Monastery Siege


As Monaster Siege enters the battlefield, choose Khans or Dragons.

  • Khans — At the beginning of your draw step, draw an additional card, then discard a card.
  • Dragons — Spells your opponents cast that target you or a permanent you control cost more to cast.
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Monastery Siege Discussion

Triton on Been working on a budget ...

3 days ago

Darreti, Scrap Savant, Trash for Treasure, and Scrap Mastery all have welding effects.

Getting artifacts in grave from hand is relatively easy, looting effects such as Faithless Looting, Izzet Charm, Careful Study, Monastery Siege, and Thirst for Knowledge.

I think the only tutor for noncreature artifacts from deck to grave is Entomb, which I don't think is within your budget. There's also Buried Alive, but it works with only artifact creatures. Also potentially Gamble.

Hope this helps!

TheDarkSlayer21 on Mimeoplasm ETB

1 week ago

Fauna Shaman, Survival of the Fittest, Buried Alive and Intuition are pretty much MUST HAVES for this type of deck.

Rune-Scarred Demon, Acidic Slime, Terastodon, Woodfall Primus, Duplicant and Eternal Witness are good ETB triggers.

Hermit Druid and Mirror-Mad Phantasm can easily get a lot of cards in your graveyard.

I like running Monastery Siege, Ancient Excavation, Compulsive Research, Forbidden Alchemy, Frantic Search, and Thirst for Knowledge for draw/discarding

would also recommend running a Homeward Path in case people steal your stuff from your graveyard.

Sheoldred, Whispering One, Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur, and Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger are powerful cards on their own.

Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon, Spinebiter and Putrefax can be extremely deadly.

I would also recommend adding in a few more board wipes, specifically Life's Finale.

If you need more suggestions, this is the deck that i made for the mimeoplasm

Experiment 626

Commander / EDH TheDarkSlayer21


terrorick on Absolutely Disgusting

1 week ago

Just a bit of input for you: Why run Rakshasa's Disdain over Counterspell? It costs more and is conditional.Sidisi, Undead Vizier is amazing for a deck like this. A creature that grabs any card in your deck that can be easily brought back is pure value. Consider Reclamation Sage for recurrable artifact/enchantment removal (with as much self milling as you plan to be doing you want as many effects as you can stapled onto creatures). Living Death can act as a major wincon for this strategy and seems like a must include however it is around $6. Monastery Siege can let you pitch things from your hand into the grave and provides you with some draw. Ashnod's Altar could turn your less relevant late game zombie tokens into mana for a big spell like Villainous Wealth. I'm still working on my own list if you want to check it out:

enpc on Sultain Goodies

1 week ago

Your list feels a bit scattered. While I appreciate that you're trying to make the deck "good stuff", you still need coherence between cards.

Some immediate things I noticed:

  • you're running a bunch of defensive counter spells and then you're running Rewind. This card should be reserved only for control decks (or not at all) as 4 mana is too expensive while you're trying to do other things.

  • for any even remotely competitive metas, unless you're specifically wanting landfall triggers, the ravnica bounce lands are terrible. They're slow and prime Strip Mine targets.

  • you need more ramp. For a food stuff deck, 10-15 cards is more what you want. And cheap ramp. One and two mana spells, like Farseek are good.

  • self mill is only good if you can capitalise on it. As it stands, I think your deck is too slow with not enough reanimation pieces to be running as much self mill as you do. Especially since most of those pieces don't let you choose what you mill (like Monastery Siege).

Vinman on Breya: The Last Metalbender

2 weeks ago

Monastery Siege instead of Phyrexian Arena due to discard?

Triton on Wake the Hatebound($16 reanimator)

2 weeks ago

Alright, how about Faithless Looting? It has flashback as a bonus. Also Monastery Siege and Cathartic Reunion are a couple of spicy cards.

jonnyalcatraz on Grave Digging

3 weeks ago

I would replace Geralf's Masterpiece for Advanced Stitchwing just cause hes easier to get back is still a flier and doesnt get smaller. Monastery Siege for Ancient Excavation so you can draw a bunch and discard a bunch, this helps with your commander getting some Z's in the grave. I'd also replace Victimize and Buried Alive with Whispering Madness and Day's Undoing. Dark Salvation for Necromantic Selection with all the new wheel affects you should be able to grab something good and its another board wipe. Maalfeld Twins for Overseer of the Damned just because hes super impactfu, a flier makes Z's and kills something when it comes out. Scourge of Nel Toth for Call to the Grave cause sacrifice is really good especially against voltron commander damage decks. Raving Dead for Phyrexian Delver. Wight of Precinct Six for Shepherd of Rot. Entomb for Graf Harvest purely for the menace, butyou could use the other abilitly in a pinch if your commander gets killed to much. Necrogen Mists for Windfall, again just so you get card draw and are still forcing people to discard. Epiphany at the Drownyard for Grave Pact. and to be sure you can get your value from cards like this id nix Nim Deathmantle for Ashnod's Altar. Geralf's Messenger is slow and 2 life wont do too much so id put in Nantuko Husk or Corpse Blockade for more sac outlets.

skull_kid on The Good Whiskey

1 month ago

the synergy is that you get to discard your hand and with that you can retrieve the cards with tasigur's ability not only that but if he happens to be in your command zone that is a bunch of cards that can be delved away to cast him if need be.

i personally love the artifact so i am biased however i do feel that your commander would be able to use the jar

also while i know that you have Anvil of Bogardan i'd suggest Monastery Siege due to keeping your draw step while getting the looting effect and if you do not need it there is another mode to the enchantment for one blue devotion more

if you want to take the exile/mill strat further try Psychic Spiral with cards like Wood Sage and Crypt Incursion / Tormod's Crypt for your Oblivion Sower

also because why not add Cheatyface because un cards are always fun

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