Succumb to Temptation


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Common

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Succumb to Temptation


You draw two cards and you lose 2 life.

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Succumb to Temptation Discussion

Leitmotif on RB Midrange (AKH)

3 days ago

Interesting! Is the lack of Canyon Slough intentional? Would Succumb to Temptation be playable at BB if you already want Grasp of Darkness on 2? I think I might like it more than Live Fast? I'm not sure the two-of Aether Hub and two Glint-Sleeve Siphoner is enough of a payoff for sorcery speed? Not sure. I really like the 4 Dread Wanderer in the side as extra copies of Scrapheap Scrounger too. It looks like a cool list overall!

dirtdog on Jund Discard

1 week ago

I'm not sold on Archfiend of Ifnir at all; turn-5 is way too late to initiate a removal plan let alone a removal plan that uses -1/-1 counters which rely on having both a healthy hand AND a discard outlet in play. Ruthless Sniper has a similar removal ability, but dependence on TWO other factors, being a full hand AND a discard outlet, makes me want to forget the concept all together. With your curve and lack of true card advantage spells, by turn-5, even with a discard outlet, you probably won't have enough of a hand to take care of any opposing threats.

I like Cryptbreaker a lot, but his janky token generation and ability cost seems too slow. Playing him turn-1 seems good, but then you give up tempo to make a 2/2 dude that just dies to all of the best removal in Standard right now. Insolent Neonate has more synergistic tempo with your deck, Gnarlwood Dryad is like a poor-man's Standard Tarmogoyf fitting well with your discard theme, and Sanitarium Skeleton provides a stupid amount of utility as discard fodder or chump blocker. I would also consider playing around with other synergistic 1-drops like Groundskeeper (potentially bonkers with these cycle lands) and Bomat Courier (has synergy with Shadow of the Grave as well as just fits with your theme).

My only other real reservation is Tormenting Voice, especially as a 4-of. It isn't card advantage, requires something like Flameblade Adept on the field to get the most value out of it, and 'dat sorcery speed... I think that with some tweaks and additions instant speed card advantage is much better. If you get a dude like Sanitarium Skeleton in here consider Altar's Reap or Merciless Resolve. Succumb to Temptation is also an option AND, considering you're running 3 colors, look at Painful Truths.

The winning combo, or synergy really, is a full hand holding Shadow of the Grave with a Noose Constrictor on the field ready to attack. Swing with the snake, discard 7 for +7/+7, play SotG, then discard 7 again for +14/+14 total potentially put your opponent at 4 life by turn 3. Having Flameblade Adept out is even better for you.


-4 Archfiend of Ifnir-4 Cryptbreaker-4 Tormenting Voice

+8 1-2 CMC Synergistic Dudes+4 Pure Draw Spells

Guardians on Black White Midrange

1 week ago

4 Cast Out over the stasis snares. It s so much more versatile. I also like Succumb to Temptation a lot in my deck

stillmind on B/R Liliana

1 week ago

+1 love this deck. I play a similar build. I find if an Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger sticks I just die. I have Oath of Liliana and To the Slaughter to combat the Marvel/Eldrazi problem. I found Glorybringer is just better than the Goblin Dark-Dwellers. It comes with its own removal spell and attacks 1st turn it comes down/reanimates. It also allows me to play Tormenting Voice/Collective Brutality over Succumb to Temptation. Having a bin full of creatures is key when big lili comes to play.

EAGLExCORe on *COMPETETIVE* Rakdos Control

2 weeks ago

Noctem while I appreciate your criticism, it's not very constructive lol... Your arguments are either entirely absent, or completely wrong. Mindwrack Demon mills 4 on entry, setting up delerium himself. Supported by Liliana, the Last Hope, who IS used for more than just "killing creatures and going up to emblem." So Noxious Gearhulk gets put into the graveyard by Mindwrack or Lily's.

I don't run Evolving Wilds because it slows down the manabase for no reason in a 2C deck. Tormenting Voice was considered, but it is a -1. It doesn't draw you any card advantage and why in the hell would I ever want to cast that garbage on my turn? Succumb to Temptation is important because it draws you a card at instant speed. They end the turn and you have 1 card in hand? You cast it and go into your next turn with 3. We're focusing on controlling the game and therefore card advantage is very important.

Noxious Gearhulk is very castable at 6 mana... Keep in mind the board is getting cleared up all game with your removal. Should you be able to pull him out of the graveyard later on with Lily... all the better. But ultimately Mindwrack Demon is the focus because he does break the current meta. Noxious Gearhulk also does a lot more than act as an artifact creature for Mindwrack Demon... He's a removal spell that gains you life, allowing you to stabilize. If he sticks, he's a 5 power body with evasion.

You would give up instant speed on Succumb to Temptation because Live Fast is "easier to cast?" In a 2 color deck... the dominant color being black? lol... Right then and there I realized you probably have limited experience playing competitive magic.

I am also very glad you brought up thegaming, as your only constructive suggestion/argument that made sense was actually from him. "Your mana base is also wrong." Oh you mean the ONLY thing I asked for help with? Lmao.

Kudos sir, on contributing absolutely nothing.

Noctem on *COMPETETIVE* Rakdos Control

2 weeks ago

So Mindwrack Demon doesn't really make sense in a deck list that has no means of easily activating Delirium. You don't run Evolving Wilds, Lili's are the only ways to really get stuff in your graveyard and only the bigger lili wants to actually do that. Smaller lili will be busy killing creatures or going up to emblem. Killing yourself with 4 damage per upkeep doesn't sound like a good plan. How do you plan on getting your gearhulks into the graveyard? You have no discard effects. You're depending on the -2 of the small lili mill yourself?

If you want a discard outlet / card draw, so you can more easily set up delirium, use something like Tormenting Voice. At least that way that useless 6 drop gearhulk in your hand can be put into the graveyard while you gain cards you can use.

I'm also not sure how effective having 4x gearhulk is. It doesn't have flash like the blue one. Meaning you have to cast it on your own turn to kill a single creature. Not great and not the kind of card I want to have a high chance to draw when my deck is already full of removal for creatures. If you're running the black gearhulk just as a means to activate delirium for the Demon, I would argue that's a lousy choice.

Beyond that Succumb to Temptation should probably be Live Fast since it'll be easier to cast.

Your mana base is also wrong. See what thegaming posted above.

Argy on Amonkhet Barbecue

3 weeks ago

I'm going to try Painful Lesson, which I prefer to Succumb to Temptation, instead of three of the Murder cards.

I like it better because you can choose to knock the last two life points off your Opponent.

It also only needs one

TheRedGoat on Amonkhet Barbecue

3 weeks ago

My apologies. To look more closely at your current build, I was thinking that the double damage from Insult would be better for you than either the exiling removal of Oblivion Strike or have it come in as a 2 of with 2 copies of Murder coming out.

Glorious End also seemed like something to test out over the Oblivion Strike at least due to my own fascination with it being a red Time Stop.

In truth I see that your deck wants to be fairly reactive to what the opponent is playing, and if you ran Insult you'd need to be able to cast it for 3 and then also be able to cast several other cards and/or have multiple creatures out with prowess. A board state that I think we can agree you won't have often enough to warrant using it. Plus you seem to prefer direct life loss over damage.

I do feel like you could use some card draw though and Succumb to Temptation feels like a good choice being instant speed and you don't lose cards to play it like Cathartic Reunion. However I'm not sure where to make the cut unless you took out some removal.

In that note I would really ask why Oblivion Strike is in the mainboard. I understand how it is non-restrictive removal, but isn't it a little costly to be using for standard play?

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