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Hapatra: -1/-1 Counter and Token Infestation

Commander / EDH BG (Golgari)


This aims to mostly gain advantage by removing threats and generating its own tokens through -1/-1 counters. There are 2 infinite combos in this deck, one uses a token generator ( Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons / Nest of Scarabs ) an aristocrat ( Zulaport Cutthroat / Blood Artist / Obelisk Spider ), and Blowfly Infestation . The other involves one of the previously mention aristocrats, Devoted Druid , and Quillspike . I have tried to steer the deck to be more on the -1/-1 counter theme. I had mostly done this by removing the generically good green/black cards and add suboptimal cards that involve -1/-1 counters in some way. You can look at the cards that are being considered or have been included in the deck at some point under the appropriate accordion. Please feel free to leave your input. Right now I am thinking of adding some more lands since I have cut a few of the ramp cards (like Birds of Paradise , Cultivate , Golgari Signet , and Sakura-Tribe Elder ).


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