Colossus of Akros

Colossus of Akros

Artifact Creature — Golem

Defender, indestructible.

10: Monstrosity 10. (If this creature isn't monstrous, put ten +1/+1 counters on it and it becomes monstrous.)

As long as Colossus of Akros is monstrous, it has trample and can attack as though it didn't have defender.

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Colossus of Akros Discussion

MisterFamous on Mad Mad Money

1 day ago

Mostafa - Thank you for the critique; after reviewing another fantastic (and older/wiser) VW deck Kiora's Villainous Control Issues I think you're definitely right. Not a single game has been impacted by Genesis Hydra, and there's not much of a chance that Colossus of Akros will be hit unless I'm already scrying like a madman. I think I'll grab an Ugin and see how that does, and probably add in another Kiora, the Crashing Wave. Negate is there because it's a cheaper answer to instants that would otherwise stop me in my tracks, like an opposing counterspell when I play one of my win conditions. I'm not super worried about big creatures coming out but I agree that a singleton Disdainful Stroke would probably be better in a pinch.

bellz76 - And there's my answer to "What do I replace the Hydras with?": Embodiment of Spring fits the Sultai MO pretty nicely despite being a Temur-branded card; A cheap, expendable blocker that ramps you and becomes fodder for high-value spells like Dig Through Time. I'm going to slot in a couple of those and see how they do.

Regarding Crux of Fate and creatures - I think a single Silumgar, the Drifting Death would eleveate this card from a necessary evil to a seriously beneficial pivot. Silumgar also completely hoses token strats.

Many thanks for your input-- I may be a little late to the Villainous party, but man this deck is fun regardless.

Mostafa on Mad Mad Money

1 day ago

I love your deck, as i run a pretty similar one :) But, i was wondering about the efficiency of some cards, for instance Genesis Hydra, as you don't have that many non-land permanents (15 actually, minus the other Hydra that you should really not be casting) and as 47% of the standard decks run Hero's Downfall (according to mtgtop8), which make the hydra a bit fragile; and Colossus of Akros. I'd prefer to them other win-conditions (as Ugin, the Spirit Dragon, Kiora, the Crashing Wave or Garruk, Apex Predator, or even another Villainous Wealth).

Another slot which worries me is Negate in the mainboard. That spell is pretty useless against Green Devotion or Boros Aggro. I'd prefer Dissolve or a 1-of Disdainful Stroke, which can prove themselves to be more versatile.

Plus, i see that you run as much fetchable lands as fetches, which worries me as a Polluted Delta late game can potentially become a dead card in your hand.

Hope i helped you :)

CaptainWoosh on The Song of Ice and Fire

1 day ago

cjk191997 - JakeKita: The discussion of this card is absolutely viable, and I've run Back to Nature and Destructive Revelry both in the sideboard. They are both pretty damn viable cards. I could absolutely argue for both cards in no time, but I want two Fade into Antiquity mainly because of two reasons: It gets rid of Colossus of Akros and all Gods. It's not instant speed but it does the trick. I know that Gods like Xenagos can indeed fuck me up hard if I don't have instant speed ready, but still. I am considering Back to Nature, though. Destructive Revelry is great but I feel like it's kind of too dangerous. I'll playtest Back to Nature as well as Unravel the Aether this weekend. Thanks everyone!

hesuskrist: Wow, you're right. Why I ran Wild Slash was the retard assumption that it'd prevent regeneration effects but it does not. I'll immediately swap Slash for Magma Spray. If you link the card as a suggestion, I'll give you your "Good Suggestion"! Thanks so much!

MisterFamous on 2015-02-28 update of Kiora's Villainous ...

2 days ago

Man, I thought I was being clever when I latched on to Villainous Wealth to base a deck around. I had no idea it had a following around here. Shows what I know.

I've piloted a deck very similar to this one (with a couple Genesis Hydras and a single Colossus of Akros for laughs) both casually and at a couple events, and it does well even out of its format (i.e. in Modern, I'm not crazy enough to go against a Legacy deck) most of the time. You're absolutely right about it being fun to play even when you lose; All you have to do is drop a fat Wealth on somebody once to put the fear of God into them for the other two games.

I'm glad to see that this doesn't rely on Devotion to ramp using Karametra's Acolyte or something similar, as I was struggling with making the idea work myself.

+1 from me man, good stuff!

CaptainWoosh on Temur

5 days ago

I'll go ahead and just tell you what think you might do about this deck:
1. Manabase
Your base looks good, but it's also dangerous. I'd replace the Swiftwater Cliffs by Temple of Epiphany, as well as introduce some painlands, like Shivan Reef and/or Yavimaya Coast. They give you a better mana fixing by having either no speed disadvantage or the big advanatge of scrying (planning your plays beforehand is a lot better than 1 life!)
2. Creatures
You should look at your creatures from various angles. As you tagged this deck as midrange, Frost Walker is not a very good card. You look into drawing the game out into longer and when you put Frost Walker onto the field later, he'll just not be a big threat. Lord, he even dies just from Orc Sureshot entering the battlefield or an Icy Blast targeting him. You just don't want that trade when you're midrange. If you're aggro, we have a different case. I would think about cards like Polukranos, World Eater or Yasova Dragonclaw. The rest of your creature-base seems very reasonable, even though I'd argue for side-boarding Surrak (he really doesn't help much against Abzan or Green Devotion. He's only really useful against Token- and Control) for two Stormbreath Dragon. Stormbreath is a powerhouse which can kill the opponent extremely quick, especially if he gets counters from Shaman of the Great Hunt.
3. Spells
Your Spell-Base is what I like the least. If you are playing midrange, you have too few removal spells. You need to remove some creatures, that's just the fact. Temur Ascendancy seems more or less missplaced in your deck. You want to play the Savage Knuckleblade on turn three. Any time, always. Over Ascendancy, any time, always. Therefore, I'd remove it. Lightning Strike and Crater's Claws really do a good job at being removal and/or a finisher for an opponent that you could beat into range. I'd also replace one or possibly two Stubborn Denial by the equal amount of Disdainful Stroke. Why? Yes, the Denial is nice, but you, especially with your deck as it stands, really want to avoid Wingmate Roc to ever enter the battlefield, since the only thing you have to actively get rid of it is the Temur Charm and the Sarkhan -3, which are three spells in total. That's too risky. Disdainful Stroke counters Wingmate Roc (Nice 5-for-2-Mana trade) as well as many other threads like Sidisi, Whip of Erebos, Siege Rhino and so on, and so forth. I'd personally go with the instant team of: 2 Denial, 1 Stroke, 3 Charm.
4. Misc:
Cosider a 2/2 Mix of Rattleclaw Mystic and Sylvan Caryatid. Caryatid is a more reliant blocker and can't be removed other than by Boardwipes. Be aware that an opponent can burn away thee Mystics in one turn by using Arc Lightning and set you back by four turns. Destructive Revelry is not bad, but not amazing either. I personally run one, and add Fade into Antiquity to the mix. It removes into Exile and can get rid of Colossus of Akros.
Why is Prophet of Kruphix in the sideboard? I feel like she's there, saying: "My player would want to maiboard me, but doesn't know how, so I'm in the sideboard." and that's not good sideboarding. You will want to have something in your sideboard which is good in a matchup against which another given card is bad. If you can tell me what card this Prophet is to be sided in for and why in which matchup, you're good. If not, the card is missplaced. I miss some card in your deck that can handle Sidisi Whip or Graveyard Interaction in general. Burn Away would be a great consideration for that.

Please don't take my words too harsh, I'm a fanboy of all things temur and think your deck is fantastic, especially considering that other than your Fetchlands it's only at about $100. I really like it and I think you can do good with it. As for reference, whenever I say "I personally run" or "I personally prefer", I am talking about my own Temur deck, The Song of Ice and Fire. Also, keep in mind that I made this criticism mainly based on the fact that you are tagging this deck with "midrange". If you tag this with "Aggro" or "Tempo", I'd be giving a lot different advice.

Loco-Motive on 2015-02-28 update of Kiora's Villainous ...

5 days ago

Hey, syncronym, I think what's better here is for you to answer your own question. Your question: which is better in -this- deck, Garruk, Apex Predator or Colossus of Akros?

Colossus: 10/10 (or 20/20 if you can surrender the 10 mana to do so and not tap out for any instants). Won't die to anything. Can't block a flier. Even though he's indestructible, there's plenty of exile out there like Utter End, Unravel the Aether and Revoke Existence. These all see play, especially Utter End. By the time he can get out there, being an 8-drop, there's a possibility that we're already at 12 life...10 life...8 life...and we may not be able to afford an attacker. Sure, he can be a huge wall to protect if we have low health, but he doesn't have wings.

Garruk: Destroys a planeswalker as soon as he comes down...drops a 3/3 beast with deathtouch as soon as he comes down (which in most cases, can be JUST as effective a wall as a 10/10 Colossus that can't initially attack. Destroys a huge threat on the board if a Beast won't do the trick (think a Stormbreath Dragon). You even get LIFE from the creature! So...y'know...if you have a 9/9 Kraken laying around, you can always destroy it, gain 9 life, and you'll just get another Kraken at the end of your turn. Garruk's ultimate, not a favorite of mine to ever fire off really, would be reeeeally nice for 9/9 Krakens, right? It's fun to tell your opponent "attacking with my 14/14 Kraken with trample."

Soooooo.....YOU tell ME which is better. ;)

syncronym on 2015-02-28 update of Kiora's Villainous ...

5 days ago

i think I'm onto something for this deck. Ive found a new win con that has taken the place of garruk in my main board just to play test. i want to hear what you guys think Colossus of Akros

maxchief101 on Ajani Mentors

1 week ago

Thanks a lot snotice. I will definitely take out the Golden Hind in exchange for more Elvish Mystic. I can probably take out the Nemesis of Mortals for maybe one or two Fleecemane Lion. I will probably put in some Temple of Plenty to get scry lands. I could also take out a Colossus of Akros and Skyspear Cavalry for 2 Sylvan Caryatid. I appreciate you taking time to give feedback. If you have any other suggestions that would be great!

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