Feldon's Cane


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral "Timeshifted" Rare
Fifth Edition Uncommon
Chronicles Common
Antiquities Uncommon

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Feldon's Cane


Tap, Exile Feldon's Cane: Shuffle your graveyard into your library.

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Feldon's Cane Discussion

BRINST4R on Gahiji's Beast Army

1 week ago

If you're worried about mill I'd run Gaea's Blessing over Feldon's Cane. I think it has much better odds of saving you.

kevanluiz on Tasigur, The Golden Fang v1

2 weeks ago

-Desertion -Forbid - Plasm Capture-> +dispel +negate +disallow +Disdainful Stroke?

-Villainous Wealth / + ?

Feldon's Cane?

AllhydeNoJekyll on Melek the Weird

2 weeks ago

Hey there! I think there are some ramp cards you should consider that are below the one-dollar mark. Try replacing Pilgrim's Eye and Traveler's Amulet with cards like Commander's Sphere, Darksteel Ingot, etc. This and cared draw are most essential, which blue has a bounty of the latter like Treasure Cruise, Opportunity, and Foresee. Also, there are some cards that are not quite doing enough for what you want in an EDH deck. Consider cutting cards like Magma Jet, Hungry Flames, Izzet Chronarch, Anarchist, etc. and replacing them with other cards that you would want to double with all your copiers such as one great example you have in there, Fireball. For example, Comet Storm would be awesome with this deck style. For removal, consider cards like Reality Shift, Rapid Hybridization, Curse of the Swine, or even Red Sun's Zenith. For retrieval, instead of Feldon's Cane or Elixir of Immortality, consider maybe Spelltwine, Call to Mind, and Pull from the Deep. Rise from the Tides seems like an auto-include as well. Hope this improves your consistency! :)

Pal00ka on Graveyard Factory

2 weeks ago

Elixir of Immortality and Feldon's Cane are good for protecting your graveyard.

Wall of Blood could be a fun rattlesnake card for a huge push of milling either yourself or an opponent. Especially potent if you add Gary.

Looks fun!

majin_shinsa on Chaotic Mess of a Leader (Budget precon)

3 weeks ago

I'll have to see about picking up another set of pains since the only spares I have make white. I noticed that I was short basics but I had already sleeved the cards. I would like to add more cards that interact with the graveyard (either come back or get bonuses based on them) I have a Nether Shadow that I was thinking of adding or even a Feldon's Cane so that I can keep the crazy discarding going.

Epochalyptik on Does suppresion bonds stop feldons ...

1 month ago

Suppression Bonds doesn't do anything until it resolves. When you cast a spell or activate an ability, it's put onto the stack and players get a chance to respond with their own spells or abilities before it resolves. Your opponent can respond to Suppression Bonds by activating Feldon's Cane, which will allow him to shuffle his graveyard into his library and will also cause your Suppression Bonds to be countered by the game rules for not having a legal target.

Also, please don't mark follow-up questions or other non-answers as accepted answers.

Epochalyptik on Does suppresion bonds stop feldons ...

1 month ago

Link all cards in your question.
Feldon's Cane
Suppression Bonds

Your enchantment would not resolve. While Suppression Bonds is on the stack, your opponent can respond to it by activating Feldon's Cane's ability. Then, when Suppression Bonds goes to resolve, it will have an illegal target and be countered by the game rules.

Firnblut on Elf Ball

1 month ago

Okay, after playing the deck for some games I figured, that Kaervek's Torch was the better choice if we can play Priest of Titania in Turn 2 and have Quirion Ranger either on our hand or on the battlefield.

Mob Justice is way more vulnerable, but allows to finish without an active priest in T3 if we get an early Lys Alana Huntmaster and Distant Melody.Both cards have their pro and cons, but since the priest is removed with ease, mob justice will be the better choice in most cases.


I decided to run only 9 forests and 4 Land Grant, no Sylvan Ranger, 3 Springleaf Drum and 3 Wellwisher. Added 2 Elvish Harbinger and 2 Feldon's Cane.

A Harbinger can find a missing Birchlore Rangers to get access to offcolor-mana (makes up for te missing rangers and the missing island).Feldon's Cane allows insane recovery after a massremoval, als long as you got few elves and a Distant Melody. It also allows to reuse Mob Justice if it gets countered.

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