Artifact Creature — Thopter


When Skyscanner enters the battlefield, draw a card.

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Skyscanner Discussion

Chaotic_Justice on Sexy Bird Boy: cEDH Teshar

2 months ago

I got two suggestions for you that can be abused by multiple cards in your deck already.

Emancipation Angel needs to be in here. It's another piece for infinite mana. Sack it into either of the altars for mana. Drop a 0 drop onto the field then return the angel with the commanders ability bouncing the 0 drop back to hand. Rinse and repeat until your heart's content. Any of your other ETB affects is a good target for the angel once you have infinite mana. With your mana-reducers, it turns Skyscanner into another one of your eggs to dig out Walking Ballista. I would also consider adding in Aetherflux Reservoir to be an alternate win-con. Even if you don't go infinite mana and just have enough to get infinite casts with a 0 or 1 drop, Aetherflux will get the job done.

Another recommendation is Rings of Brighthearth. Once you have infinite mana, you now have infinite draw with the rings and Sensei's Divining Top. You can use this to draw into any one of your game finishers. The rings will also create infinite mana with Basalt Monolith. You need two mana up to start it, but you'll tap the basalt for 3 going to 5 mana, use 3 to untap the basalt, but activate the rings so you activate the untap ability twice. Let the first resolve and tap the monolith for 3 mana, then let the second resolve. You'll net +1 colorless each iteration.

Spell_Slam on Ninjas Tribal Dimir

1 year ago

Looks great! Do you have a special rule with your friends to let you use Ninjustu from the Command zone (à la Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow)? If not, do you just plan on casting it for 4 mana?

Cavern Harpy is a pretty big omission from the deck. It's a cheap and evasive threat that also bounces back your ninjas AND can also return itself to hand for only 1 life, making it near unkillable and completely resetable for more ninja shenanigans.

Do you play in a heavy Blue meta? I think Slither Blade would be slightly better than Merfolk Spy.

Mothdust Changeling also fits the bill as a potentially evasive "ninja" for value.

Withdraw can be a pretty cheeky spell in that you can target on of your creatures with the "Pay 1" ability and essentially get a good ninja reset/tempo spell that can also target two of your opponets' creatures when they are tapped out.

Skyscanner gets you a lot of value like Cloudkin Seer and Pilgrim's Eye.

I get the idea with the adventure creatures, but Smitten Swordmaster seems a bit weak because he has no evasion.

I'm also not a huge fan of Aven Eternal or Daggerdome Imp.

Some of your removal seems slow. You could get your hands on the downgraded Cast Down. Gigadrowse also seems like something you'd want.

pettigrew23 on Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenies - Subira EDH

1 year ago

Going to suggest Skyscanner as a budget option/cantrip. Simple to get out, has it's own evasion. "Non-threatening" until it's pumped that is...

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