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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal


Creature — Human Cleric

You may choose not to untap Preacher during your untap step.

Tap: Gain control of target creature of an opponent's choice that he or she controls as long as Preacher remains tapped.

DreadKhan on I think this is the …

1 month ago

I'd like to leave Preacher here, and for people talking about monks, the old Magic settings had religious orders based on Western ones, not so much Eastern, I can't decide if Fleet-Footed Monk is supposed to be a Western or Eastern figure, earlier stuff was heavily European. Aysen Abbey is pretty prominent in Homelands at least, and the set features figures related to that Abbey, culminating in Ol Sideways Finger-Gun-Nun. The Order of the Ebon Hand is a Western inspired (Un)Holy Order IMHO, they even have Ebon Praetor in charge. I'm just saying it's funny, not that at this point a Monk in Magic isn't more likely Shaolin inspired than Hospitaller, the default has moved East it seems.

I do think it's quite possible to do a respectful 'lift' of an idea/concept when writing fantasy/scifi, but I think you do need to use the term in a respectful manner. The term should be tied to it's 'real world' use, and I think if the overwhelming majority of people who collectively identify as such aren't bothered it's probably fine? I mean, they can change their mind later I guess? Anyways, I don't know how I feel about the term 'shaman' specifically because it is afaik non-denominational, it's not tied to it's actual origins and is mostly used by Western powers to denigrate indigenous faiths. Maybe it's good if it goes then, because of the heaps of negative associations? I'm not sure what you could legitimately replace shaman with, maybe 'priest'? That's loaded AF at this point, but even Druid isn't a direct pathway, most shamans are closer to spirit guides than anything Druidic.

DreadKhan on Favorite mtg art

3 months ago

I've often been surprised how much mileage you can get out of old cards, provided they are either doing something very unusual (like Preacher) or do something you often want to be doing (like Phyrexian Purge), but it's true that most old cards aren't the best at what they do, and you take a hit in power level to run them. If you are building some 6s instead of 7s and 8s you can get away with more old cards, and if you mix new (and extremely pushed) stuff with some of the better old stuff you can certainly do okay, but it's hard to find a proper home for Spectral Bears or Dwarven Pony, even in an 'anything goes' format like EDH, too bad they have such cool art!

DreadKhan on Dude, We're Getting the Band Back Together

4 months ago

Not sure if it's too weak, but when I was playing with only older cards I was surprisingly happy with what Orim, Samite Healer could do, preventing 3 damage can be enough to make combat way more complicated for your opponents. If you have creatures with First Strike and Banding somewhat often, you might like cards that do the opposite of Orim, the clunkiest I can think of is Elite Archers, if you have this out and some Banding First Strike creatures it might make combat scary enough to matter. White used to get a fair number of creatures like this. Sorry if this kind of stuff isn't up to your deck's standards!

I've always loved a good 'tap to really annoy your opponent' type cards, some of my general purpose favorites are Spurnmage Advocate, Pulsemage Advocate, Intrepid Hero, Devout Witness, and the huge pie break Preacher. I think WotC stopped making cards like this because they're incredibly annoying to play against rather than them being functionally bad, but it is true that they come out and do nothing for a cycle. Sorry they don't have Banding, but they can help you win more games.

Again, not sure if it's too weak, but I've rarely been disappointed by Noble Purpose, it even stacks with Lifelink sources if you've got any. Spare life turns slugfest type games that old cards often produce into gradual advantage for you.

Since you have some Vigilance sources, maybe Righteous Fury would do some work? Even weirder, what about a Meekstone? Most of your bodies are small, it's a lot like another Crackdown.

I feel like if you're going to run Glorious Anthem you might consider Soltari Champion, the other White Shadow I often sneak into decks is Soltari Visionary. They both do something quite useful, but Visionary is a bit more meta dependent, some groups avoid Enchantments. Technically Soltari Champion works better with a Meekstone than a normal Anthem will.

DreadKhan on Christianity

4 months ago

It might not be the most practical card, but I can't think of a bigger flavor win than Preacher in here. The Reserve List makes it impractical maybe, wish it wasn't so $$$ for a copy, it's a great candidate for a Proxy if you do them.

DreadKhan on (Mid-power playgroups) Do you value …

4 months ago

It's probably not a great idea, but you could technically use Haakon, Stromgald Scourge as a way to stretch out your Nazgul. You need to run a bunch of cards to try to get Haakon into your hand, so you almost have to run some tutoring, but Haakon lets you run other knights to fairly good effect. TBH you can also run Haakon in the 99, he's an alternative to just Encoring in Araumi, but you'd want some discard outlets (which you might want in Araumi anyways, as well as self-mill).

Out of the two you mentioned, I think Araumi is pretty sweet, there are a ton of creatures that are sweet with her Encore ability, if you want a strong deck one of the easiest ways to ensure it is to run cards that are good in relatively normal situations, if you pick good enough cards you can also run a bunch of pet cards, because the real reason we play EDH is so we can summon an Uncle Istvan or Preacher, the most intuitive of creature types!

DreadKhan on Merieke Ri Berit, Manipulator of the Stack

4 months ago

Have you considered some sac outlets that stick around? Altar of Bhaal is pretty good recursion if you can consistently steal a creature somehow. Helm of Possession would be pretty funny, it's both a sac outlet and a theft effect. Another one-shot theft effect and sac outlet combination is Ritual of the Machine. I assume Preacher isn't in here because of it's high price? It's more of a 1v1 card, but it can be a really nasty card vs people running few creatures, but it is legit terrible vs token decks, it's a weirder Oppressor. Probably the same for Mind Over Matter, it's pricey but a very good trick to have. Coffin Queen is another nice recursion option, the ability to steal from from other people's graveyard for almost no mana can be really powerful.

You run a reasonable number of very good enchantments of 3 mana or less, have you thought about Zur the Enchanter? Perhaps you don't run tutors in your meta, some groups don't like them in Commander.

DreadKhan on Bureaucracy!

5 months ago

I didn't realize your deck had a fairly low budget when I first started typing, so a few cards I mention might be out of your budget, but I think some of the stuff might fit.

I have an Azorius deck that has an aspect of bureaucracy in it, have you thought about Preacher and Callous Oppressor? I think they might fit flavor-wise, clergy are in part bureaucrats, and arguably the main part of being a bureaucrat is callously oppressing people/destroying their wills to enable control over them. I also like Bribery and War Tax, maybe Spurnmage Advocate and Pulsemage Advocate, advocacy is common in bureaucracies, as are bribery and taxes.

I'm not sure how eager you are to throw more interaction in, but Dovin's Veto and Disdainful Stroke feel fairly bureaucratic, maybe Generous Gift as removal? Is Visions of Duplicity on theme enough? Duplicity seems pretty on theme, and shuffling other people's creatures is the annoying crap officials get up to when bored.

Cool Vorthos idea, hope you have good match ups in your area!

SufferFromEDHD on Masako EDH

1 year ago

You aren't bad at this. You took a lackluster commander and made an original concept and a deck that flows!

Preacher weak body but it's a strong blue effect in white that fits the decks theme.

Tangle Wire it's always fun making stax effects one sided.

Throne of the God-Pharaoh value.

Cryptic Gateway might work in this list.

False Floor is this the home it was looking for!?

Dust Bowl anytime I see a deck with a lot of basics I recommend this. So good in the late game.

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