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Knight fall | Aryel EDH

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Knight tribal control and graveyard shenanigans. WORK IN PROGRESS. Will complete when I'm done with My Boros burn deck.

Idea I'm thinking about. Just throwing some cards down. Any suggestions appreciated.

Key interactions:

Creature control with with my commander

Knight tribal

Token synergy

Sacrifice/graveyard synergies

Activated ability synergy

Conspiracy makes all of my tokens Knights which is very important as Aryel herself isn't the best token producer.

Haakon, Stromgald Scourge makes my yard an extension of my hand. Conspiracy and Ashes of the Fallen allow me to cast any creature from my graveyard. Entomb and Buried Alive become my best tutors.

Decaying Soil + Deathrender + any sac outlet allow as many ETBs as I have mana. use Phyrexian Altar for infinite.

Nemesis Mask + Infiltration Lens draw lots of cards

Bunch of random ideas :)


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