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Colossus of Akros

Colossus of Akros

Artifact Creature — Golem

Defender, indestructible.

10: Monstrosity 10. (If this creature isn't monstrous, put ten +1/+1 counters on it and it becomes monstrous.)

As long as Colossus of Akros is monstrous, it has trample and can attack as though it didn't have defender.

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Colossus of Akros Discussion

HipsterPumpkin on Devo Greenski

2 days ago

This deck has only 3 playlets, so I would highly suggest taking out copies of the very expensive things like Archetype of Endurance and Colossus of Akros and replace them with more playsets.

Dubel on 2014-08-25 update of standard

3 days ago

More Colossus of Akros and Burnished Hart . Maybe the Rogue’s Gloves I'd try Dragon Throne of Tarkir when it comes out. Take out the raptors.

xiao.wen on A Rodent's Ramblings: Rotation and ...

5 days ago

so many things i like about the article. thanks for putting in the time and effort to share your thoughts! really nice to digest. a couple responses:

1) Its hard to imagine khans not having a deathly serious sweeper or two for control. what good are 6 drop dragons in the time travel set or decks that rely on getting three different colors running with uncommon taplands if theres not going to be intense amount of weenie hate. i have most certainly seen some really fun aggro lists recently though. ive been playing a fun non-devotion blue one despite my ever growing lack of appetite for aggro.

2) im glad your spec talk has focused on two drops. ive read a bunch of spec talk where people have large stockpiles of Reaper of the Wilds or Prognostic Sphinx . i dont see what these cards are going to do at such high cmcs with no instant boardstate return.

3) im perplexed by the return of morph. ive read MaRo articles on the official site singling morph out for being a representative failure from the 'dark age' of magic design. the wedge color theme is quite a smooth design move. the chinese cultural theme is quite a smooth marketing move. its definitely different than theros in the sense that there are not 1.3 billion greek people out there who are going to get excited about playing Colossus of Akros . as a china-based mtg player, i can vouch for it being an incredibly good marketing idea and very well timed. the game is expanding incredibly here right now, or at least it was around DGM-THS. Although the kids here were not very into BNG-JOU, they most certainly are not tired of romantic chinese-history-themed fantasy gaming. its most definitely one of the main gaming themes across the board. morph though....really confused. not even from the 'instant devotion' standpoint you mentioned. more from the perspective of the gameplay design back in the wizards offices. nobody missed it, it did not succeed previously, they have acknowledged such all the way to the top in very public push it so hard? i remember seeing a quote that it was going to come back in a slightly tweaked form though and so far we havent seen anything new structurally with it, so perhaps the good news is yet to come concerning morph.

MPU1760 on Green Hornet Devotion

6 days ago

I like the idea of Plummet . I haven't had the need for any more Forest in any match I have played in yet, if anything, I have been flooded. I know that Colossus of Akros doesn't really fit into the deck, but it is just fun to make monstrous.

nayrash5 on Green Hornet Devotion

6 days ago

I would consider cutting Colossus of Akros and Skarrg Goliath for 2 more Forest , and cutting the two Netcaster Spider for Plummet . +1 Upvote

Rhinowarrior on Sharuums

1 week ago

Hey Bud, what you want to be to doing with this deck is a bit of self mill mixed with huge artifact creatures! Also you will want to be able to bounce your commander. For that i would recommend that you get Deadeye Navigator . To get you started I can definitley trade you a Colossus of Akros F. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.16 $0.52 $1.74 $1.53
Power / Toughness 10/10
Cost 8
Converted cost 8
Avg. draft pick 2.70
Avg. cube pick 7.35


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Theros Rare

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