Colossus of Akros

Colossus of Akros

Artifact Creature — Golem

Defender, indestructible.

10: Monstrosity 10. (If this creature isn't monstrous, put ten +1/+1 counters on it and it becomes monstrous.)

As long as Colossus of Akros is monstrous, it has trample and can attack as though it didn't have defender.

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Colossus of Akros Discussion

DisGeekyGuy on Kruphix, God of Mana and Stomach-aches

6 hours ago

Doubling Cube is hilarious with kruphix !Spell Burst can be good to repeteadly counter generals since their converted mana cost doesn't go up (but a bit situational otherwise0Gelatinous Genesis because lols.Boundless Realms can be cast pretty early making you jump from 5 land to 10 in just one spell.I find Colossus of Akros funny in here just because of the 20/20 trample indestructible.

Romer on Looking for EDH Mill suggestions

20 hours ago

I see a lot of great stuff in your maybeboard. I'd prioritize the inclusion of Glimpse the Unthinkable, Life's Finale, Mesmeric Orb, Mind Funeral, Phenax, God of Deception, Sword of Body and Mind, Telemin Performance, and Watery Grave.

I run a Phenax, God of Deception mill deck and it typically plays out focusing on on all the other methods to mill my opponents. Casting Phenax to enable my existing creatures to tap and mill my opponent is often the finishing move they've completely forgotten about. Helps cleave off the last 10-30 cards in their library, partnering Phenax, God of Deception with Sewer Nemesis, Nemesis of Reason, Colossus of Akros or a fun little combo with Eater of the Dead.

Phenax's Milling Machine Playtest

Commander / EDH Romer


Three final little suggestions that have led me to great fun and profit: Guiltfeeder, Telemin Performance and Altar of the Brood. Not in any particular combination, just good mill additions.

buildingadeck on Mono White Control

1 day ago

I meant Colossus of Akros. Here's my version:

PumpkinAppearifier on Not Yo' Mammas Standard Artifact Deck

2 days ago

I just wanted to say, I have been looking for an Artifact deck to use for a bit now and this one really caught my eye.

One thing I noticed is that you have the Colossus of Akros in your sideboard. Wouldn't it make a great card in conjunction with your Dragon Throne of Tarkir?

mrweaselman on

3 days ago

I would also replace Inkwell Leviathan with Colossus of Akros. When paired with Chief Engineer it can be really good.

Kozelek on (Community Deck) Vela's Token Noodle Soup

1 week ago

Ok fair enough. Than first off cut Arcane Melee as it helps everyone and does nothing for your swarm theme, Bogbrew Witch? gone, Breaching Leviathan is good but as your running as well chances are good you'll be tapping up to 1/2 your own shit,Colossus of Akros is just not my style, Curse of Misfortunes only has 1 other curse to target so it's also gone. There I started the cuts now I'll check back in at breaks and go through the "Ds" onward lol

CrovaxTheCursed on Sultai-Ramp

1 week ago

FINALLY someone else has the balls to run Interpret the Signs. It is such an undervalued card in my opinion. I run it in a GU ramp deck with Colossus of Akros, so Scry 3 and draw 8 cards for 6 mana is, how do I put this, FREAKIN' AWESOME. It's been overshadowed by Dig and Cruise, but still a viable card I believe, well done. I only question the Mnemonic Wall. Getting a spell back is cool, but a 0/4 wall that doesn't fly for 5 mana seems kinda lame. Maybe it's working for you though, but I feel like that spot should be another mana sink like Hydra Broodmaster or something. Anyway, just a thought. Good Luck!

albino_ninja on Standard Temur (Suggestions and Help Welcomed)

1 week ago

First card you need to add is Heir of the Wilds, this card is the backbone for Temur decks early game, he only gets bigger when your real beasts come out to play. Plus the combo of Heir of the Wilds + Roar of Challenge is a boardwipe for your opponent. I would take out the two Monastery Swiftspear, the Colossus of Akros and the Clever Impersonator. All of which are good cards but dont have much synergy with Temur decks. Try getting another Savage Knuckleblade because that is your T3 drop and Another Avalanche Tusker, That card combo'd with Dragon Grip is a fattie killer. Look into Feed the Clan for longevity as well

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