I'm back on my Enchantment bullshit. I've played the Enchantment archetype in a few different iterations (Tuvasa, Eutropia, Siona, and Mazzy) in the past 4ish years that I've been playing EDH. GW Aura Voltron was one of the first janky decks I put together in my earliest tabletop days. Although I've played plenty of Enchantment strats, each variation always felt like it was missing something, especially in my meta, which tends to lean go-wide aggro.

Gylwain, Casting Director is an exciting new take on the Aura archetype which encourages going wide with Auras. While most of my past Aura builds tended to lean Voltron, with some synergistic creature token generators, they tended to struggle against wider boards, and were subject to most of the common Voltron pitfalls.

The Gameplan:

  • Play a more aggro creature heavy strategy, since Gylwain enchants creatures with an Aura Role when they ETB

  • Utilize expanded creature base to deploy a mixture of Aggro threats and some Hate effects. Synergistic creature token production can help with chump blocking and laying aggro pressure as needed.

  • Enchantment slots are now more focused on ramp, removal, and board protection.

  • Utilize the combo of Siona, Captain of the Pyleas + Shielded by Faith + Concordant Crossroads as a potential combo win-con.

Primer WIP.

As with my other decks, the combo option in this deck is not the primary win-con, but a win-con option that fits within the deck's theme. Individually, each piece can function on its own without being a dead draw without the other pieces.

For this combo, Siona, Captain of the Pyleas and Shielded by Faith are the two primary pieces, which when combined create an "infinite" number of 1/1 Soldier creature tokens, along with permanent ETB triggers. Concordant Crossroads allows the tokens to all swing out the turn the combo pops off, instead of having to wait a turn rotation and eat a board wipe or Rakdos Charm. Altar of the Brood can be used as an alternate piece to Crossroads as a means of removing the need for combat.

A mixture of the two drop sorceries and enchantment based ramp you might expect for a deck running Green with an enchantment focus.

Enchantment based ramp

Mana Dorks

Other Mana acceleration

  • Composer of Spring - A means of playing extra lands (tapped), especially if she drops while Gylwain is active. Can sneak creatures out in mid-late game.

  • Jaheira, Friend of the Forest - Turns our Role and Creature tokens into additional mana production.

  • Kodama of the West Tree - Gylwain makes our creatures modified (with Trample as an option), and Kodama rewards aggro play.

Sorcery Ramp

The triplets

This is likely the section that will need some additional editing. I decided to not add in some of the traditional Enchantress effects (for now), and focused more on Constellation style effects that trigger when enchantments ETB. I know I can always dip into some of those effects (Verduran Enchantress, Mesa Enchantress, Enchatress's Presence, etc).


Card Advantage

These aren't true draw effects, but can dig through the deck, primarily to find Auras. These 3 cards may be replaced if I decide to move on from the Siona, Captain of the Pyleas + Shielded by Faith combo.




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