Spooky man of The Dead Three, himself: Myrkul, Lord of Bones!

The game plan is to leverage asymmetrical stax pieces while ramping into Myrkul. Once he's out, we continue generating value while making our stax pieces even harder to remove via his ability to return creatures as pure enchantments. We make everyone's life harder while sneakily advancing our own board state.

There's one combo in the deck: Sac Outlet + Ondu Spiritdancer + Myrkul, Lord of Bones + Grim Guardian = the table dead.

I'm a huge D&D and Baldur's Gate fan. The Dead Three were always super intriguing to me. So, this is kind of a pet deck! Check out my decks for the other members of The Dead Three here:

(Bhaal) So Hard Ninjas Wanna Find Me

Be The (Bane) Of Their Existence

Having said that, I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback below.




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