Pick Your Poison

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Standard Brawl Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Pick Your Poison


Choose one —

  • Each opponent sacrifices an artifact.
  • Each opponent sacrifices an enchantment.
  • Each opponent sacrifices a creature with flying.

Taida on golgari something or another

2 months ago

The idea of the deck looks good, but it is torn between landfall and zombies, I would recommend going for either one, but maybe not both. For zombies I cannot help you, I barely play with them, but if you want, there is a fun combo using Putrid Goblin and Thran Vigil, then killing the goblin. This will make it come back without the -1/-1 counter from persist, so if you have a sac outlet, you have basically infinite etb effects (and any other bonus the sac outlet gets you). You could also use some Deadly Dispute, drawing you cards and getting the Gravecrawler on the graveyard.

For landfall, get some fetchlands. They double the number of triggers.

Also, you might need some interaction. I do not think Pick Your Poison is enough, and getting some instant speed removal might be nice

zapyourtumor on Mono-Green Goodstuff Inc.

2 months ago

I will also vouch for old growth, it will usually end up dying anyways and it gives way more devotion

Cavalier of Thorns good 5 drop that can grab you your nykthos and also lets you maybe recur something important

Leyline of the Guildpact is kind of gimmicky but you can run it in these devotion builds since its technically 4 green devotion, and it also makes your nykthos untappable with arbor elf. You could also add the leyline scion combo but its not necessary to make leyline playable imo.

Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner cheaper than garruk, has a nice static

Karn, the Great Creator a colorless card in devotion?? what am i smoking? but hear me out karn is great in any big mana deck like tron (and some versions of titan) and coffers, when you have a ton of mana karn lets you get whatever you need which might just be a giant walking ballista

Archdruid's Charm: idk its a neat little spell, has a lot of relevant modes

Pick Your Poison just stick like 2-4 of these in the sideboard trust me, best green sideboard card in modern atm, hits both sides of the leyline scion combo, hits murktide, hits blood moon, hits amulet, gets rid of the one ring, hits archon, decent when killing a leyline binding, its just a super flexible card

zapyourtumor on Green...Control?

2 months ago

What exactly is Manamorphose doing here?

Manabase is a little weird, if you really want to lean into snow then I'd run 4 Prismatic Vista. Gemstone Caverns and Boseiju aren't worth having in the sideboard, and both of those cards are basically only for spell-based combo decks like ad naus. I'd take out all 6 copies across main and side, replace the maindeck ones with 2 Boseiju, Who Endures, replace the sideboard copies with 4 Pick Your Poison.

Femme_Fatale on A Collection of Data Changes …

2 months ago

There's a bunch of little things that have changed or I felt the need to let people know.

First, promo pack stuff. Before I figured out how best to display these things (and pre-release, foils, etched, oversized etc) with the treatments system (previously known as alterations), I had put them in as printing variations. However I hadn't really had the time to remove the variations back then so they kidn of sat there for a few years. Now I'm slowly getting through all of them and deleting them. So if you had used these promo pack printing variations in a deck or inventory, please use the treatments instead as

[[CARDNAME (TLA:$$$) *PP*]]


[[CARDNAME (TLA:$$$) *f-PP*]]

Second, playtest cards. Many of you have created submissions for Pick Your Poison to fix it for MKM not remembering/realizing that this card is actually the second card of the same name. That's right, not one but TWO cards in MKM re-used an existing card name from a completely different card. Now granted the original printings of these were playtest cards, but as far as data is concerned, it's still a fully valid gameplay piece that we need to account for since it was part of a specified product.

I had left these re-used names in MKM as their playtest rules set, largely out of spite of WotC and not knowing what to actually do with them. Now, you may notice, that we have Pick Your Poison (Playtest) and Pick Your Poison. I'm trying this out to see if it works fine for people and if there are any issues with it. If there are none I'll go ahead and do the same with Red Herring and eventually attach (Playtest) as a suffix to all the playtest cards. To make sure they don't break existing decks or inventories I would also add the name sans-playtest as a synonym. Doing this would mean that if this situation happens again I no longer have to deal with deleting printings (which the site isn't happy about ever happening). The synonym part would also mean that if this happens again the new card would auto-redirect to the playtest one, and I'd remove that synonym from the playtest card. Just to let ya know in case you get confused in the future.

Future playtest cards from the next mystery booster product no doubt coming will share the same fate. I am still uncertain about the Gavin event playtest cards since you can't actually buy them as part of a product or get them as promos. Not too dissimilar to pro-tour giga-sized reward cards or the Heroes cards given out to WotC employees.

We also have a couple of features.

The basic land slot is now fully integrated into the 15 pack option. Previously it was only basic lands but now it's any card with the rarity of basic land. Also the pack size options have been more accurately named to what they are, to help differentiate them from the new play booster pack structure that may be coming in the near future.

The important point with this feature is that I actually need your help. Any and all information you can give me about which cards worked with the basic land slot in previous sets let me know. I know FRF had the gain lands and khans fetches as chances. I know STX had it completely replaced with the Mystical Archives. I know GRN and RNA had the Gates (but I don't remember if Gates fully replaced basics or not). And I ESPECIALLY want to know the rates at which they appeared at, not all sets have them appearing as the same chance of basics iirc.

There is a slight possible chance that we might be able to get The List/SPG/Masterpieces/etc in accurately as well, but this, as I recall, would take A LOT of work.

Finally, as some have already sent in feedback regarding this, you may notice that popover for card images now shows a green "add to deck" button. Which does, well, exactly as it says on the tin. Lets you add the card to an existing deck of yours. We do have plans on expanding the stuff you can click on the popover. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding this new feature, let us know!

EDIT: In regards to the popover now staying around when you hover over it blocking text, press "escape" on your keyboard to fully clear it. There are more things we are thinking of doing to make sure this isn't blocking the UX of the site but let us know what your thoughts are.

Captain_Howel on List of Bugs and Feature …

3 months ago

I'm surprised no one else has mentioned, in the Checkout Acquireboard window the buttons to enter that list into CardKingdom, TCGPlayer, and CardHoarder are missing.

Meanwhile, here's an odd one: in a decklist I'm working on, Pick Your Poison (a 1 mana green card) is reading in the bar graph as a 5 mana gold card, reflected in both the quantities and highlighting when clicking the graph.

Femme_Fatale on BubbleAnal

3 months ago

The original costs and keywords for Pick Your Poison are correct as that was the first printing of the card with this name. We cannot accommodate two cards of different effects under the same name so the first printing is what we are going with. Even if it's a playtest card it was still sold in official WotC product, and thus an official card.

legendofa on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

4 months ago

It looks like this got mentioned about a month ago, so it's a known issue (and a unique and minor inconvenience), but are there any workarounds for Pick Your Poison being marked as a green/black card thanks to Pick Your Poison?

psionictemplar on Invade and Destroy: Sideboard Switch

4 months ago

To be honest, that is a hard question to answer. Taking an additional 8 cards to do a full sb swap would probably be disastrous in some form or another. Either we cut way back on creatures which means we go late (and you're not set up for that) or we cut the interaction spells which means you're vulnerable to almost anything an opponent might sb. My gut says klothys will be your all-star either way. What I would expect to happen is your opponent will take the game long since their card quality will probably be higher so I might actually cut a couple 2-3 lands in favor of the 2nd klothys, 4th arbor elf, and the 3rd blood moon. That would probably be as far as I would go myself. It will be challenging either plan you choose. However if you are playing against a green deck, I might go as far as swapping birds for the utopia sprawls as a hedge against Pick Your Poison.

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