Searing Spear

Searing Spear


Searing Spear deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

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Searing Spear Discussion

TheVectornaut on The Burn deck

4 months ago

The best way to power up this deck would probably be to find lower CMC alternatives to Lightning Strike and Searing Spear , plus something a little stronger than Shock . Lava Spike and Rift Bolt are some popular options. With Thermo-Alchemist being an easy source of damage on demand, spectacle cards like Skewer the Critics and Light Up the Stage would be my personal choices. You also have a lot of lands for burn, so maybe Shard Volley or Searing Blaze could be on the table. Finally, any cantrip becomes a lot better with all of your creatures caring about them. In mono-red, the best options would probably be Manamorphose , Tormenting Voice / Cathartic Reunion , or Needle Drop .

VinDiesel9999 on Too much variety?

4 months ago

Excellent! Those were all concerns I thought of but it helps having a second opinion--since obviously I'm biased.

I am going to have to help my new group regardless, since my deck is already as you said: "hugely dangerous -- something your group doesn't want to play against, because it's just too big of a crushing." Keep in mind they bought pre-made mono decks--so it's not really an accomplishment; I have been play testing my deck against izzet dragons and I do not even stand chance.

Speaking of, izzet dragons was the deck that originally inspired me and I see they follow the rules of thumb you outlined above.

You gave me an idea, I will keep the lightning bolts and the powerful cards in the sidebar when I play my friends. Shock and Searing Spear sound be a better fit for the group.

Would it make sense to split this deck up into one deck that is more classic Izzet and the other that is Dragon themed? (Make them both 60 cards).

I feel like I have two good deck's smashed into one sub-par deck.

Thanks for the feedback!

DragonOfTheWest on Card creation challenge

8 months ago

Infernus Invoker is basically a buffed Prodigal Pyromancer with the option to cast it as Searing Spear instead. The power comes from the flexibility, but I don't think it's at a completely unreasonable power level. I could see +1 mana to the creature side to account for the increased stats and +1 to the discard ability to account for the flexibility.

Cotter11 on

1 year ago

Cavern of Souls Protects against counters from blue. With the number of creatures in this deck, this should be a high priority!

Goblin Chieftain is better than Reckless Bushwhacker, in my opinion, as the buff and haste effects are permanent, not just for the turn. But that's down to personal choice!

Reality Hemorrhage, unless there's a specific reason for the 2CMC, Shock is better by default, or you've got Incinerate, Searing Spear, both for greater damage.

I believe Shared Animosity has a place in this deck, as it can push turn 3's over the top, especially if you already have a Legion Loyalist and 2 other creatures on the field.

Lastly, being creature heavy, I understand Mogg War Marshal, but Dragon Fodder or Krenko's Command offer the same number of creatures, and power, but you get to keep both creatures without ever having to pay additional mana.

Barbarian_Sun_Pope on Boros Aggro Revisited

1 year ago

I think you definitely got the right idea here with the changes. Lightning Helix is definitely better than Searing Spear. Have you considered Thalia's Lieutenant? It pairs really well with the Champion of the Parish on T2.

If you're leaning more towards the battalion route, I would suggest Akroan Hoplite (pairs great with Silverblade) and Hanweir Garrison. Though the Garrison can be a little slow (unless paired with the Mauler), it does pump the Champion and Lieutenant pretty consistently.

As far as spells go, I would suggest Brave the Elements and Invigorated Rampage (+ Silverblade bonded creature) that can get surprise wins out of nowhere. Hope this helps.

GoblinElectromancer on Burn on a Budget

1 year ago

Play 4X Shard Volley, Skewer the Critics, and Rift Bolt. These are all cheap impactful cards. I would play Thunderous Wrath as a 2 of in budget burn builds because it can be the BEST burn spell ever if you draw it and it's not in your opening hand. for five damage is pretty powerful. Even in a budget deck Lightning Bolt still needs to go in. It's not too much money and it's a stable card in several formats. Take out Storm Strike, Incendiary Flow, Thrill of Possibility, 2XLava Dart, 2XSearing Spear, and 2XTarfire. You can check out my budget burn deck here: Red = Burn Spells and More Burn Spells

TristanCVena on Boom, Headshot!

1 year ago

Why not a playset of Lightning Bolt? especially cus u already include Searing Spear

Vimozahr on Goblin-EDH-Krenko, Mob Boss

1 year ago

Hey, my suggestion is to make an Replacement of Searing Spear (out) for Searing Blood or Searing Blaze ?

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