Angel of Glory's Rise


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Angel of Glory's Rise

Creature — Angel

When Angel of Glory's Rise enters the battlefield, exile all Zombies, then return all Human creature cards from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Angel of Glory's Rise Discussion

NoNeedToBragoBoutIt on Odric - Soldier Tactician

1 day ago

One of the reasons i've built this deck was building one mono deck of each color, to dig deep in research about each color, its obvious strengths, weaknesses and gems of the card pool. I can strongly advise you to do something similar to this, you'll never know what you might find!

Teferi's Protection is on my list. But, i'm not really inclined to dump 10$ for a protective spell right now. I'll monitor if it keeps spiking.

If this were a Humans deck Angel of Glory's Rise and Herald of War would be solid additions... but it's a Soldier deck. :P

Avacyn, Angel of Hope is cool, but i was never tempted to get her for this or another deck. Her mana cost is agonizing, Instants like Make a Stand, Rootborn Defenses and Brave the Elements give you the element of surprise and can turn board wipes into one-sided ones.

All good suggestions though, thanks a lot SirSh4ggy!

SirSh4ggy on Odric - Soldier Tactician

1 day ago

Wow, those are all good options that you've mentioned. I'm learning how white plays since it's my least played color. I'm not certain cost-wise, but I know Teferi's Protection is something you might play. The phase ability doesn't change zones, so tokens are able to phase out and back in again. Flavor-wise have you considered playing with Angels that buff humans? I see you're playing Angel of Jubilation. Angel of Glory's Rise, Herald of War, and Avacyn, Angel of Hope are all pretty decent here.

Pieguy396 on Blessed Rework

3 weeks ago

Hey there! Sweet deck you have here! I have a few suggestions for you:

  • Angelic Overseer can be a great finisher; probably better than Angel of Glory's Rise, as it a) costs less mana and b) is much harder to get rid of.
  • Erase is almost always better than Cursebreak, but a much better option in my opinion is Forsake the Worldly, as Forsake can also target artifacts, or can be cycled away if you don't have any targets.
  • While it is a little on the expensive side, Path to Exile is the premier White removal spell in Modern. If you're looking for more budget options, Oust and Condemn are also great.

In any case, I hope this helps! Happy Magic-ing!

viperfang4 on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

3 weeks ago

I would like to resubmit my Sliver Overlord list to be our current list and the general needs retiered as our current one is sliverball: Suicide Slivers.

The list uses the Bomberman combo to get infinite mana, cast Sliver Overlord, tutor for Cautery Sliver or Acidic Sliver, then proceed to sac and recast Slvier Overlord enough times to kill everyone. Bomberman can be grabbed a lot of different ways, the main one being through Angel of Glory's Rise in piles from buried alive or hermit druid. It does have a wincon backup of Laboratory Maniac and Walking Ballista which are able to step in as the combo pretty easily.

I think the list actually does Bomberman Glory's Rise better than Thraisos and Tymna, with the addition of the Tazri-like sliver wincon, since thraisos relies heavily on Labman. At the time creating it, this was the only deck edhrec could find with bomberman in sliver overlord. Hopefully the list gets noticed this time. It also goes against what Winterblast said about tazri being the only 5c that could be the main combo.

Pygmyrhino990 on Aryan race will reign supreme

3 weeks ago

wolfboy, thank you for the suggestions, I like the angels and soldiers, but I'm trying to stick to humans although the cards you recommend do synergise quite well. Angel of Glory's Rise is a great card and will almost definitely make an appearance once I make room for it. herald maybe not so much as most of my creatures are relatively cheap to cast, and some don't even require generic mana at all. Considering it's mana cost It is somewhat pointless to reduce other mana cost by the time I'm at 5 lands considering my highest CMC is 4 (7 with AoGR). I was contemplating Soldier of the Pantheon when building this deck, but intentionally took it out of the main deck, and took it to the sideboard, but removed it in place of my other defensive spells such as Righteousness and Story Circle. It's a similar story with Brave the Elements. As for Preeminent Captain, yes he can cheat down some of my creatures, but not enough (14/26) to be worth my while, so he will not make an appearance. Thanks anyway though and I'll be sure to grab an Angel of Glory asap

wolfboy on Aryan race will reign supreme

3 weeks ago

I'd say Angel of Glory's Rise and I really like Herald of War. It seems to lean towards more of a midrange than an aggro deck. If you want more aggro a good one drop would be Soldier of the Pantheon. Also I think Preeminent Captain is a must cause he can cheat down most of your creatures. And finally some Brave the Elements, whether to protect your creatures from removal. Or make them unblockable for one final swing I think it's a really good addition.

n0bunga on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

1 month ago

I'd agree with moving Gitrog to T1, out of totally unbiased reasons. enter image description here

But seriously, I know mine is far more thematic, though it still holds well competitively. And I would concur, Gitrog has a lot of great interactions and can just win.

Dialing it back to the Sliver Overlord, I had offered a few suggestions, and I was also dumb enough to misread FC. But I had another thought of a possible outlet, emulating a similar package that Thrasios runs: Buried Alive, Angel of Glory's Rise, Trinket Mage and Auriok Salvagers. You don't need to worry about creature-specific mana/etc, and it should be relatively quick enough (as Thrasios proves) to get it out very early, get your infinite mana, and go to town with various combos outlets, like the Slivers that deal damage, or drawing your deck to cast LabMan.

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