Angel of Glory's Rise


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Angel of Glory's Rise

Creature — Angel

When Angel of Glory's Rise enters the battlefield, exile all Zombies, then return all Human creature cards from your graveyard to the battlefield.

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Angel of Glory's Rise Discussion

ghoul_Legion on Soul Sisters

2 hours ago

Need 2 more Spectral Procession

Angel of Glory's Rise It's really REALLY hard to hit 7 lands in modern without killing or getting killed first. You might consider removing it.

Lone Rider  Flip Is one of the bets card for this type of deck. He is simply Monstruous.

Martyr of Sands is also pretty much played in every soul sister deck.

Selfless Spirit instead of Indestructibility (more creatures, lesser mana cost)

Brave the Elements Sideboard option, Go all in.

Felidar Sovereign X1 (for optional wincon)

Kabira Crossroads Obviously...

Sunbond isn't bad ?

Chalice of Life  Flip

There, now you have some stuff to play with for a while. :)

Drcfan on White Angels/Humans EDH

7 hours ago

How can you play so many humans and not playing Angel of Glory's Rise?

PhillipDixon on Grindhouse

2 weeks ago

I assume Underworld Cerberus fills the role normally assumed by Angel of Glory's Rise?

WhisperingBlade on Budget Mono White Humans

3 weeks ago

I would suggest cutting the Loyal Sentry. Typically if you are playing aggro and blocking, you are losing, so putting yourself in that position may not be the best idea. I feel like getting rid of some of the big creatures you have like Archangel of Tithes and Angel of Glory's Rise could allow you to play faster. If you wanted to have some form of recursion to come back after a wipe, I'd recommend adding some Return to the Ranks in your sideboard. Great Teacher's Decree, while and interesting choice, probably isn't going to do what you want it to unless you are already winning. I'd consider adding some Brave the Elements. They are crazy helpful in a multitude of situations. Some removal such as Oblivion Ring and Journey to Nowhere also seems appropriate. I'm personally not a fan of Transcendent Master, but if he's been working for you roll with him (I prefer cards such as Mirran Crusader). Overall if you want to keep a solid early game consistent with the deck, I'd suggest at least 6 other 1 drops besides the 4 Champion of the Parish. Some suggestions: Boros Elite, Thraben Inspector, Doomed Traveler, and Soldier of the Pantheon.

Good luck with your brew!

landstalker10 on White Mono Humans

3 weeks ago

Knight of the White Orchid and Angel of Glory's Rise doesnt fit all that well. Seriously remove them or hard corp change the deck to cheat cards on the field. This two cards do not flow with your build and often will break you rather than help you.

Vandyel on Karador's Apostles

3 weeks ago

Have you considered Demon of Dark Schemes? He kills all small creatures on ETB, and has a built in recursion engine that could be used to pull Rune-Scar from the graveyard for 3cmc tutors.

Combined with Phyrexian Altar and Angel of Glory's Rise he makes an infinite combo.

Vandyel on Karador's Apostles

3 weeks ago

I highly recommend Demon of Dark Schemes. He kills all small creatures on ETB, and has a built in recursion engine.

Combine with Phyrexian Altar and Angel of Glory's Rise he makes an infinite combo.

I run him in my deck Karador, Shadowborn Chieftain and he has won me a lot of games.

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