Thopter Arrest


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Uncommon

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Thopter Arrest


When Thopter Arrest enters the battlefield, exile target artifact or creature an opponent controls until Thopter Arrest leaves the battlefield.

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Thopter Arrest Discussion

YetAnotherMulligan on GW cats cats cats

2 weeks ago

I would get rid of Longtusk Cub and Felidar Sovereign. There's not enough energy synergy, and if you get high enough on life for the sovereign, you've probably already won.
Absolutely put in 4x Anointed Procession. You want that as early as possible, not only to copy tokens from Pride Sovereign and Regal Caracal, but also for when you embalm Sacred Cat, and especially when you eternalize Adorned Pouncer. If you can eternalize the Pouncer with two Annointed Processions on the board, it's pretty much game over, especially if there's a Metallic Mimic to buff or Caracal out to buff and give lifelink to your 5 copies of a 4/4 double striker.
Next, I like 4x Prepare / Fight to instantly untap my exerted Pride Sovereign after he exerts for tokens, but it is also sweet to buff a Pouncer, and then you can still use the Fight out of your graveyard.
Get rid of God-Pharaoh's Gift and Ambuscade.
Move Prowling Serpopard and Heroic Intervention, and probably Blossoming Defense, to the sideboard. Serpopard is really only useful against blue.I would keep 3-4 copies of Cast Out in the main board, to get rid of big threats. Also put plenty of extra removal, like Appetite for the Unnatural, or Fragmentize, or Thopter Arrest, in the sideboard.
I have single copies of Ajani Unyielding and Oketra the True, just to keep opponents on their toes, and I would trade out Fortified Village for one or two extra copies of Shefet Dunes and Hashep Oasis.

razelfark on Standard Green/White Cats

2 months ago

Thopter Arrest is a fine card, but I would not use Caught in the Brights especially since you do not have any vehicles.

Bulli2893 on Standard Discard Exile

2 months ago

Thank you for your help.

I think I will exchange the Thopter Arrest for 2 copies Quarantine Field.

Yes Liliana, the Last Hope is worth considering. Perhaps it is useful to exchange Cruel Reality against Liliana, the Last Hope.

You're right money for Shambling Vent should be invested.

N4kk1 on Standard Discard Exile

2 months ago

Hi nice deck you have there, i could have few suggestions still

Could just cut both Thopter Arrests and play full play set of Stasis Snares or maybe consider playing Quarantine Field, its good catch all removal spell and can take 2 or even 3 permanents out in late game.

Could also run Liliana, the Last Hopes if you got the coin for them, good tool to fight against aggro and ult is just -7 Win target game most time.

Cruel Reality Seems bit bad, you have good wincons anyway.

And Shambling Vent Is surprisingly good investment, can do lot of work when both are on top deck mode.

I like this deck, good job!

Hyperalgialysis on Two's Company

2 months ago

The person above has given some win conditions, I will offer some good filler cards.Ajani Unyielding is good for digging and allows you to exile a creature if need be. Authority of the Consuls will buy you time to get the combo online. If you chose to utilize ajani, his ability makes enchantments like Thopter Arrest good removal since they aren't instants/sorceries. I like Ob Nixilis Reignited and Sorin, Grim Nemesis in this same line of thought as well. If you run a token sub theme, Cryptolith Rite ramps and color fixes. Blisterpod is great for an early game blocker as well as ramping later if you want to drop multiple pieces in a row. Dont forget you can tap the scion with Cryptolith Rite and then sac it for mana. Eldrazi Displacer would also be good psuedo removal if you can generate colorless mana without much effort.

clayperce on Banned & Restricted Announcement June ...

3 months ago

Ah, got it. With that in mind, Summary Dismissal would do the trick, for 2UU. Or Disallow followed by Declaration in Stone (5 total) or Anguished Unmaking, Stasis Snare, or Thopter Arrest (6 total).
You point though is still TOTALLY valid.

xxCopperheadx on Always Exerting

4 months ago

Murphy77 thanks for the input. The reason for I went for Cast Out over Thopter Arrest is the fact that Cast Out can be used on Planeswalkers and Enchantments as well. I've really thought about Immolating Glare but wasn't sure how I could fit it in. Fiery Temper and Shock are both in because of the fact I can target creatures or players with them. I'm not sure that is quite needed due to the amount of creatures I have so I'll definitely consider replacing those with your suggestions.

Murphy77 on Always Exerting

4 months ago

I am still working on my version of this deck (Exerted Combat) and can't yet provide all the answers.

Definitely Thopter Arrest instead of Cast Out (why pay more mana for the effect?). My choice: Combat Celebrant for Thraben Inspector, Immolating Glare for Fiery Temper and Harnessed Lightning for Shock.

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