Rough first draft ready for playtesting included the cards now in the maybeboard:-). My first Abzan deck ever. With this deck, I was one deck away from having one commander deck for each possible colour combination.

So, May 2019 update, this deck is obviously powerful and for that, honestly, not overly fun to play. It's fine. It has its routes to victory and can achieve them consistently. Protean Hulk combo, this was built before the Hulk was unbanned. Once he was unbanned and came down in price, added him to the deck. The Human tribal nature of the deck is its saving grace, and the inclusion of Angel of Glory's Rise and Changeling Titan is quite fun. Angel of Glory's Rise is not the most powerful play nine times out of ten. Pattern of Rebirth is, which is why Heliod's Pilgrim and Auratouched Mage get the nod in here :-). That aura plus a sac outlet-- Cartel Aristocrat and Undercity Informer are the humans included in this role--let's you go infinite with Boonweaver Giant , which itself was a fairly new card when I put this deck together. Cheers.

June 2019 update, you can see the cards I have removed and replaced in the maybeboard.


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