Feldon's Cane


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral "Timeshifted" (TSB) Rare
Fifth Edition (5ED) Uncommon
Chronicles (CHR) Common
Antiquities (ATQ) Uncommon

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Feldon's Cane


Tap, Exile Feldon's Cane: Shuffle your graveyard into your library.

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Feldon's Cane Discussion

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

6 days ago

W3R3PLATYPUS, after looking into some common Mill decks, as well as the decks listed above by Suns_Champion, I think I have an initial recommendation. This comes from the basic premise of this deck, take what they do best, that thing that creates the excess that the deck uses to win, and punish them for it. Unfortunately, I don't yet have a way of doing that suddenly and surprisingly, but that may not matter.

First, it seems like the best Mill decks are actually just combo decks. They set up a situation where a few cards played will Mill the opponent's entire deck, usually utilizing a few key permanents to create a Mill engine that can be made infinite. Many do not have much else for wincons, and basically depend on some amount of overlapping combos. There are a few deck types that use Mill as a secondary win, but many of those are already susceptible to the weapons of this deck, so they are not really as much of a problem. Our pillow fort, our Aikido wins against go wide strategies, and our control should all keep those decks off balance enough already. It seems like the Mill decks that will be the biggest problem are decks that basically ignore the opponent until the wincon combo is assembled. These make our pillow fort mostly useless. They typically utilize some infinite combo for mana by dropping creatures in an infinite loop. This suggests a way to combat them.

First, I don't think that typical Mill protection is really worthwhile. You could play an Eldrazi titan, but it would not otherwise be useful. Cards like Feldon's Cane are a finite solution to what is often an infinite problem, and can't reliably protect you. I suggest that you don't go after either of these strategies.

When facing a dedicated Mill deck, go aggressive. When a deck does best by ignoring the opponent, keep them from ignoring you. Attack. Put the pressure on. Race them to the win. This deck has some speed, so use it. Be proactive. Aggressively remove combo pieces, both from the battlefield as well as out of the deck with Hide/Seek. Take out central combo pieces and hamstring them. Even if they have backup combos, make it harder to stumble into a combo. Try to get Solitary Confinement out to keep from being targeted. Without even changing things in the deck, you can change how you typically play, and and you can punish them for their typical game plan.

For changes to the list that are good options, changes that will make the deck good against more than just mill, I would suggest playing cards that punish creatures coming into play. Suture Priest, Trespasser's Curse, Rampaging Ferocidon are all powerful against many strategies, and with any of those out, you can basically shut down almost all of the Mill combos in the listed decks, as well as most of the mill strategies in many of the decks I looked at. The decks that could be created without a creature cycle typically use infinite mana for an large X spell. You could try Parallectric Feedback for these decks. Lastly, you could play Island Sanctuary to elect not to draw on your draw step. This could be used as a pillow fort card, but would also allow you to keep playing even with no cards in your deck.

In any case, I think that Mill is a pretty corner case strategy that is hard to make work very consistently, they are mostly non-interactive combo decks with an infinite Mill wincon, and going aggressive to put them on a short clock, playing some pillow fort that protects against Mill, being proactive about eliminating the combo pieces with your control, and adding a few cards that work on multiple strategies but that will kill their ability to go infinite, that should help take care of Mill.

Also Suns_Champion, I think that your losses potentially are a result of the fact that combo, especially Mill, is often stronger against a single opponent since they don't have to outrace multiple players all at once, and this deck is often weaker against a single opponent since there is no offense to piggyback before the non-damage wincon is dropped. This deck was never meant to play under these conditions. Going 2-3 in this situation with a deck that you had never played is actually surprisingly good. I am not discouraged by your performance at all. Nice work. Try adding another opponent or two and I bet the balance shifts dramatically.

KingMathoro on Card Help

4 weeks ago

Would Feldon's Cane and/or Elixir of Immortality be what you're looking for?

Awoken_Leviathan on Meren The Unfeeling Commander

2 months ago

I once built a similar deck a couple months ago which I plan on revising soon, and probably even changing some core mechanics, but until then: Welcome to the Viper Pit might have some good cards for you to look at. I took a slightly different route focusing more on throwing things into the grave via cards like Deadbridge Chant so I could easily pull exactly what I needed back out using cards like Treasured Find.

Some specifics I'd like to point out are: Elixir of Immortality and Feldon's Cane for grave hate prevention since you can tap them at instant speed, and cards like Splendid Reclamation since I saw you included Pox.

For your +1/1 and token mechanics: Reyhan, Last of the Abzan, Vigor, as well as Hardened Scales. Mycoloth does both. Doubling Season has always been a favorite of mine, or the budget alternative Primal Vigor. Tokens can also be boosted using Parallel Lives or Second Harvest. I also have a +1/1 focused deck called "Place 2(3[X+1]2)+1 +1/1s On Creature When It Dies" (TappedOut doesn't like formatting symbols) which, although being rainbow, has a strong focus on green and just stacking creatures sky high.

As for what you should get rid of: I'm not sure mana ramp is really needed for a deck like this, Birds of Paradise, Sakura-Tribe Elder, and Wood Elves are nice, but you could accomplish the same thing with an Evolving Wilds or Terramorphic Expanse minus the cannon fodder, but with the token theme you should already have enough of that. Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger I can see as being more control than ramp but its a heavy cost card in an otherwise lighter CMC curve deck and control isn't really a strength in your deck either.

Hope something in my text block helps.

miracleHat on Feldon start

3 months ago

Just played against a mono red deck that used Defense Grid + Sphere of Resistance to completely ruin my game. Highly suggest those two. Not entirely sure of what you play against, Relic of Progenitus/Feldon's Cane (favor for flavor?)/Tormod's Crypt/Sentinel Totem might be (if not necessary) pretty good to include. Grafdigger's Cage also works! Lastly, 30 lands appears to be low. Yes you have the loot effects and yes you have the artifact fast mana (psst Lotus Petal!), but 33 lands should be easier (at least on mulligans).

quitrage on Ultra Budget Sidisi EDH $16

4 months ago

Hey thanks for the feedback!

I really like Laquatus's Creativity and Whispering Madness since they're like a Forgotten Creation that I don't have to wait for the effect to trigger on, plus the cipher option on Whispering Madness is nice for the flexibility.

I initially had Deep Analysis and Sever the Bloodline in my first draft of this list but ended up cutting them for other cards. I still really want to include Sever the Bloodline as it is pretty decent removal and the flashback option is great, but I'm not sure what I would cut at the moment. I don't know how I missed Cackling Counterpart when building this, I'll have to figure out what I'm dropping but I definitely want to add him in so thanks for that suggestion.

I'm not too keen on Greenwarden of Murasa due to his CMC and the fact that he's $1.00 at the moment. I would definitely include him if it brought them to the battlefield instead of my hand, is there anything like him that does that I'm not already running?

Bitter Revelation and Mental Note seem a bit underwhelming to me, I feel like it's kinda like a less impactful Tracker's Instincts/Commune with the Gods/Forbidden Alchemy/Grisly Salvage but having a few more similar options might be good. I'll have to play the deck a few times and get a feel before I decide on that.

I 100% agree on Chronic Flooding, I like that it's more controlled and you don't have to worry about it decking you too much, gonna swap those out for each other.

I kinda feel the same about Corpse Churn as I did with Mental Note ect above, still I'll have to test the deck a few times to see if it needs more recurring options of that kind.

Embalmer's Tools was another card I had in the first draft of this list that I ended up cutting, it's another card I definitely want to include but am not sure what to cut, probably going to end up dropping Blossoming Wreath as you suggested earlier as I agree that it's not that impactful/worth taking up a slot so I might put it in to replace that.

Fact or Fiction and Epiphany at the Drownyard are both great cards, just need to make room for them, probably going to drop Feldon's Cane since I wont be as worried about decking myself without Curse of the Bloody Tome to make room for one of these.

Extractor Demon is already in the list haha, but yeah very good.

I'm liking Gather the Pack probably going to drop something like Wreath of Geists because I feel like there's already enough options for +x/+x per creature in graveyard in the deck already but we'll see.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Gattison on Trying to make Tibalt git gud.

4 months ago

at this point I would say just drop Bloodmad Vampire. Then +1 Falkenrath Gorger and +2 Stromkirk Captain. unless having that Madness cost around is that helpful.

Also: Perpetual Timepiece, or Feldon's Cane for sideboard against graveyard hate?

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