Punishing Fire

Punishing Fire


Punishing Fire deals 2 damage to target creature or player.

Whenever an opponent gains life, you may pay {{R}}. If you do, return Punishing Fire from your graveyard to your hand.

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Punishing Fire Discussion

A55Destroyer69 on The Marit Lage Life

2 months ago

honestly going RG base with a WU splash is what I find to be the best. You have access to things like Academy Ruins and Hall of Heliod's Generosity to get back your milled moxen or Exploration s as you need.

Anyway, I would argue that, even with no black mana in the deck, that Smokestack is much less powerful than Nether Void in most matchups. Dredge will still function, of course, but will not be able to cast too many spells. Even something like Sphere of Resistance is a better alternative. The worst matchup for lands is Storm, so making them have to start sacrificing their lands after they've probably already gone off and killed you seems pretty impractical. Sphere of Resistance makes them need to deal with it before even thinking of going off, since the entire power of storm bases itself around making enough mana to go off, rather than making overly excessive amounts, so leeching 1 mana per spell seems really strong (and it is in practise, too)

I also find that 4 Dark Depths and 4 Thespian's Stage are both sort of overkill, as when you're functioning fully you're effectively drawing 3 cards per turn with loam putting the top 3 cards of your deck into your bin. I do find that Field of the Dead is a really good alternative too, and even against 1 lands spy or manaless dredge or whatnot you can still make a board with it - wasteland your own things and replay them through the power of loam. It's really sketchy, but if that's all you can do then so be it. It does give you quite a boardstate quite quickly in any case.

Propaganda is a much worse version of Glacial Chasm , and yes glacial chasm has a cumulative upkeep cost, but if you have loam and Exploration available then you can just sit and control the board with Punishing Fire s to chip down your opponent and their boardstate. If you have another exploration out then you can advance your own boardstate althewhile too.

sylvannos on B&R February 15 2021

3 months ago

Eh, while I'm kinda sad to see Simian Spirit Guide leave the format, I'm not surprised by the decision. While it did help speed up some decks so they could race Burn, Infect, etc. it also allowed for too many decks to break the turn 4 rule of the format. Griselshoal is super janky, but it also dumps out turn 2 wins with the monkey.

Really wish we could get some unbans, though. With no Mox Opal in the format, are artifact lands even that good? Affinity is dead now after being one of the format's oldest archetypes. Are Birthing Pod , Golgari Grave-Troll , and Splinter Twin even competitive in today's environment? Is Punishing Fire even playable? How does Chrome Mox fit into the format since it requires you to pitch a card? It's not like you can jam it into a cascade deck or a deck that can't afford card disadvantage.

Maybe no banlist Modern is the way to go lol

abby315 on Can my deck be converted …

7 months ago

So I think most of the discussion has already been covered, but I like to ask a different question when considering a move to competitive formats from casual: what is it that you want to keep about the deck?

Is it important for you to remain cat tribal? There are no competitive cat tribal decks in any format (except maybe EDH if you build tuned Arahbo). So, the only thing you can do is upgrade the cats and removal suite to be legacy-legal, but it's not going to be a competitive deck in a true legacy meta. That might not matter to you if all of your friends are basically doing the same thing, but it's important to keep in mind that you won't be able to bridge into a legacy meta with the same deck.

Is it important for you to keep a creature aggro deck in Selesnya colors? Some of the other commenters have this covered, but you'd be looking at removing the cat lords and making this a Zoo deck, probably in Naya colors. This also isn't a true legacy deck any more, but it's much closer. You'd be able to run it at legacy FNMs or something and put up a decent fight.

Do you just want a legacy deck that retains the features of creature aggro and some of the same colors? This is how you would actually transition into a competitive legacy deck. I usually recommend MTGTop8 to get a sense of any new format. Looking at the meta, you could make the transition into a Death and Taxes build, which retains some of the creature-flicker and hatebears approach. (You might even be able to run it back a few years, splash green, and run Qasali Pridemage.) If you like Selesyna, you might be able to run a Bant Oko deck. In a similar vein you might like Maverick, which is usually a 3-4 color Punishing Fire and good creature pile. Of course, the downside with this approach is that these are real, and expensive, decks that take a long time to learn and optimize; but you'll have a legacy deck for life.

I don't think any one approach is better than another, seriously, it's just how you want to play. If what's important to you is that your whole playgroup wants to get on a more competitive level but keep your casual roots, that's what you should stick to. But with a better idea of what your ideal legacy deck and experience would look like, we can suggest better cards!

I_Want_To_PlayAllTheDecks on Modern Banlist

8 months ago

Why the hell is Punishing Fire banned?

RNR_Gaming on Eldrazi: Big Boys 3.0

9 months ago

So, you'll be cracking in for big damage allowing your opponent to gain 1 life isn't a big deal; Grove of the Burnwillows will out perform the other 2. A long time ago Punishing Fire put in some major work in conjunction with the land. So much so that it got the ban Hammer.

With this deck I actually like the Lifecrafter's Bestiary with 20 creatures you're bound to net more draw than the other 2. The scy is just icing.

Moderns fast. Go with Kozilek's Return or slot in a Pyroclasm I haven't been able to play in a bit but blitz looks super strong. You'll definitely need some outs.

Xica on Silent Scepter

10 months ago

We live in a day where Wild Nacatl, is not the "creature so strong it need a ban", its an insignificantcard that doesn't see play anymore.

Punishing Fire is terribly weak, when it faces card like Gurmag Angler, Bedlam Reveler, Thing in the Ice  Flipand the likes.

Flooremoji on Silent Scepter

10 months ago

Reminds me of thoose Possibility Storm lock decks :)

Stick that with Lavinia, Azorius Renegade or Teferi, Time Raveler and you have the same effect.

I think that Imprinting a bolt is fine (see Punishing Fire), and most creature decks will struggle to deal with it.

SliverJedi on B&R March 9 2020

1 year ago

heres what i honestly think "should" happen, even though it likely won't.

modern: unban Mox Opal. ban something else from the decks that were problematic, but don't hurt the decks that weren't problematic that also depended on opal. wotc has even said before that they take this "splash damage" into account so their bans harm as few other decks as possible, yet affinity and hardened modular decks took a big hit here.

unban Umezawa's Jitte. modern has powered up quite a bit since kamigawa. we also have way more creature removal now to hit the equipped creature, and artifact removal to hit the jitte. or even cards like Assassin's Trophy that could hit both. the only current top deck i can think of that would even want to run it is bant snowblade. so we'd surely get more creature decks that aimed to use the jitte, resulting in a greater variety of decks.

unban Punishing Fire: to my knowledge, this card ONLY saw play when it was used in Jund in a loop with Liliana of the Veil and Grove of the Burnwillows. highly doubtful that loop would still get used in todays meta when theres so many better removal options Jund can utilize. theres just no need for this to be on the list anymore.

unban Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis AND ban Altar of Dementia. obviously we don't want hogaak decks at full power, but Hogaak himself is a fun card thats still relatively new and wasn't even the biggest problem in his deck. the bigger problem was altar as a sac outlet and secondary win condition.

unban Oko, Thief of Crowns: this is probably the one i'll get the most flak over, but thats ok. i really just don't see Oko himself as a problem. attack it or use a removal spell. honestly, i think the only reason it seemed so strong is because of the sultai shell it was in, which i personally have always thought could be a powerful midrange deck even before Oko. just like any other BGx midrange deck, they'll use discard spells and removal to eliminate your answers for Oko before playing him. at that point though, almost any planeswalker will feel like a huge threat when you've been stripped of answers. personally, i've never really had a problem playing against Oko.

pauper: unban Arcum's Astrolabe. wotc has no excuse for banning this card. they should have known WAAAAAAAAAAY ahead of time that a colorless card that draws cards and fixes mana would be used by everyone and their mother. banning cards based on power level i understand. banning a card because "everyone uses it" is absurd. especially when its a card that can literally slot into and benefit pretty much any deck.

also, i pulled exactly one full playset of Arcum's Astrolabe from my Modern Horizons box and was excited to use them, but then they got banned before i could build a deck to put them in.

pioneer: unban Oath of Nissa. the tutor effect by itself isn't great. its true power imo, comes from turning your lands into rainbow lands, IF you're heavy on planeswalkers. sure mono G used it and mono G was powerful, but i don't think mono G was powerful because of Oath of Nissa. it was because of the explosive mana ramp from mana dorks and the leyline. Oath might've "helped", but im certain the deck would still have strong showings if Oath had been the only banned card from the deck. but since the leyline also got banned, the Oath is overkill. bring Oath back and maybe someone will make a 4c or 5c superfriends deck.

unban Smuggler's Copter: literally the exact same argument here as was previously mentioned for Arcum's Astrolabe. i also own 3 Copter that i have not had a chance to use, because Modern seemed a little too fast for it.

unban Veil of Summer: imo, this is the best way to counter dimir inverter decks. why ban "more" cards to counteract inverter when you can unban them? but even without dimir inverter decks being prevalent, this is a card that should never have been banned in the first place. its a SIDEBOARD card. i literally cannot find any other sideboard card in any banned and restricted list for any format. some people (like a good personal friend of mine) will say " the card is F'd and needs to not exist" (his exact words. pretty sure he said the same of Oko too lol) but i disagree entirely to the point i'm not sure how people can say that. sideboard cards have been silver bullets for a long time, and black/blue are easily the colors green is weakest against anyway. do we ban Shatterstorm in modern where it can easily wreck affinity's whole board and win the game by itself? do we ban Rest in Peace for hosing over graveyards? these are just examples of silver bullets that potentially win the game all by themself by their very nature of shutting down an opponent completely, yet Veil can't do that. its powerful protection for only a single turn. it doesn't remove permanents from the field and it doesn't stick around afterwards like other silver bullets can. and yet somehow veil gets the hammer?

not interested in other formats so i won't speculate. basic theme here is to comb all the ban lists to see what can be taken off. wotc waits far too long to unban things.

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