Creature — Human Cleric

You may choose not to untap Preacher during your untap step.

Tap: Gain control of target creature of an opponent's choice that he or she controls as long as Preacher remains tapped.

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Preacher Discussion

MacPocho93 on Awaken the Blood Avatar (Commander) Deck

9 months ago

Have you consider Sengir Autocrat ? Or the instant Secure the Wastes ? What do you think about Goblin Assault , Dreadhorde Invasion or Assemble the Legion ? What about threat effect like Mass Mutiny , Molten Primordial or Mob Rule ? Other token generetion like Field of Souls or Ogre Slumlord ? Have you consider Fury Storm ? If you don't have price budget, what about Bitterblossom or Preacher ?

MagicMarc on Favorite non meta creature

1 year ago

For White: Preacher. My all time favorite white creature. This guy has gotten more popular over the years but I never saw it in anyone else's deck until commander got popular. The fact you make them choose just sweetens how messed up this card is.
For Blue: Horseshoe Crab. People don't throw removal at it, until they've seen what I do with it.
For Red: Spikeshot Goblin: It is so easy to make this guy oppressive and it's activation is 1 mana. Combined with Grafted Wargear this goblin is better than Lightning Bolt.
For Black: Festering Goblin. It can 2 for 1 early game and sometimes screws combat math for surprise kills of creatures.
For Green:Fertilid has become less unmeta but great card. I even have combo decks built around abusing this guy.

For Multicolor: Swarm Guildmage. No one remembers or hears when you say +1/+0 and menace.
For Multicolor: Tamanoa. This card screams at you to abuse it. I have half a dozen decks abusing this card. Outside of my immediate playgroup

FormOverFunction on Underrated EDH Cards

1 year ago

Now I’m just looking at cards I’ve had fun with: Energy Tap, Preacher and Exorcist, Frankenstein's, there are SO MANY weird cards that bring back the Old Weird(tm) of M:tG. You all should just take a stroll through some of the old sets. You don’t even have to thank me! ;p

Dexter_Jexter on Politik

1 year ago

You should play Preacher. Its a pretty good card!

KayneMarco on Do you even fling, bro? - first EDH deck

2 years ago

You ever considered adding Preacher to the deck? You’re basically telling your opponents to choose which one of their creatures are gonna die.

MagicMarc on Why Play my Deck when I can Play Your's?

2 years ago

Evangelize can also have legs: Preacher . Also, there is a repeatable, (If the enchanted creature dies), mind control card from Time Spiral called Fool's Demise . It can keep coming back on it's own too.

DavidParsons on Maybe I Sacrifice to Feel Like I'm Alive

2 years ago

I'm considering building Ayli and I would like to hear your thoughts on Preacher .

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