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"Marked For Death" - Teysa, Orzhov Scion

Commander / EDH WB (Orzhov)



WIP - Possible change from Teysa Karlov to Teysa, Orzhov Scion

The idea of the deck is, of course, tokens and "when X dies" triggers. The plan is to use cards that either help me get the creatures I want to die back to my hand or field, or to use cards to replace creatures that have died.

Athreos, God of Passage , Karmic Guide , Ravos, Soultender , Reveillark , Sun Titan (for permanents 3 or less), Whisper, Blood Liturgist , Animate Dead , and Phyrexian Reclamation are all ways to help return cards for further abuse.

Hallowed Spiritkeeper , Hangarback Walker are two of the "big" cards that just spew tokens out like there are no tomorrow, so keeping an army in a can and waiting till Teysa is out means the deck can double the army very quickly, and also fall into the "Replace" effect (creature dies, replaces itself with one or more creatures)

Nether Traitor and Reassembling Skeleton are cards that can recur themselves and can easily be abused with our death triggers, meaning that I don't have to waste a card trying to bring them back. Not only that, these return them directly to the field

Ophiomancer , Pawn of Ulamog , Pitiless Plunderer , Requiem Angel , Sifter of Skulls , Teysa, Orzhov Scion , Twilight Drover , Wurmcoil Engine and Bitterblossom all either continuously spew out tokens, or help to replace themselves or continue to create tokens so we always got creatures to attack with, block with, or sac to. Naturally with any of the toeksn we make, Anointed Procession is an auto include

Some of the combos we got include 'Guide and 'Ark obviously (including sac outlet), But Requiem Angel and Divine Visitation is a cool combo (including sac outlet). Sac a token, RA makes a spirit, but is then replaced with an Angel. Sac the angel to make another angel (RA sees it as a non-spirit). This lets you do any sort of infinite sac loop you need to, or can be used with Blasting Station .

The good part about this deck, is that you can easily switch out the commanders for OG Teysa, Ravos Soultender or Athreos, and I think changing out the commander will up the power level or lower the power level, depending on how you really play. I think OG Teysa or Athreos will up the power level, and Ravos will lower the power level. This deck can easily change into OG Teysa with the addition of a few cards, but even without them, the deck is good


Some flaws I see right away with the deck, is obvious graveyard hate. As well, the deck lacks single target enchantment or artifact removal, so until I playtest it, I dunno what to remove. I'd like to get Bloodghast as well, since it will make the deck perform a bit better (returning it with a land shouldn't be hard, since we have fetches for one, but playing lands usually happens each turn so its a free recursion tool) and Bloodsoaked Champion (a bit more conditional returning, having to trigger Raid. But once I've attacked, 1B to abuse Champion's ability seems strong, especially with sac outlets). The other issue I can see is "running out of gas", which is why cards like Nether Traitor and Reassembling Skeleton are so important, cause they recur themselves, and fuel everything we are wanting to do

I'm also not sure I have enough Sac Outlets or Recursion pieces, but again, gotta play test before I can make changes and see how my meta is able to deal with it


Updates Add

In: Dark Prophecy, Idyllic Tutor, Kokusho, the Evening Star, Beseech the Queen, Necrotic Sliver, Westvale Abbey  Flip, Chainer, Dementia Master, Grave Titan, Vampiric Rites, Falkenrath Noble, Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder, Nim Deathmantle, Altar of Dementia, Talisman of Hierarchy,

Out: Tymna the Weaver, Twilight Drover, Krav, the Unredeemed, Open the Armory, Yahenni, Undying Partisan, Emeria, The Sky Ruin, Whisper, Blood Liturgist, Sifter of Skulls, Sandsower, Requiem Angel, Mentor of the Meek, Ravos, Soultender, Cartel Aristocrat

Adding the Talisman is really a no brainer; lowers the curve ever so slightly, but it also comes out before the commander, helping me to play her sooner. The same can be said for Emeria. I can honestly say, it has NEVER triggered for me. So whats better? A land that DOES something! I'm trying out Westvale Abbey. At its worst, its a 5 mana and a life for a token for sac fodder. At its best, its a 9/7 demon! Coalition Relic I'm not sure was the "right" choice, since it could ramp me on off turns, whereas Commander's Sphere can draw me a card. Question; whats better with Sun Titan though?

Altar of Dementia is a good inclusion. Another free sac outlet isn't bad, but if I get a Darkest Hour, this lets me have another combo card when Teysa and another creature is out. Speaking of sac outlets, Vampiric Rites is also a card I have seen my opponents do work with. Sure, 2 mana to draw a card and gain a life isn't much. It IS repeatable though, and sometimes that 1 life can be enough to still pull ahead. Compared to Cartel Aristocrat and Yahenni, both of these do allot more

Nim Deathmantle and Chainer are both being added to hopefully help with my recursion issue. The deck as it stood had allot of issues of getting creatures back to the field or hand. The decks original design (for Teysa Karlov), was to sac things, trigger its Death Twice, then double up on tokens. That doesn't really seem to be the case here. We still want creatures to die, and we still want to make tokens, but it isn't necessarily the only way we win. Ravos and Whisper are still very good, with Whisper also being a sac outlet, but Ravos was really only there for the anthem effect and for the recursion. Are they bad? No, but I feel like I need more abuseable ones. Chainer lets me get ANY creature, so that also includes my opponents.

Speaking of tokens, Endrek and Grave Titan make up some more token generation. I'd go more in depth for the ETB triggered creatures, but I have hit allot more Torpor Orb like effects, meaning cards like Grave Titan or cards that enter and make tokens are less desireable. Grave Titan can trigger even when he attacks though, meaning we can get allot of value here. Endrek triggers off of cast triggers, so it means it is more consistent and doesn't rely on ETB triggers. Eventually, I'd like God-Eternal Oketra, for the fact that she is a Endrek, but in white and makes 4/4's. Sifter of Skulls and Requiem Angel are great cards, but with Angel I took out the combo card (Divine Visitation), so it doesn't really have a use here. Still a great card though! Sifter is just a remainder of Teysa Karlov.

Other cards that care about "saccing", are Kokusho and Falkenrath Noble. I went with the Noble over Vindictive Vampire because I already have two cards that trigger ONLY when my creatures die, and so to even it out, a second copy of Blood Artist, even at 4 mana means I might get more effects. Kokusho I honestly forgot was a card. Playing against a Meren of Clan Nel Toth deck on Friday, I realized that I. SAC. CREATURES! Like DUH! There was also a time during that game I was at a low life total, and couldn't really bounce back due to lack of life gain. This adds a BIG life swing, but Noble also gives me another chance to gain more life as well.

Dark Prophecy was added for more card draw and consistency. As compared to cards that only care about "nontoken" creatures dying, Dark Prophecy just cares if it is a CREATURE. I will need to be careful though; with Nim Deathmantle + Grave Titan + Ashnod's Altar, I might end up decking myself or killing myself off. The same can be said for Karmic Guide + Reveillark + Sac outlet, or even Teysa + Darkest Hour. I want to try it and see how it goes before determining if I want to keep it. Mentor of the Meek, is really too mana intensive and limiting to really be considered honestly. Krav and Tymna were removed cause while we are focusing on creatures dying and trying to draw cards, we aren't making a buttload of Spirits it feels so Krav gets less good, and Tyma doesn't get as much love due to her condition of creatures needing to hit players

Necrotic Sliver was added to make sure I have another piece of removal. Best part; when it dies, it replaces itself with a spirit! Compared to Twilight Drover, Necrotic Sliver will most likely see more play and be more consistent.

Beseech the Queen and Idyllic Tutor are here for more consistency. When Darkest Hour is added, Idyllic will be able to get it. Not only that though, it can get me any of my card draw enchantments OR a sac enchantment (Vampiric Rites) OR get me a recursion enchantment (Athreos, Phyrexian Reclamation, Animate Dead) OR my Dictate effects to removal pieces. Beseech gives me any other card in my deck. Idyllic gets more than Open the Armory, and provides a stronger effect I feel.


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