Land Equilibrium


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition III Rare
Legends Rare

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Land Equilibrium


If an opponent who controls at least as many lands as you do would put a land into play, that player instead puts that land into play then sacrifices a land.

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Land Equilibrium Discussion

DudeFullah on R/W/U Land Destruction - Sadists Need Decks Too!

15 hours ago

Solid deck!

Have you looked at Land Equilibrium and Intruder Alarm for extra lulz?

Winterblast on Arbiter Stax

1 week ago

I think you could remove some of the creatures and replace them with noncreature cards that have the same or a similar effect and don't cost much money either. For example Torpor Orb instead of Hushwing Gryff, Words of Wind instead of Vedalken Mastermind. You can then use Humility and Cursed Totem to shut down other players' creatures without hindering your own play too much.

The great aspect of Smokestack is that it is not limited to lands and that the counters can become more each turn. It's one turn slower than mana vortex but it's less risky. I played both but have recently replaced the vortex when I stuffed more card draw and counterspells in the deck. I still have Sundial of the Infinite in the deck to end my turn after putting a counter on works with mana vortex too but that one only removes all opponents' lands and leaves other permanents intact.

As for the mass LD, I think the biggest problem with catastrophe is the mana cost. I'd rather play Sunder if you don't have ravages of war because that's an instant! If you play that EOT and in your turn get to play Windfall you got rid of all lands and draw a huge lot of cards as well. I don't use Sunder anymore but rather rely on the constant effect of Mana Breach and Overburden. In your case it could be the land removal you need. Bouncing works a bit against the tapping strategy though...

You see, one change often requires other changes because cards are likely part of a package that has a certain purpose in the deck. The more you remove of such a package the less it makes sense to keep the rest in the deck, especially cards that are not really strong on their own. If you want to keep the tapping strategy I would say you should focus on that and add destruction/sacrifice and not bouncing. My list is about bounce/destruction and prevention of land drops. Unless you use Land Equilibrium (or Ward of Bones as the cheaper option) and have a reliable way to find it in your deck, you shouldn't look too much at the bouncing stuff because they don't go along well with tapping. That's the problem with trying to combine elements of different builds.

theindigoeffect on Do you Miz me?

1 week ago

Rhystic Study and Mystic Remora for cheap and efficient card-draw engines. They would draw less hate than Jace, Unraveler of Secrets, and since you only have two creatures in your deck, they would allow you to draw more cards than Skullclamp.

Mana Crypt and Ancient Tomb for mana acceleration.

Mizzix's Mastery for graveyard recursion.

Izzet Guildgate and Temple of Epiphany always come in tapped: I would try to find replacements for those, if possible.

Do you have enough land to justify Doubling Cube?

Do you have enough card-draw to justify Thought Vessel?

With a counterspell to back it up, you can play Impending Disaster.

Ruination is a good way of getting rid of those annoying lands, and if your opponents are running four colors or more, it could potentially take out everything. It blows up annoying stuff like Boseiju, Who Shelters All, which could also be a great inclusion in your deck.

Land Equilibrium would be great, since your opponents will probably be playing more lands than you.

Voltaic Key and Unwinding Clock untap artifacts like Sol Ring and Gilded Lotus so you can tap them again for even more mana.

Voracious Reader  Flip makes instant and sorcery spells cost 1 less colorless mana. Sapphire Medallion and Ruby Medallion functions similarly.

Darksteel Ingot, Khalni Gem and Manalith for color-fixing artifacts.

Winterblast on How to Lose Friends: The Prison of Grand Arbiter

1 week ago

Looks great, a bit like I used to play augustin a while ago. I'm not very fond of the tapping strategy as it leaves the permanents intact and has little to no impact when played very early. I'd rather suggest preventing lands from even coming into play with Land Equilibrium (with the manabase here it can possibly be cast on turn 1!) and punishing people for casting spells and creatures with Mana Breach and Overburden.

Another tip: AEther Barrier stops Food Chain because it doesn't just increase the cost but requires an additional 1 that can't be paid with food chain mana...

Maybe you want to have a look at my Augustin's $t4ks (4000$ Solution/Stax) so you see in which shell I play these cards. I've recently removed Mechanized Production although I had great expectations...what is your experience with that card? Is it worth playing or too often too slow or a dead card?

spuiopq on Braggy

2 weeks ago

After having a couple of games in the weekend, I decide to update the list, with some cards out, others waiting for further evaluation.

-Power Artifact and Open the Armory: As a backup win-con, Power Artifact is pretty U-mana intensive, and the combo requires three pieces actually, outlet included, while out of combo the only usage of the card is to pitch to FOW, therefore, it shall be replaced by more relevant cards. And then, with one less target, I think Open the Armory might as well be replaced by a redundant haste-enabler.

-Recruiter of the Guard, Idyllic Tutor, and Drift of Phantasms: These cards always make me wonder, do I need a 3-mana tutor that cannot fetch me a combo piece (apart from Rest in Peace)? A lack of target costing no less than 2 mana may cause some awkward situations, so I decide to let them go this time.

-Hokori, Dust Drinker; +Static Orb: This slot is always a pain for me. Honestly speaking, I have love for neither, but I need something more than just Winter Orb to slow down my opponents. I prefer the latter mainly because it costs 1-mana less, and up to my knowledge, none of the decks, opponents' or mine, can find an easy way to break the parity. I could sit and test with it for the time being.

-Trinisphere; +Phyrexian Revoker: Without storm decks in the meta, I could find only niche use of Trinisphere, it might slow Sisay for a turn or two, but that's it. I think Phyrexian Revoker could do more or less the same, without affecting myself.

-Meekstone; +Supreme Verdict: Supposedly, Meekstone should be the 'silver bullet' against that beatdown deck, except it doesn't. Unless empty-handed, Omnath can opt to dump the mana after combat, therefore dodges the effect. I have no choice but do it in an old-school way, namely board wipe.

Palace Jailer and Jace, the Mind Sculptor: Mulligans included, I'm yet to see the two cards. Before giving them a try, they will stay in the deck until further notice.

Land Equilibrium: The card is good on paper, having synergy with MLD, and the deck's rather low land count. However, for one thing, it's a 4-drop, high probability of tapping out myself; for another, it doesn't do enough on itself, at least not good enough to stop someone from having sufficient resources to win.

GeneralTzu on Nekusar, The Dominant (COMPETITIVE EDH)

3 weeks ago

Hey Entrei !!

The fine details are still being ironed out ;) but that's the goal.

I honestly did overlook Curiosity and Helm of the Ghastlordbut you're right, they synergize really well here. The only thing I'll have to be concerned about is keeping the commander safe, and adding more protection. The more OP I make him the more he'll be targeted.

Ramp; this is one I'm debating quite a bit. And you may be right, but my playgroup runs A LOT of blue. And we definitely see Treachery and Gilded Drake very frequently. The map allows me to tutor a homeward path or a Reliquary Tower though I have been debating Wayfarer's Bauble and Burnished Hart I wanted to have a little protection against destruction and stax. Notably, one of my opponents runs Null Rod and it sees play pretty regularly. I know I cannot let this dictate all of my play, the destruction and star were part of my thinking. That said, cheating more lands out does make Land Equilibrium less drastic.

As for question on speed of games. Well, as things started to get nastier, we started to see a lot of turn 4 wins maybe turn 5, with a god hand turn 3. BUT since this shift weve seen the meta get heavy control and stax. Because of this even competitive games end up being stalled. It's an interesting dynamic, but that's why I've included a few cards that are maybe a little effect as the game goes on, such as Ob Nixilis, Unshackled and
Stranglehold there's often a lot of building, wiping/reseting, and grinding out an edge. Before the meta went this control/stax it was simply whoever got out the gate best in the first three turns in most cases.

I think you're right about the Mind Over Matter combo, it is more in suit than the Mindcrank combo.. i've bumped that in favour of the Mind.

Definitely looking for as much scrutiny as possible, so this deck can become the best version possible. I appreciate it, and any other ideas you contribute.

Winterblast on Augustin's $t4ks

3 weeks ago

Thanks elfric! I always thought the tapping variants are not as cool because they leave the permanents intact, so when the whole table works together and one important piece is destroyed, everything works again...keeping up with constant sacrificing and bouncing is more stressful imo because the resources actually vanish instead of just being disabled.

I can't play null rod because that's the death of my own deck. It completely relies on the speed of artifacts and the ability to play quite freely with few or even no lands. That's why Land Equilibrium and the other cards around it are my favourite pieces here. A quick start of an opponent with mana rocks is undesired, that's why I followed the suggestions of Kiyomeii and removed some cards for a few 1 mana counterspells. I played it the first time in this version today and it's indeed cool to counter a mana rock on turn one or two, if I can't open with a taxing sphere.

I put cataclysm in my deck Chairman Meow now, it feels better there with Brimaz...It had the potential to reduce the board to a locked situation here, but just as often it would not help in handlung the biggest threats of all opponents at all. I still like Ugin despite his mana cost, because I often have shitloads of colorless mana and he has a targeted removal for +, controllable boardwipe for - and a game winning ultimate after 2 times +.

I don't think I will use color specific hate in here because I'm not having problems with a particular colour. It's also not sure if someone even plays green on the table and I don't want a completely dead card then, even less because it's a coloured spell (artifacts on the hand could at least make mana with Metalworker).

I think links in the description are made with html but I'm not sure

bobbyboo on You Will Hate This Deck

4 weeks ago

Go Extraplanar Lens & Snow-Covered Islands if that is the case as it keeps things nice and selfish (hardly anybody runs snow covered lands). Caged Sun is an option but it is high in cmc and doesn't gel as nicely as Extraplanar Lens does with Land Equilibrium, however it still gives you a considerable leg up so I would run it regardless.

I was suggesting the Doubling Cube as it is a very easy combo with either Teferi or Tezzeret, and The Chain Veil. Then just Sunder or Upheaval, play all your stuff in hand with the floating mana and watch your opponents squirm as they try to recover. You can loop Upheaval with a small Archaeomancer or Mnemonic Wall but in saying that you have done well to keep your creature count minimal so I wouldnt strongly recommend the last two, but if you do come around to the Cube then these additions are a no brainer as they further solidify the cubes addition to the deck.

Ward of Bones is another card you can use to keep peeps in check, it may be 6 cmc but it will hose most strategies if played at the correct time.

Capsize and Whispers of the Muse could be used alongside Inexorable Tide to combo out too, so long as Teferi is untapping 6 mana and The Chain Veil with his -1 ability (almost a certainty if he is untapping Doubling Cube). It can also be done with Tezzeret, however he absolutely needs the cube to do it with his +1.

This deck is gross, but gross in the same way as getting a blow job from a high school crush because she now turns tricks to support the kid she had at 16, equal parts satisfying and guilt inducing.

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