Wizard's Lightning

Wizard's Lightning


This spell costs less to cast if you control a Wizard.

Wizard's Lightning deals 3 damage to any one target.

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Wizard's Lightning Discussion

jamochawoke on Fort Burn

2 months ago

Wizard's Lightning

With Kykar out, it's lightning bolt.

Argy on Pioneering Burn

5 months ago

Did you play this deck much?

Are you still playing it?

You've changed it since your first match report, as a lot of the cards you mention are different.

I agree wholeheartedly that Soul-Scar Mage isn't that great. I think people mostly use it against Indestructible Creatures, but it is a slow method of killing them.

Oh, and also to turn on Wizard's Lightning - Skewer the Critics might be a better fit in a lot of circumstances, although I like Lightning Strike better than both of those.

I agree that Bomat Courier is extremely handy.

I haven't yet played a match up where I could get the most out of Rampaging Ferocidon although there is a lifegain deck that plays in my local meta.

Interesting to go back and playtest this deck. Feels like a good start.

Curious to see your thoughts on it, now.

DMFF on Blitz Wizards MH2

5 months ago

Sprite Dragon is indeed really good and I have even considered making an aggro izzet faerie list. My last Jeskai deck, Isochron Ascension, utilized Sprite Dragon but in a more control-based shell. I definitely know how good it is! I suppose cutting Stormchasers would still leave me with 12 Wizards. Perhaps I run 2 Wizard's Lightning and replace 2 with either Burst Lightning , Gut Shot or even Grapeshot since it really synergizes well with Clever Lumimancer . I plan on playtesting throughout the week with some of my playgroup, so hopefully I'll find that sweet spot.

Saccox on Istant shot Pezzent

7 months ago

Hi zach3584,thanks for the comment and the upvote! i don't use Lightning Bolt ,in my decks only use cards ultra budget that nobody use. An example,i don't use Lightning Bolt in a deck but use alternatives: Wizard's Lightning , Skewer the Critics , Incinerate , Collateral Damage ecc... If you want, look at my other decks too, tell me what you think and follow me ^^

Saccox on Wizards

8 months ago

Hi UsoGreen,Wizard's Lightning? My ultrabudget version:Flying Wizards Pezzent

Barbarian_Sun_Pope on Party! Party! Party!

9 months ago

Nice, really like the interactions between the cheap changelings and cost reduction from the party mechanic. Have you considered the cheaper "wizard" spells from Dominaria (Wizard's Retort/Wizard's Lightning)? Raiders' Spoils could also help refill your hand a bit in the mid game. Hope this helps.

ExpozeD on Izzet Wizzards [Historic]

11 months ago

Running wizards is fun, I have to suggest Wizard's Lightning.

NoopyNolife on Beamsplitter Blitz (UR Prowess)

1 year ago

Small update for anyone who cares: - Sprite Dragon has been absolutely fantastic

  • I was able to pick up a playset of Manamorphose for 14 euros thanks to Double Masters

  • I took out 1 Beamsplitter Mage because while they're not terrible in multiples, its not really a place where you want to find yourself frequently

  • I took out 2 Wizard's Lightning. Mostly to make room for manamorphose, but also because a 5th and 6th bolt doesnt really synergy with the pumping creatures theme

  • I also added 2 Apostle's Blessing main and removed one Vapor Snag because I feel the protection is worth more than removing the opponent's threat in this deck

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