Awaken my child, and embrace the glory that is your birthright. Know that I am the Overmind; the eternal will of the Swarm, and that you have been created to serve me.

The Overmind

Hello and welcome!

I'm OP_Sigma, I've been playing MTG since Tempest and exclusively EDH for the past 6 years. It has been my favorite format since I opened my Mimeoplasm precon in 2012.

I play at a LGS that has Strong but fair as a motto, so no cEDH there.

My favourite place to play is with my friends playgroup, they're more midrange/lategame, games there can last for hours. The group is composed of learning and strong players. I don't plan on going infinite.

If my text is poorly written it is because english is not my native language.

The plan is to manipulate my library to get the most of my casacade effects and be agressive.

Protect the Swarm against wipes or use them at my advantage with cards like Bone Harvest, Footbottom Feast and Gravepurge to enable even more cascade effects!

  • Sliver Overlord: Well originally, it was an Overlord deck. But everyone who likes slivers will play that one and I wanted to try something special. And oh my.. the pain if it gets stolen I don't even want to think about it. Maybe I'll return to it one day, who knows?

  • Sliver Queen: I want to play casualy and with a sliver theme, the Queen is mostly used for combos.

  • Sliver Legion: I prefer it as a wincon and without the commander tax

  • Sliver Hivelord: I prefer to play it unexpectedly, I want my opponent to forget that I own that card and flash it/recur it in response to a wipe.

  • Morophon, the Boundless: Well it's new and I could play every WUBRG for free but 7 CMC is a lot, maybe in another version of the deck.

  • It's a new legendary!
  • Less scary than the tutor machine that is Sliver Overlord
  • Seems to be quicker than the other generals
  • Wins out of nowhere!
This deck is a work in progress and I'd like this deck to be the best version of itself. Hey even maybe a Primer someday who knows?

You opinions and suggestions are welcome, I want to know what could be missing.

  • user:LVL_666: For prefering the flavor and the love of playing Slivers over the obsession of competitiveness that comes with cEDH. Your decklist is the greatest and you are a great inspiration.

Many thanks for always being such a gentleman and wanting to help others with their decks.

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Updates Add

Hello everyone,

First of all, happy holidays whoever you are and wherever you're from.

Secondly, I made some more changes to the deck, Iet see what it is!

Changes explained:

Removed Fellwar Stone, Added Arcane Signet

  • The Signet is simply superior, giving me access to WUBRG.

Removed Blood Crypt, Added Badlands

  • Changing my shocks for duals one at a time.

Removed Cryptolith Rite, Added Prismatic Omen

Removed Harsh Mercy, Added Blasphemous Act

  • I didn't want to give the opportunity to my opponents to choose what they keep. 13 damage is more than enough to clear most of the board. Blasphemous Act + Spiteful Sliver and a couple sliver will usually win me the game.

Removed Mountain, Added Gaea's Cradle.

  • Needed a spot for the cradle and red was the least used color in my chart.


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