Land Equilibrium


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition III (ME3) Rare
Legends (LEG) Rare

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Land Equilibrium


If an opponent who controls at least as many lands as you do would put a land into play, that player instead puts that land into play then sacrifices a land.

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Land Equilibrium Discussion

Daedalus19876 on Thousand Cuts: Tetsuko EDH | *PRIMER*

2 months ago

KzarKnuckle: Thanks, man! I've finally finished my semester, so I'm free to talk about it whenever :) also, any thoughts on the new primer as a fellow Tetsuko player?

n0bunga: I looked into it, but unfortunately it pumps both power and toughness and leaves my creatures blockable :(

gdm1989: Ooh. That could be interesting! Darn, now I need to find space...

Chiberia: Thanks for the comment!! I wish I owned a copy of Land Equilibrium, haha - I want this deck to be all english, but if I can get an english copy I will need to find space! I am avoiding turns effects currently, but I may reconsider in the near future :) I don't see much removal targeted at my commander, normally, since her ability is only a helper effect, but if that does become a problem I may take you up on the protection suggestions.

SobekisaRedGod: It makes my commander a 3/3 and thus blockable. Plus, shroud keeps me from targeting my own creature, alas.

TheRedGoat: Oh, Meekstone! How did I forget that?!? Darn, now I need a copy. Beyond that, Sharding Sphinx doubles my creature count each turn, so it's faster than the other options. It's a fun finisher in the deck, so I'm hesitant to cut it.

Chiberia on Thousand Cuts: Tetsuko EDH | *PRIMER*

3 months ago

Since you helped me on my deck I thought I'd repay the favor,

First off, I don't know how you feel about looting affects, but Cephalid Coliseum is a pretty land, it pings you but it also doesn't come in tapped (along with its ability of course makes it an okay land).

Now onto the deck itself, since you have a relatively low CMC, your deck might benefit from a Land Equilibrium, Italian copies go for $30-40. Another useful enchantment could be Corrupted Conscience, a bit high in CMC but taken a threat and giving it infect in a 1v1 game could shift the tides.

I also think that taking turns could be extremely powerful for you, mid to late game, you could kill your opponent within those two turns, especially if you had a Bident of Thassa in play for an almost assured victory.

I hope at least one of my suggestions helps! Have a good day my friend~

ArchFline on Drake Control

3 months ago

Im always happy to help. Here are a few (insanely expensive cards) that can bring any blue build to the level at which all your friends refuse to fight you:

Invoke Prejudice

Land Equilibrium

Mana Drain

You have been warned :P

Wolfrage76 on The Fat Blue Weirdo

4 months ago

I really dig this deck! I can't really contribute much but Mirage Mirror would be useful add. It could get you an extra card draw by copying one of your enchantments or artifacts for 2 mana, and as it lasts till end of turn others wouldn't benefit from it. It also lets you copy opponents artifacts, creatures and enchantments so it can do some fun stuff there as well. Would be amusing with Land Equilibrium

Another could be Reset (goes good with Isochron Scepter too)

IAmTheWraith on The Fat Blue Weirdo

4 months ago

Nietzsky: Thanks for the suggestions!

I am thinking about taking out the storm combos, so these would be good cards to slot in in the place of that devotion.

Things I like that you've suggested: Mental Misstep, Land Equilibrium, Mana Vortex, Timetwister/Windfall.

Things I dont like: Consecrated Sphinx, Teferi, Temporal Archmage, Tezzeret the Seeker , Fabricate.

I like the land effects, simply because they wont effect me as much, and I actually was gifted a Vintage Masters Timetwister last year. TBH I thought it was in here, turned out I was wrong.

I dont like sphinx, seems like a win more card to me. Teferi and Tezzy seem like they require too much other things to make the deck work, and Fabricate doesnt have any really relevant targets.

Thanks for suggestions!

Nietzsky on The Fat Blue Weirdo

4 months ago

I run stasis and similar effects in my

Anti-Competitive GAAIV (Embrace the Hate)

Commander / EDH* Nietzsky


, you might see something on my list that would work here. I'll make a few suggestions, some cards I run, others I didn't have the room for (but I run Azorius colors, and would probably slot them if I was running mono blue)

1) In mono blue control/stax, back to basics is a DEFINITE slot, 100% guaranteed.

2) Some tutors you may considerPersonal Tutor Fabricate

3) It helps to have a second wheel Windfall , and if you playgroup allows a proxy of Timetwister by all means...otherwise it's quite pricey.

4)You may get a few turns of value out of Consecrated Sphinx before it is popped... also Deadeye Navigator and another "untap" creature such as Palinchron may help to guarantee you can maintain your stasis lock indefinitely.

5) Teferi, Temporal Archmage and Tezzeret the Seeker can help work around stasis and turn it into a perma-lock, along with Sword of Feast and Famine

6) Mental Misstep is a great unforeseen way to eat sol rings, Path to Exiles, Divining tops, and other 1 drop shenanigans... Foil at 3 cards for 1 is a HUGE price to pay

7) Land Equilibrium and Mana Vortex can be great cards to pair with stasis, or alternative ways to control lands.

Chiberia on Chiberia (retired)

5 months ago


I agree with most of what you said (excluding Mindbreak Trap, my friends love comboing off), I am stubborn with some cards because I like them but when someone says something obvious (like Settle the Wreckage being mediocre) I do have to agree.

As for lands... well there are many scenarios, but luck comes down to it sometimes (when it comes to lands and ramp I think I just get lucky):

1.: I just pull enough lands

  1. I pull three lands and some ramp comes by turn three then I get either more ramp or lands

  2. I pull a few lands and a tutor, and I tend to go get Land Tax

  3. Worst case scenario: I get mana screwed and pull either a tutor or Land Equilibrium to bring the game to a halt until I get mah mana or ramp.

I might end up running more lands, but Im hesitant too because snow lands are expensive and I want my basic lands to synergize with Scrying Sheets

JohnnyCRO on KefNOT the Controlfreak [primer]

5 months ago

Polupus, on the contrary, I love hearing ideas. actually a great idea. It harms me a bit, I'd have to be more careful with Time Warp and Dig Through Time, but it chould work well. I'll add it to the sideboard and look around for a copy to test with.

Ward of Bones is a bit costly for what it does. 6 mana sorcery speed is a lot and it would attract enough hate that its protection would cost too much resources to make it sustainable. However, I'm planning to test Land Equilibrium when I get myself one (there are Italian ones available for a quarter of what English copies go for). Equilibrium is cheaper to cast and even though it covers less permanent types, it cover a) the most important one (outside cEDH) and b) as you've noticed, the one type with which Kefnet can interact. However in a more casual meta than mine I can see Ward of bones being a thing.

As you've mentioned Kefnet's land bounce, just to refer to earlier mention of Glacial Chasm; that is the very reason why chasm works here. It costs us a land, but late game that isn't that much of a bother and with Kefnet's bounce we can both dodge the steep upkeep cost (it's land per drop and increasingly more life loss every turn, I can balance it for a while if I want/need to) and scarce land destruction (there is some around, but not nearly as much as artifact destruction).

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