Harnessed Lightning


Choose target creature. You get (three energy counters), then you may pay any amount of . Harnessed Lightning does that much damage to that creature.

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Harnessed Lightning Discussion

aperturescience on Jeskai Approach

4 hours ago

I would cut all 3 Farm / Market to run 2 more lands and 1 more glimmer. You should run 26 lands, and glimmer is one of your best cards. Torrential Gearhulk is also a good card for your deck, if you find anything lackluster. Finally, cut Lightning Strike for another Abrade and three Harnessed Lightning, and run 4x Aether Hub, because the energy package is really good, and you rarely, if ever, need to point the lightning strike at your opponent's face.

Boomking on Temur Girl Power

23 hours ago

To cope better vs aggro, try bringing Abrade into the main deck, and consider adding Magma Spray, Harnessed Lightning and/or Aether Meltdown somewhere into the 75. I would recommend taking out Unsummon to make room in the sideboard. As for the main I would start by taking out Fling. I see no justification for this being in the deck. This deck has heaps of sweet finishers already, and as a removeal effect it is a conditional 1-4-2.

As a side note, adding the instant speed cards I've suggested will make Rashmi, Eternities Crafter able to trigger twice in a turn cycle, because you can cast spells in your opponents turn to get the trigger too :D

Carpet_Bottom on Izzet To Beat Bro

1 day ago


Hahaha I didn't even think of the flavor that Cathartic Reunion brings with the scenario; Absolutely beautiful indeed! I'm having a hard time fitting it in though, replace Chart A Course?

Solid call on sideboarding Spell Pierce. I'm thinking Abrade and Hungry Flames are good exchanges, especially if he ends up running a creature light strategy.

Lands will be fixed, currently a place holding. Highland Lake will make it in definitely. I was on the fence with Harnessed Lightning and Aether Hub because of the budget aspect to the build and not playing Glimmer of Genius, but I convinced myself to pick up copies for another deck so I'll probably exchange them into this build.

Thank you kindly, it is very much appreciated!

October 17, 2017 9:55 p.m.

billium813 on -1/-1 Scorpion God Deck

1 day ago

Idk if you should cut red all together. I think red has the best spot removal in the format atm (Abrade, Harnessed Lightning, Lightning Strike, Unlicensed Disintegration, Cut, Magma Spray for he-who-must-not-be-named).

I really like Archfiend of Ifnir in jund atm due to the 8 cycle lands you can run. But his downside is how weak he is to Glorybringer... That being said, have you heard about Glorybringer and how good he is? lol.

Far beit from me to recommend cards that don't synergize with the -1/-1 theme (which is great), but I do like red for removal in this format.

backinajiffy on -1/-1 Scorpion God Deck

1 day ago

TheRealAdam I'm going to counter on the energy suggestion. I can't help but think Harnessed Lightning and Attune with Aether will take up valuable spots in the deck that he could be using to trigger Nest of Scarabs & Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, spider, etc.

If control is to be added to deck I feel like it needs to be in the form of -1 / -1 counters, otherwise you're just missing out on a TON of synergy opportunities.

I think dropping in a few dual lands would be enough to cover a white splash. And since he has the lifegain spider, he can still go Ifnir Deadlands because the self-ping won't be as harmful. Just my two cents. I think the croc is worth considering though.

TheRealAdam on -1/-1 Scorpion God Deck

1 day ago

First and foremost, I have to concur with most other people in this thread, Soul-Scar Mage just doesn't work as often as is needed to justify running it. Next, I'll agree with billium813 to run a few energy cards: Aether Hub, Attune with Aether, and Harnessed Lightning all at 4 helps immensely with color fixing, and between the Hubs and Initiate, you shouldn't need to actually run a dedicated White source for your one white spell, unless of course you opt to add an Anointer Priest or two.

As for an actual suggestion, try Crocodile of the Crossing. A 5/4 (because you obviously want to dump the counter on either an insect or initiate) haste for 4 that triggers Hapatra, Nest, and Spider that either nets a draw off Scorpion God (if you put the counter on an insect) or extends the usability of Channeler Initiate (remove the counter to pay for the Croc, then immediately replace it) is just insane.

billium813 on -1/-1 Scorpion God Deck

2 days ago

First of, love Obelisk Spider and +1 for this deck for running a playset. Love it.

Suggestions: If your looking for card draw, perhaps Glint-Sleeve Siphoner? I run 4x Aether Hub, 4x Glint-Sleeve Siphoner, 3x Attune with Aether, and 4x Harnessed Lightning in my deck and the card draw is sick off the glint sleeves. Specially with some spiders running defense. Plus you fix your mana easily. Win win.

I agree with backinajiffy about Soul-Scar Mage. I run a very similar deck to this one but found that the mage just isn't as impactful as I hoped. Most of the time Id be lucky to combo one with some removal.

Maybe add Archfiend of Ifnir as a flying finisher? I bet he'd be devastating in this deck. Alternatively, Iv had a rely good time with Glorybringer in my deck.

Nice deck tho. Look forward to hearing more updates ;)

The_Riddlebox on [Ixalan] UR Control

2 days ago


Glad you like the deck! Yeah hand disruption is definitely a reason to play black in a control deck, always a very powerful tool!


I wouldn't say red has better removal over black right now since Fatal Push alone is a reason to run black. Also, black offers hand disruption, which allows you to not worry with hard to deal-with threats and rip answers to your win-cons from their hand. UB also has The Scarab God which is an absurdly good card.

Red does have really good tools obviously, Harnessed Lightning being one of the best removals in standard, and we a decent selection of board-wipes as well. I should try out Whirler Virtuoso, such a troll card against aggro.

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