs, I tried Storm Cauldron before, and absolutely hated it. I can only imagine the orbs doing the same thing.

SufferFromEDHD on Titania the invictus

2 months ago

Turntimber Sower been having great success with this in my Titania list.

Dust Bowl no explanation necessary.

Rabid_Wombat on Lord Windgrace, Lands Vengeance

2 months ago

Really like what you are aiming towards here, certainly one of the best Lord Windgrace lists I've seen so far.

A few suggestions...

Kessig Wolf Run is actually game winning when combined with Squandered Resources.

I was playing against Windgrace Stax just yesterday so can offer a few tips on that:

Smokestack works surprisingly well when combined with The Gitrog Monster card-drawing effect and you can obviously just -3 Lord Windgrace and retrieve what you just sacced. He was using Turntimber Sower to great effect and always had plenty of Plant blockers to protect his Commander.

Winter Orb, Static Orb and Smoke are all easy to work around while screwing over your opponents..especially when combined with land destruction.

elgosu1337 on Playable Jund Lands-Matter Cards

2 months ago

I think Rites of Flourishing is in the wrong place under Mana Doublers. Ghirapur Orrery could also be added to Group Hug. Sylvan Advocate should also be under Lords. You could add Nature's Will and Earthcraft to untappers. Life and Limb is another Animator. Turntimber Sower goes under Token Generators. Storm Cauldron is amazing under Play Extra Lands and Stax. Not sure if you'd want to include Scorched Ruins and Lotus Vale as some sort of sac outlet and ramp. Khalni Gem could go under bounce along with Mina and Denn, and also Golgari Rot Farm, Gruul Turf, Rakdos Carnarium, and Darigaaz's Caldera.

You can also look at my Windgrace deck for any other cards I missed.

SufferFromEDHD on Gitrog Monster Infinite Combos EDH

2 months ago

If you can afford it, add a play set of utility lands with a sacrifice cost. The new card Turntimber Sower seems like a great addition to this list. Cool deck!