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Wretched Hive Of White And Villainy

Commander / EDH Mono-White Theme/Gimmick Tokens


Ahh, white, the color of good protagonists and heroes... WRONG!

The Color Pie of Magic assigns each color certain beliefs and principles, but doesn't label them as good or evil. While white, the color of order and altruism, often gets to be the hero by default (Mercadian Masques rebels wouldn't pass as monowhite today), there have been white villains ever since The Dark came out back in 1994.

For a villain to remain monowhite, their motivation has to be, in their mind, helping others. By any means necessary. As Akroma said: "No Rest. No Mercy. No Matter What."

Akroma is an example of a popular branch of white villains - angels. As artificial creatures, angels will follow their programming. They exist to serve others to their bitter ends. Akroma was an instrument of revenge. Radiant and Avacyn protectors of purity - both slaughtering those they swore to protect after their corruption.

Corruption is after all an easy way to turn a hero into a villain. Was Nahiri always prone to genociding a whole plane in revenge or did she have to become red first after hundreds of years spent in Helvault next to Griseldad ? Kirtar used to be an arrogant prick but only became a villain due to the influence of Mirari. The vampire Legion   of Ixalan has some white specimen but it's hard to say how much pillagy their conquistadoring would be without association to their black counterparts. The Lunarch Council of the Church of Avacyn on Innistrad was in thrall of Ormendahl.

Speaking of churches, religious fanatics are yet another type of white villains. They will save your soul with fire and brimstone if necessary. "The Hand of Justice will come to cleanse the world if we are true." as summed up nicely by Oliver Farrel during Fallen Empires. The Church that preceded the Farrelites in The Dark checked all the boxes that a properly backward medieval witch hunt calls for, what with their pitchfork-bearing lynch mobs.

And then there are two more - Konda and Heliod, the two big white villains. Konda wanted eternal peace and so he started a supra-world war with literal gods. He became immortal, which turned out badly after he was smashed into millions of pieces. He's probably still out there somewhere, alive. Probably very painful. And Heliod? That chief god-cum-fratbro was so jelly he KILLED ELSPETH.

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