Increasing Confusion


Target player puts the top X cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard. If Increasing Confusion was cast from a graveyard, that player puts twice that many cards into his or her graveyard instead.

Flashback XU (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Increasing Confusion Discussion

darryhickman on Zombie Mill

4 hours ago

Also getting your low-costing mill cards like Tome Scour and mind Mind Sculpt would be efficient. I'd also recommend Thought Scour and Increasing Confusion

xPaDaWaNx on Deck It

1 week ago

Most of the time EDH is a group game, typically you don't want cards that only target a single player, so Mind Sculpt , Memory Sluice , Coerced Confession , Increasing Confusion , Psychic Drain , Curse of Oblivion tend to be less useful than cards like Relic of Progenitus , Erebos, God of the Dead , Rhystic Study , and Curse of the Swine I'd also swap Tricks of the Trade for Whispersilk Cloak . Depending how you want to play, I would also put in more control, like Null Brooch or just counters in general

fexxianosch on Mind Taking! EDH Multiplayer Mill

1 week ago

Also Phenax, God of Deception maybe instead of your Undead Alchemist . Mill is much more consistent and it works well Consuming Aberration and Sewer Nemesis with but you have no token generator...
Realmwright and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth work very well in addition to Crypt Ghast (since its reminder text does not determine its identity) as an additional mana source.
In addition to your statement about " Bear in mind that big mana is pretty easy for this deck to hit." Increasing Confusion could be very nice too...
Anyway... i love mill :-) +1

wadizle on the mimeoplasm

1 week ago

Cards to Consider: Increasing Ambition - Useful whether you mill it or not. Living Death - A board wipe that also gives you an army or creatures. Twilight's Call - Similar to Living Death . Deadbridge Chant - Self-mill and much needed card advantage. Thornling - Indestructible is always helpful. Evolution Vat - Makes The Mimeoplasm very big, if you have the mana. Shared Trauma - It might as well be an X spell since people won't help you but it's still decent. Increasing Confusion - Mill, even if it gets milled. Nephalia Drownyard - Mill in a land for any player. Whispersilk Cloak - For The Mimeoplasm to kill people, undisrupted. Genesis - Pretty obvious. Decree of Pain - This deck has so little card draw...

Cards I would take out: Butcher of Malakir - It's more of a graveyard deck then a deck where you are sacrificing creatures so it won't help much. It That Betrays - Does not fit the theme. You are not forcing people to sacrifice their creatures. Dark Ritual - This won't be useful very often. You would rather draw more cards. Summer Bloom - Cultivate and Kodama's Reach are better.

I think that card draw and more field wipes like Plague Wind would help this deck. Also 1-2 more lands.

R.C. on sidisi, brood dredge

2 weeks ago

This looks like it would be fun to go against. Maybe try a Increasing Confusion to mill your opponent and hit even harder with its Flashback?

LusciousCabbage on Esper artifacts (beta, please help cut cards down)

3 weeks ago

Cut the cards out with ridiculously high mana costs. Most of the sphinxes can be cut out and your lands should probably be cut down to about 23-25. This seems more midrange to me so 25 is probably your limit. Start off by picking out a few creatures you want that have a CMC of 1-4 and get more copies to make your deck more consistent. Then pick out spells the same way. You'll probably want a few spells that tutor up artifacts that you want when you need them. Finally, set your win condition. If you plan to win on damage alone, you will want a couple late game bombs or a control element so the opponent doesn't just level you as you set up a finisher.

I suggest adding a playset of Grand Architect and Pili-Pala . Together they make an infinite mana combo of any amount of colors you want. Having this combo doesn't mean to fill your deck full of fatties but maybe invest in some spells like Increasing Confusion , Exsanguinate , Killing Wave , or Debt to the Deathless just to name a few. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.21 $1.05 $2.25 $2.2
Color(s) Blue
Cost XU
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 2.14
Avg. cube pick 8.37


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Rare


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