Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Premium Deck Series: Slivers (PDS) Uncommon
Stronghold (STH) Uncommon

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Activated abilities of creatures cost less to activate. This effect can't reduce the amount of mana an ability costs to activate to less than one mana.

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Heartstone Discussion

Shagoth on Blue EDH

1 day ago

I think Heartstone and Training Grounds are musts in Memnarch decks.

JaredUnzipped on Lathliss' Flight

6 days ago

I appreciate the advice TheNocholas, but I find Heartstone to be more of a negative than a positive in this deck. Why? Because Heartstone gives ALL creatures on the board its benefit of a lessened activated abilities cost, not just your own. I'm not a big fan of artifacts or enchantments that help all creatures on the table, opponent[s] included. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

TheNocholas on Lathliss' Flight

1 week ago

Heartstone makes Lathliss a God. Just posted my Lathliss deck God Save the Dragon Queen

grogg23 on Riptide Madness

1 week ago

Oh I also forgot Heartstone

dsigsbee on Selling Slivers EDH Lot

3 weeks ago

My fiance is selling her Sliver EDH lot. We only play 1v1 EDH with each other and five color commanders are just too slow to really be competitive or fun in 1v1. Here is the list of the cards in the lot: Slivers EDH Lot. We are asking 80% of TCG price, which comes out to $88. The cards are all in good condition (LP at worst) and I can send pictures if desired. This would be my first sale on TappedOut and, as I understand it from other trades/sales I have looked at it is usually customary for the person with the least trade/sale history to send the product first. I am comfortable with this, but ask that the community please not take advantage of me or my fiance. All of this is open to negotiation. So, if you are interested or have any questions about the cards, pricing, etc. please PM me. Shipping and handling is also something else that would need to be discussed.

We also have a foil Heartstone and a Training Grounds if you are interested, as these synergize amazingly well with Sliver Overlord as a commander. Additionally, we have other commander staples, including things like Sol Ring, Commander's Sphere, Darksteel Ingot, etc. if you're interested. We also have a significant amount of other cards, if there are any specifics you would like to add.

Calyptic on Yer a wizard Naban.

4 weeks ago

Naban doesn't seem like he's be as much use as Memnarch in this Deck, but if you do roll with the Artifact Hoarder, I would recommend dropping in a Heartstone or the very costly Training Grounds to decrease the cost of those abilities, allowing you to take control more safely.

Also if you feel like dropping extra funds, Mycosynth Lattice is a must for any Memnarch deck

VesuvanDoppelbanger on Behold! The Scorpion's Fury!

1 month ago

Good day and +1!

I recommend a Heartstone. Dropping that can push your commander ability quite a bit.

Neotrup on Can Elite Arcanist cast copy ...

2 months ago

No. Jace's Sanctum has no effect on anythings converted mana cost. Elite Arcanist chooses the value of X based solely on the exiled cards converted mana cost, not on how much you'd actually have to pay to cast the spell. If Elite Arcanist has exiled Wizard's Lightning it will cost to activate it's ability and cast the copy, even though it is a wizard itself. Anything that alters the cost to activate abilities, such as Heartstone will apply to the activation cost however.

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