Thopter Arrest


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon

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Thopter Arrest


When Thopter Arrest enters the battlefield, exile target artifact or creature an opponent controls until Thopter Arrest leaves the battlefield.

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Thopter Arrest Discussion

xxCopperheadx on Always Exerting

2 weeks ago

Murphy77 thanks for the input. The reason for I went for Cast Out over Thopter Arrest is the fact that Cast Out can be used on Planeswalkers and Enchantments as well. I've really thought about Immolating Glare but wasn't sure how I could fit it in. Fiery Temper and Shock are both in because of the fact I can target creatures or players with them. I'm not sure that is quite needed due to the amount of creatures I have so I'll definitely consider replacing those with your suggestions.

Murphy77 on Always Exerting

2 weeks ago

I am still working on my version of this deck (Exerted Combat) and can't yet provide all the answers.

Definitely Thopter Arrest instead of Cast Out (why pay more mana for the effect?). My choice: Combat Celebrant for Thraben Inspector, Immolating Glare for Fiery Temper and Harnessed Lightning for Shock.

Murphy77 on Approach of the Second Esper

2 weeks ago

Unless you need to use the _cycling_effect, why Cast Out over Thopter Arrest? I also like Dispel and Failure for this deck - as explained in Sunrise - Sunset.

BubbleMatrix2357 on Hey Gideon, Control Your F*ckin' Drakes!

3 weeks ago

Thanks GrayAlchemyst, but I do already have 4 Cast Out, 4 Censor, 3 Forsake the Worldly, 3 Immolating Glare, 4 Negate, and a 1 Fumigate in the MB. Plus more Fumigate, Authority of the Consuls, Scatter to the Winds, and Engulf the Shore in my SB. And I would probably go with Thopter Arrest over Stasis Snare too, as it is more versatile, although without Flash. Seems like a lot of control to me haha! But I may look into the Spontaneous Mutation for my SB. Thanks again!

Dracoson on What is your draft strategy?

1 month ago

Honestly, BREAD is more of a thing of the past, and quadrant theory is more a way to evaluate an individual card than an overall draft strategy. BREAD worked fine when they printed Doom Blade at common, but any more, common removal is either 4-5 CMC or temporary enchantmement based (Revoke Privileges/Thopter Arrest), or much more conditional (Reave Soul). Meanwhile, the creatures have gotten better, making it more effective to pick quality/efficient creatures than anything but the premium removal (Fatal Push).

Any effective strategy is going to shift from set to set. If you sat down to draft Magic Origins or 3x Zendikar with the same methodology you use in Aether Revolt/Kaladesh, you are gonna have a bad time (and vice versa). Having said that, the basic strategy is to find the open path, and go down it. It is almost always ideal to have the uncontested version of a deck than to split it with someone else. So my personal strategy is to spend the first few picks based on individual card quality, slanting towards stuff that keeps me open (things that don't only work in only in a color pair/archetype), and find what isn't being picked. AER/AER/KLD is more synergy driven, so I usually have a pretty clear picture by about 1/2 way through pack 1.

Die4Dethklok on

2 months ago

I'd probably drop the Horribly Awry, and add in a Fumigate or 2. Awry seems good in theory, but it only hits creatures. I think the Negates are more justified in the main deck given how vehicle and planeswalker heavy the meta is. Even so, they are still match up dependant, and I think you'd be better off with either Metallic Rebukes - as they synergise with the clues - or even Spell Shrivel. I'd go with the Rebukes though, as another consideration is standard rotation coming with Amonkhet, and 1 mana Mana Leak is pretty awesome.

I know double white is hard to manage consistently, but I think Stasis Snare would be much better than Thopter Arrest.

Do you have budget considerations? Port Towns and Prairie Streams are fairly cheap, I'd consider running a couple of each if you don't want to get playsets of each, though that would be very good.

I'd also suggest you try the MTGGoldfish Inspiring Statuary strategy, it seemed to work quite well, and it makes Confirm Suspicions far more castable, to a point where you could justify running 4 of them.

Panzerforge on Pillow-sword

2 months ago

I'm not sure what your budget is on this, but a few suggestions for swaps:

Grasp of Fate instead of Thopter Arrest. The fact that you can play politics with this (because it's "up to one") and hit everyone on the table is great.

Trap Runner instead of Spell Queller. Trap runner keeps you safe from those little horrible things that can slip in under your defenses, like Master of Cruelties with Rogue's Passage. Or Benthic Infiltrator with Eldrazi Conscription.

A few other things that might be worth looking into are Crystal Chimes to return your valuable enchantments and enchantment creatures from the graveyard, and Sigarda's Aid to allow you to slip on a pair of boots or a sword at instant speed and low cost.

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