Umbra Mystic

Umbra Mystic

Creature — Human Wizard

Auras attached to permanents you control have totem armor. (If an enchanted permanent you control would be destroyed, instead remove all damage from it and destroy and Aura attached to it.)

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Umbra Mystic Discussion

Housegheist on Killian's C.A.L.V.E.S

1 month ago

Sry, for double... But Hyena Umbra and Felidar Umbra could provide some additional protection to your commander. Umbral Mantle would provide some pseudo-vigilance pump effect.

And Umbra Mystic would push the totem armor-strategy even further.

Oh and Cunning Rhetoric is awesome against enemy attacks :)

LilMissWiz on Bruna, The Aura Queen

2 months ago

Why not cards like Kor Spiritdancer , Mesa Enchantress and Umbra Mystic ? I have a Bruna deck that fairs very well in most situations, if you want to peep the list.

youngben on Abusing Auras with Ardenn

6 months ago

Those are definitely cards that would fit great in the deck, I didn't even know that Umbra Mystic existed! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll definitely give them a try.

1empyrean on Abusing Auras with Ardenn

6 months ago

Umbra Mystic and Tiana, Ship's Caretaker are both good options.

MrXilas on Budget Tuvasa the Sunlit

8 months ago

Battle Mastery for big swings, Spirit Mantle for evasion , and Witchbane Orb for making sure things can't target you to get to Tuvasa. If you are feeling rich, Umbra Mystic will give Tuvasa layers of protection. If you want to visit Magic Christmasland, Corrupted Conscience for a swift takedown.

Peoyogon on Budget EDH - Siona

11 months ago

Have you considered Ethereal Armor, Hyena Umbra, or Kithkin Armor? They are some of my favorite cheap, budget enchantments!

These might be a little too expensive but if you don't mind more played versions, these can be pretty cheap: Spirit Mantle, Flickering Ward, Prison Term, Danitha Capashen, Paragon, Umbra Mystic, and Retether.

Oblivion Ring-type cards also might be really good since you can tutor/dig for them in a pinch with the tools you already have. Some others in this vein are Thopter Arrest, Journey to Nowhere, Banishing Light, and Cast Out.

I hope some of these are helpful at least! They are just ones that I have found pretty useful iny own decks :)

Unlife on My Deck is my Phylactery

11 months ago

Massacar With your deck needing to cut, atm, 26 cards, you are going to start losing cards you like. I don't know your meta but my experience both with and vs Zur is that he tends to draw a lot of hate. The power boost of Ethereal Armor is nice but the boost provided via all other enchantments can fluctuate a lot depending on how your opponents destroy your field. Things like Steel of the Godhead and Staggering Insight provide a lot more value for Zur to swing even if it is less power. If you do like the beatstick aspect for Zur, consider Umbra Mystic as a more flexible alternative to making any aura you stick on him more protective.

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