Succumb to Temptation


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Common

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Succumb to Temptation


You draw two cards and you lose 2 life.

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Succumb to Temptation Discussion

Randomguy006 on You Serve Me Now: Lili/Razaketh Midrange

3 weeks ago

I like this deck idea, the one thing I would suggest is adding more card advantage. Make room for 4 copies of Succumb to Temptation between the maindeck and sideboard. Or possibly some combination of Glint-Sleeve Siphoner and Live Fast.

You might also want to go up a couple of the cycling deserts, so there's less chance of you being mana screwed, and you can cycle them away in case of mana flood.

Ozzmium on Mono Black Control (Post Rotation)

4 weeks ago

You're going to be chewing through your own life and hand size with this list.

Gifted Aetherborn and Succumb to Temptation could find room in the list

PeeBee on Cruel Reality Works!

1 month ago

Hey, I like the deck and have been running my own mono black control deck in standard for quite a few months now.

1). I think you should add Gifted Aetherborn, hes such a great card and any deck that can cast him should run him. The curve of Fatal Push -> Gifted Aetherborn -> Liliana, the Last Hope is super strong.

2). Harsh Scrutiny is a card i like to run as an additional 1 drop, its good early game and later game the one mana scry doesnt hurt much.

3). I wouldnt run x2 Cruel Finality, as you only have Collective Brutality to discard it early game, and if you draw the second, you will be waiting a long time to cast it.

4). I love Drana, Liberator of Malakir but I feel you need more creatures in your deck to make her more useful. I would swap her for a more impactful creature/spell.

5). I really wanted to play Demon of Dark Schemes in my deck, however i felt like the ability would never be used, and with me being a control deck, by turn 6/7/8 my opponent shouldnt have many/any creatures on the board so his wipe may hit nothing. However if you want to keep the creature, i would suggest swapping Succumb to Temptation with Live Fast. You downgrade to a sorcery speed draw spell, but do benefit from gaining extra energy meaning the demon should get an activation.

The above is only personal preference but I am happy to give more of my opinion if required.

zaxadillo on

1 month ago

I would like to know the reasoning behind Glory-Bound Initiate in control and Painful Truths in a two color deck when Succumb to Temptation would be strictly better

bellz76 on B/G LandFrog

1 month ago

I love the Monster! A few budget suggestions that I can make are:

Splendid Reclamation- why get your lands back just 1 at a time? Bring them all back at once- lots of triggers on the Retreat and landfall creatures, and lots of sac fodder for the monster.

Drownyard Temple- What's better than a land you can sac every turn? How about 1 that can return to play and be sacked again next turn.

Nissa, Vital Force- She only costs $4, and plays pretty nicely with the Monster. Starting loyalty is 5, so you +1 when she comes out and ultimate her next turn. Now you're drawing cards for lands entering play and the graveyard.

Aside from these cards, I think you need more creatures in the deck. You have so much stuff that is great when the monster is out, but what about when he's not out? You need more win conditions.

You can probably replace the Sylvan Scrying with something like Grapple with the Past. Helps you find a land early, or puts a land in the yard when the monster is there, or returns the monster when he's been killed. Also, combos really well if you do play the Reclamation. I mean, what land are you going to get? If you really want to search for a land, you've got the Fork... and it seems Fork is better for your deck.

I would also try and play some cards that let you draw more cards. Live Fast is an easy one, or you could play Merciless Resolve. With the Monster on the table, it says " pay 3, sac a land, draw 3 cards"- at instant speed. Succumb to Temptation is also another instant speed draw spell.

Lastly, you need some removal. Murder is cheap and get's the job done. Grasp of Darkness is a little more, but it is really good. Ruinous Path is cheap right now, and can get Planeswalkers too.

Anyway, as a fan of the monster, I hope you find success with the deck. I also hope this comments helped.

Argy on The Cattle of Battle (Budget Standard Minotaurs)

1 month ago

Since you have so many ways to discard cards, I would consider Succumb to Temptation.

Kyln on Gonti Likes Your Shiny Things

1 month ago

Read the Bones and Sign in Blood are better than Succumb to Temptation in my option.

WiltLeafElves on Golgari Energized Evolution

1 month ago

I think haze of pollen could be replaced with Altar's Reap or Merciless Resolve, or Succumb to Temptation, as most of the time, you would be cycling instead, and being able to draw more cards is better. I chose these 3 because they are all instant speed, which can make all the difference. Altar's reap is good if you know that you are fine with sacrificing creatures (say, a naga vitalist), merciless resolve helps you keep your options up, at the cost of 1 more mana, and succumb to temptation lets you just lose 2 life at the cost of costing 3 mana, and having 2 black in its mana cost.

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