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I promise no other Claw of Progress deck is quite like this.

This is where Ezuri, Renegade Leader has been corrupted by AggroTech and turned into the Claw of Progress. If you are unfamiliar with the corruptive powers of AggroTech, Give it a google. I think you will find it fitting for this claw of progress.

As weird as it sounds this deck started out as a tribal wizard deck and has evolved into this over time. I wouldn't put the word Tech in the name without some good Technology to back it up, here is the game plan:

I am trying to go for a stax-combo Hybrid, as Claw of progress is a too slow to outrace other combo decks. I put everything I have into this guy. Been playing him hard since day one. I can win on turn four with him. I have one of the most viewed, and highest rated claw of progress decks on TappedOut. Check it out by doing a search on all commander decks with Claw of progress as the commander.

This is a Stax deck, so the first thing you want to do is deny your opponents as much as possible. The primary game plan here is hurt them with Manglehorn, Null Rod, Mana Vortex, Root Maze Winter Orb and Back to Basics. We don't run a lot of non-basic lands or Mana rocks like most cEDH decks do because these stax pieces are basically artifact and land hate.

With Mana Vortex, it isn't hard to actually be coming out ahead. Running Azusa, Lost but Seeking + Ramunap Excavator which are both easy to tutor up, it means that land sacrifice is irreverent here. This neat little package comes with Strip Mine and Wasteland. With the above mentioned setup, you can use these two lands repeatedly, multiple times a turn to put even more hurt on your opponent's mana base.

This kind of hate really hurts any deck not running green. They need mana rocks and don't have access to any mana dorks outside of green. This deck takes away any acceleration from them that they might of had.

Plan A:

Ramp, Ramp, Tutor (for Flash or Protean Hulk if needed) play Claw of Progress turn two or three. Flash-hulk into Sage of Hours and four one drops for a win on the spot.

Plan B:

Ramp, Ramp, Tutor (for Cloudstone Curio or Aluren if needed) play Claw of Progress, Cloudstone Curio + Aluren for infinite EXP, ETB effects, mana and draw.

The draw is gained through blinking Elvish Visionary repeatedly. Glimpse of Nature and Fathom Mage do a bunch of the draw here too.

The Infinite mana through cards like Cryptolith Rite, Earthcraft, Intruder Alarm and Paradox Engine plus just a stupid amount of mana dorks.

The win condition is almost always Laboratory Maniac in either mode.

It runs something like Legacy Elves, Legacy Aluren and Vintage Hulk Flash rolled into one.

I love talking card choice with people and am always open to suggestions or ideas, so please leave a comment and let me know what this deck has you thinking about!

And please don't be afraid of the upvote button, it doesn't claw that much. I promise.


Updates Add

I saw a quote online that really got me thinking about what I want to do with this deck: "My advice for edh: separate your cards by what they want to do, and the best 10-15 cards in each category up to 5/6 categories max become the core of the deck.

For ezuri in particular: I would choose from the following themes: morph, infect, card draw/filtering, infect, evasive weenies, 1/1 counters matter, counterspell/disruption, mana dorks, etb matters/bounce.

Ezuri's fun because you can get a lot of overlap between themes: Birds of Paradise, is a dork, a weenie triggering ezuri, and an evasive target for ezuri counters. "

I have done a lot of experimentation and tweaking with this deck and decided that card draw/filtering, mana dorks and etb matters/bounce are my main themes. The bounce really feels like the strongest in this deck to me. having multiple creatures enter the battlefield every turn is just simply stronger, it is what Ezuri wants and the bounce is better then evasive creatures more often then not because I can bounce any troublesome creatures on my opponent's side and generally control the flow of combat which is exactly the kind of thing that Ezuri needs to be a strong competitive commander deck.

More will be coming as I refocus this deck on those themes and finally pick up some more expensive cards like Force of Will and Gaea's Cradle since the flow of money is where it needs to be for those things to happen now. please keep the suggestions, tips, discussion etc coming! I like rolling around ideas for this deck and trying to come up with a way to claw through all the other decks to make the most progress. :D



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