Hello out there

I have been playing magic since about Theros Block. Born was my first prerelease. I have been playing for about two years now.

My favorite type of decks to play are aggro and stompy. I also enjoy (some) combos, but don't always actively make my decks do that.

I don't play competitive magic, since I feel magic is more about getting friends together and slinging spells over beer and pizza. I have partaken in Prereleases and a Game Day or two but that is the extent of my 'competitiveness'. I like to bring back decks that people havent seen or make decks that no one has seen locally

I hate playing against combo decks that just play solitaire till they win. Its different if you play Craterhoof and gotta figure out power and toughness, but literally just comboing off and drawing your deck and playing all of your stuff in order to get your combo is boring.

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