Colossus of Akros

Colossus of Akros

Artifact Creature — Golem

Defender, indestructible.

10: Monstrosity 10. (If this creature isn't monstrous, put ten +1/+1 counters on it and it becomes monstrous.)

As long as Colossus of Akros is monstrous, it has trample and can attack as though it didn't have defender.

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Colossus of Akros Discussion

TheVectornaut on Revamped Walls to the Ball

5 hours ago

I finally got in my first real playtesting at the local elementary-high school Gamescon event here in Colorado Springs. The tournament was a casual "weak or budget" format to give the younger kids there a chance. I knew multiple people who were taking in decks that were far more powerful and expensive than they deserved, considering the experience gap as well. I decided to run this lumbering beast since I assumed that I just wouldn't be fast enough to keep pace with most decks, and this would give the new players a better chance. Unexpectedly, however, this thing came out like a train and plowed right through the $15 "bought on site" decks and $300 "I'm a tryhard" decks alike. I won 12 out of the 13 games I played in total in my bracket and then 1 of 3 in the bonus match. Here are my observations (for myself and others).

Assault Formation was naturally the biggest factor in success in almost every game. My alternate wincons are strong, but you really really want to draw one of these in every game to give yourself the greatest chance of winning. It is usually worth mulling at least once to see if you can get one. 4/60 isn't a great chance, so cards that let you draw through your deck like Wall of Blossoms, Carven Caryatid, and Abzan Beastmaster. The last is definitely the weakest body since it doesn't work well with any of the ramp walls or Assault Formation and can easily get pinged by cheap removal. But even so, it's still by far the best. With cards having 13 or more toughness in this deck, it's basically a guaranteed free card every turn. I would like to cut the 2 Carven Caryatid so I can run the full 4 set of Beastmasters. As mentioned before, Genesis Wave or something similar is another option I'd like to run to help insure I get win conditions onto the board.

Feed the Pack is a little more tricky to cast than Assault Formation, but it has the potential to be even stronger. Even 4 or 5 2/2 creatures is threatening, and 20+ is a proper nightmare. After seeing this in action, I think it's too good to not run the full playset. I would likely remove Sight of the Scalelords since it was mostly a placeholder anyway and is usually redundant if you have enough creatures in play. My other major finisher, Colossus of Akros, doesn't have the same board-warping potential of the enchantments so I think I'm happy to play just 2 for now.

Clearly, this deck excels in the mid to late game after establishing crippling board control. However, the early game options are still very strong. Traproot Kami seems so innocuous as a 0/1 on turn 1, but games that go long will see him get massive. He has the added benefit of being my only mainboard creature with reach, so I'm never unahappy to have 1 or more of these in hand. An interesting note is that I was playing against a lot of Abzan, Temur, and Simic which made the card even stronger. I even got one opponent to sideboard out forests because he was so worried about turn 1 Kami into turn 2 Formation. The real shocker for me though was Llanowar Augur. I mean, I knew it was good which is why I put it in the deck in the first place, but it did a lot more than I ever anticipated. Instead of being the final burst of trample damage to win the game, it was usually just a combat trick. Despite being on the board for all to see, I was able to trick people into attacking with many creatures into a small set of walls and then kill their biggest threat by saccing the elf. And when I didn't need to worry about power buffs (in other words, when I had Formation out), Augur was still good as a 3/3 for 1 that you don't even have to spend mana to let attack. Instead of dropping them as planned, I think I'll keep 2 maindeck and leave 2 more in the side.

Tree of Redemption. Oh sweet, sweet Tree of Redemption. Like Invisible Stalker, this is a card that came out of Innistrad as a powerhouse but entered modern as THE DEVIL HIMSELF. With Formation, it's a 13/13 or more for 4. With Feed the Pack, it's 13 or more wolves. But more than that, I realized it's just an insane way to stabilize after taking a beating. I played against 3 different variations of red and red/white faceburn, and without trees in every game, I would have lost easily. Another critical piece that was a complete black horse was Sheltering Word. I had included two just for flexibility after I took out Snow Fortress, but I was casting them to survive so many games that I decided to add in 2 more for the entire tournament. I dropped Shifting Wall for similar reasons to Snow Fortress (I just never seemed to find good times to play it) and I think I'll keep it that way unless the meta changes.

TheVectornaut on Balls to the Walls

2 days ago

Yeah, my deck runs 4 of each since I try to build up to big wincons like Colossus of Akros and Feed the Pack. Unfortunately, Axebane Guardian shifted out of standard just in time to miss Assault Formation.

Therealgoblinguide on 2,000 heads are better than one

4 days ago

You ever thought of throwing in Colossus of Akros?

Wiktul on Defenders of The Dead Mill

4 days ago

Thank you very much for your support! :)

But, unfortunately, I think you're missing the point of Assault Formation. The first part is the only thing important - creatures deal damage equal to their toughness rather than their power. With this on hand I can attack for 4 in 2nd turn with Sidisi's Faithful, for 6 in 3rd turn with Dragon's Eye Savants and so on. Those blockers stops all aggro long enough to reach Assault Formation or Phenax, God of Deception with Commune with the Gods or Taigam's Scheming. Those creatures are big enough to endure any kind of burn and be used to attack or mill opponen.

Why I'm running 2 copis of Ritual of the Returned? Because that what I left after rebuild. Previous deck shape was mainly focused on putting Colossus of Akros into a graveyard and put 10/10 token from it in 4th turn. After Game Day that strategy proved itself to be unefficient, so now there are 2 copies of Ritual - good trick to reanimate big wall to block and attack / mill with it again in next turn. Single Collosus was left due to the very same reason - it can be still resurrected as 10/10 token if I manage to entomb it during auto-mill or, if I can spoil the tempo long enough with 4-5 walls, it can be putted as a single win con 10/10 indestructible to attack or mill. By any means it's not my main goal though and never was, so mana fixing is not what I miss here. 3-4 mana is all I need, priority is to get all sultai colours in 3rd - 4rth turn.

As long as I have Sultai Charm i have no need for Naturalize. Charm has all it's abilities with 2 more usefull options - removal, draw and discard.

korg33 on TINKER TRAIN

6 days ago

Did same test for following deck which I made to test a temur version:

Results1. 5x Turn 4 Scuttling Doom Engine or Soul of New Phyrexia

  1. 2x turn 4 Colossus of Akros

  2. 1x turn 5 Scuttling Doom Engine or Soul of New Phyrexia

  3. 1x Turn 5 Shrapnel Blast + Ugin's Nexus and in extra turn Scuttling Doom Engine or Soul of New Phyrexia

  4. Turn 8 6 drop (...8+ mana and 2 anticipates but 0 win conditions)

According to numbers a temur version is about 20-30% more effective at getting a large creature out turn 4.

My main concern now is the following.....what makes either of our version better then a mono-green ramp deck with red splashed in for shrapnel blast?

DiEaBoLiK on Assault Formation (GW)

1 week ago

how sweet would that be if this became a thing and Colossus of Akros shot up to 20 bucks lol

masada631 on 2015-04-20 update of Defenders

1 week ago

Since you're running 4x Overgrown Battlement and 4x Axebane Guardian I'd suggest putting in a few Colossus of Akros. A great wincon that's resilient against board wipes.

toxicliam on You Think You're Tough...

1 week ago


I am not good at making manabases, so my mistake, I will definitely go up to 4 Wooded Foothills. The reason I use Glaring Aegis is because it only costs , whereas Chosen by Heliod costs . I might use Colossus of Akros, but only as a 1-of due to it's high manacost.


I will definitely add Valorous Stance, it is very useful. I will probably swap out Center Soul, as it does almost the same thing. I think I will add in Atarka's Command to the sideboard, while simultaneously adding in a few more red-producing lands to accommodate. Jeskai Barricade seems like a very interesting card, and may work it's way in.

Thank you both for the help!

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