Harnessed Lightning


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Uncommon

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Harnessed Lightning


Choose target creature. You get (three energy counters), then you may pay any amount of . Harnessed Lightning does that much damage to that creature.

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Harnessed Lightning Discussion

DaMachinator on Temur aggro morph

19 hours ago

Well, it looks like you used an outdated website for what's currently in standard.

Check http://magic.wizards.com/en/content/standard-formats-magic-gathering to see what's currently in Standard. If you're playing competitively, Mardu Vehicles/Mardu Ballista and 4-color Copycat are the decks to beat. 'Notable threats in Mardu:Walking Ballista - Pings with counters. It's actually really good removal.Heart of Kiran - A 4/4 flying vigilance for that is almost invulnerable to sorcery-speed removal.Scrapheap Scrounger - It won't stay dead.Gideon, Ally of Zendikar - Effectively a 5/5 indestructible for that is even more resistant to removal. You've got to hit it with something like Ruinous Path, ping it to death with Ballista or redirectable damage from burn spells or similar, or exile it.

Notable threats in Saheeli:Saheeli is a combo deck that uses Saheeli Rai and Felidar Guardian to create an arbitrary number of 1/4 bodies with haste. To disrupt the combo, kill Felidar Guardian or Saheeli. They cannot be on the board together at the same time or the combo will go off on the controller's next turn. The combo can be delayed using Fog effects or by reducing Saheeli to 2 or less loyalty. I do not have a lot of practical experience playing against Saheeli but it typically seems to run some removal in the form of Harnessed Lightning.

I suggest using XMage, available at xmage.de, to test your deck ideas.

GabeBurch on Fog Tower

2 days ago

Thehyperduck: Dazzling Reflection got a little bit of play but didn't do anything spectacular. I'm gonna keep it in for now but I may swap it out depending on how it performs next time. Suggestions to replace it?

Verado: Consulate Surveillance worked great. I usually had a bunch of energy to feed it and was able to fog effectively, especially with a Dynavolt Tower or two in play. A wider board definitely used up my energy quickly, but that's what Fumigate is for.

Also I may remove Harnessed Lightning for Radiant Flames. Removing several smaller creatures seems to be more important than one big one, and casting it with three colors is almost guaranteed.

xXOverMindXx on Fateful Paradox

2 days ago

First off I have to say I LOVE the Fateful Showdown as a finisher!!! never thought of it. However im afraid you dont have enough interruption to live long enough. Clogging up the board doesn't really help when your opponents can fly,trample,or combo off.

My suggestions would be as followcuts:-inspiring statuary down to a 2 of-remove sram's expertise-remove sram-remove bomat Courier-white mana base-remove spire of industry (you dont want to lose life if at all possible)-go to a 3 of on fateful show down

add:-4x Engulf the Shore -4x Harnessed Lightning -1x Aetherflux Reservoir (back up win con and something to grab with inventors fair)-1 more inventors fair-10 more islands (to replace all the other lands we took out)

That should at least allow you to live a little bit longer

GamingInTheDark on Mono Blue Control... Fast Enough for standard?

2 days ago

It's because i already have a dispel in my sideboard for the control mirror and the Jund decks i see usually have a 50/50 split between sorcery and instant speed removal. Yes they are running Fatal Push and Harnessed Lightning but most of them also have Incendiary Flow, Collective Brutality, and Ruinous Path.

inGtSToRm on Budget Grixis Artifacts Control

3 days ago

Have you considered running Glimmer of Genius instead of Reverse Engineer? it can be cast at instead speed and provides energy for your Dynavolt Tower and Harnessed Lightning

Firebones675 on Tap Tap Zap Zap

3 days ago

Looks like a good start but i think it could be a bit more focused. Sorry if ends up being a bit long but I hope it helps!

Let me start by asking how you envision yourself winning. At the moment it seems as though you're trying to do a lot at once.

Starting with Dynavolt Tower this is a viable win condition. The one problem here is that i'm worried it's activated ability won't trigger very often. A lot of dedicated tower decks can easily run 20-25+ instants and sorceries (more on this in a bit. I also linked you a sample decklist). To be fair your creatures do generate energy but it is something to keep in mind. Tower is pretty energy intensive you do want to keep your energy production in mind.

Next I want to talk about your playstyle a bit (what main archetype you fall into). At the moment you are straddling the line a bit. You seem to leaning a bit towards control (which is what I would personally do with energy in standard) with cards like your counterspells but at the same time you only have 7 counterspells you don't have much to interact with your opponent besides that. If they have a threat resolve against you, it's relatively difficult for you to deal with it.

Within blue/green it's a bit difficult which is why the most popular color combination for tower decks is blue/green/red (The deck often goes by the name Temur Tower) If you were to move into these three colors (which is very doable between your 4 of attunes, and adding lands like Aether Hub or Spirebluff Canal. If you decide to not go all in on having spells Servant of the Conduit is also a consideration) you would have access to more ways to interact, namely Harnessed Lightning, Radiant Flames, and Galvanic Bombardment. Even if you decide to stick to blue green you will need cards like these in order to deal with your opponents creatures (though they will likely not be as effective)

While we're on the topic of Temur Tower, let me show you what a sample deck might look like. So I can explain why I think the deck has done well.


This is a very controlling deck (my specialty). It runs relatively few win conditions because it knows that between the counter spells and removal it can buy enough time to draw into and play a something that will take over the game (mainly tower or Torrential Gearhulk). It's also worth noting that it runs a pretty high instant and sorcery count. Even things like Glimmer of Genius and Anticipate fuel your tower with energy while digging for more spells. I'm not saying that this is the only way to build around energy but a deck like this does get significantly more value out of tower than yours does, and I think is a bit more reliable.

Let me jump back to your deck for a bit. As I mentioned you run a pretty high creature count. While they do provide energy, i think a few f them should be replaced with removal spells of some sort as they will still provide energy with tower in play, and interact with your opponent. Having ways to dig through your deck like Glimmer of Genius is also nice.

Also i'm personally not a fan of the cards in your maybe board. I don't think any of them are quite where you want to be. For most of them, i think there are better ways to get energy and think you should move more towards instants/sorceries anyways. (If you want to know what i have against any of them in particular, feel free to ask and i can explain my reasoning)

Anyways, here's a quick recap of the big things i'd consider.

1) Switch into a three color deck

2) Add more removal/interaction

3) If you want to get more out of your towers, shift into a more controlling deck with an emphasis on your instants and sorceries

If you want me to into more detail about any of this feel free to ask and once again sorry if this was a bit long.

inGtSToRm on Tezzeret Tower Control

3 days ago

JerichoDarkstar Thanks for the well thought out and detailed comment. I appreciate your help.

The biggest thing for me is the budget side of things, I understand that certain cards are a must for certain decks but spending 20 dollars on each Torrential Gearhulk is a bit much for me.

I love the suggestion of Dynavolt Tower this is something I will add into the decklist. I love the potential it has with both Harnessed Lightning and Glimmer of Genius

Marionette Master is a card I also believe doesn't have a ton of synergy in the deck. The only reason I really have it in the deck is for the Westvale Abbey  Flip to pull off a combo with thopters and servos dealing a ton of damage and flipping the Westvale Abbey  Flip

I would love to add Disallow but they're expensive for each one. Do you thing that having 2 of those and 2 Void Shatter would be okay?

I will make sure to update the decklist and I appreciate your response!

JerichoDarkstar on Tezzeret Tower Control

4 days ago

First of all, I like the basic structure of your deck. It looks very versatile, and nothing is more fun than denying your opponent access to as many things in their deck as possible. That being said, I think you could stream line this deck a little more to help you do that better.

(1.) Marionette Master -- I love this card, and I would love it even more if it could finally find it's place in Standard. However, the basic premise of your deck doesn't synergize well with it. You don't have a consistent sacrifice engine that you can use to get her benefits to maximum. In any case, I don't think you'd want to either. If you're wanting to take advantage of Improvise (which several of your cards use), the last thing you want is to see your artifacts leave.

(2.) Westvale Abbey  Flip -- In general, control decks don't need to have a lot of creatures out. They rely on the strength of their instants and sorceries to oppress their opponent's abilities until they can drop a huge bomb creature. So, I don't think you'd ever really see 5 creatures. Don't get me wrong, Ormendahl, Profane Prince  Flip is certainly a game-ending, bomb creature, but I don't think you'd ever really see him come out.

(3.) Maverick Thopterist -- This one is a bit iffy, actually. He's a really good card in Improvise decks for sure, but I don't think you use Improvise enough to have him be an A-lister for you.

(1.) Dynavolt Tower -- You had said that Glimmer of Genius would get you more energy for you to utilize with Harnessed Lightning. I completely agree, but I also think you could stand to give it more synergy. With Tower, you can rack up quickly. There's also some interesting plays you can make with Lightning.

Say you target a creature with Lightning, but you choose to pay 0 Energy. You now have in the bank. Because you played an instant, Tower gives you . You now have and can pump it into Tower to deal 3 damage to your opponent or redirect it to a PW they control. Essentially, having Tower out means you can now use Lightning to hit players as well as creatures for 3 damage.

Because of the fact that you are doing control, you'll always have the possibility of not having enough damage output. This a good way to counteract that.

(2.) Disallow -- Being a control deck, you want as much versatility as possible. Void Shatter and Metallic Rebuke are great cards, but they can't deal with something already on board. This card can. You may want to rearrange it so that you have an even number of Disallows and Voids.

(3.) Torrential Gearhulk -- I know, I know... he's expensive. But he's an amazing card that goes really well in control. Say they cast Saheeli Rai for their combo or their own Herald of Anguish or a burn spell to your face. You can respond with Torrential, giving you a 5/6 beat stick, but grabbing a counter spell to deny them their combo piece or threat. He's very good late game which is where control decks usually want to go.

The other thing I might suggest is that some cards in your mainboard should probably be moved to sideboard to make room. These cards are great, but are probably better for specialized matches. Noxious Gearhulk, for example, is a good card but Torrential can basically accomplish the same thing just at instant speed. Noxious should be considered for matches where someone is eating your life away quicker than you can get to your wincons.

Anyway, I hope this helped. Please keep us updated on how your deck does. I love Grixis and always want to see it do well.

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