Harnessed Lightning


Choose target creature. You get (three energy counters), then you may pay any amount of . Harnessed Lightning does that much damage to that creature.

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Harnessed Lightning Discussion

Metamorphic1992 on Jeskai Superfriends

2 days ago

My issue with Superfriends is that you end up tapping out to play them so your opponent has an entire turn to explode without fearing the counterspell. Usually they will cast whatever they must either way but there are just some spells you can't afford to let resolve. PWs are great b.c if they attack them, you get more time to develope and if they attack you the planeswalker takes the game over. The only downside is sometimes they win before you stabilize and you have no mana to stop it. I suggest running a few less planeswalkers and more control. You can run like 8 or 9 PWs and still call it Super Friends. Jaya is an obvious take out, my other recommendation is Dovin Baan b.c he's not as powerful. Extra Pws are just win more and will cost you games more often than theme extra adv will win them for you. I recommend playing Seal Away as a 4x and up negate to 4x, cut the treasure maps for the negates b.c you already have pseudo scry on Azcanta and you don't need the extra mana when you run 25 lands plus Azcanta becomes one and teferi untaps 2. Seal away hits almost anything you want and you will need as many negate as possible to answer noncreature b.c you have plenty of creature answers. Also Lightning Strike is okay b.c it targets PWs but Harnessed Lightning is my preference b.c you can utilize the excess energy later to kill bigger threats. Plus you could easily sideboard Aether Meltdown against vehicles or just aggro in general and that has 2 additional energy, combo those with Aether Hub and you will be burning glorybringers and Lyras with a 2 drop instant. I would cut either rivers rebuke or ruinous blast for the Meltdowns. Pull from Tomorrow is too good not to run a copy or 2 in here b.c it just wins games if it's not countered or you could run a couple Gearhulk.

Chobuzzness666 on Jeskai Thopter's Combo

1 week ago

Thanks Pabs4444, I've remove the Harnessed Lightning and replaced these by an extra Abrade. As you said I already have a lot of removal. I also removed the Glimmer of Genius as Teferi and Karn can already help to draw. I also move one Settle the Wreckage to the sideboard and one Gideon.

rupertmarquez on Standard Jund

2 weeks ago

Chasmolinker, thanks a ton for the upvote and the suggestions!

Now, regarding Jadelight Ranger, you may very well be correct, but I don't know what to replace for it... What would you take out for it I'm concerned about getting rid of 2 Ruin Raider for 2 Ripjaw raptor , because I would like to keep the mana curve somewhat low, like Modern Jund. This is especially true for liliana, death's majesty, since Ruin Raider revealed Liliana could really be painful in a lot of spots, and this deck does not have ways to gain any life, aside from the Deathgorge Scavenger. I think I might take out Aether Hub and Harnessed Lightning for the Lightning Strike and some other lands as you suggested.

I would like to hear more about ways of improving the deck and making it more "Jund"-like. So if any other ideas come to mind, they are more than welcome!

Chasmolinker on Standard Jund

2 weeks ago

Jadelight Ranger seems very Jund like. Ripjaw raptor doing double duty here. Decent beater that rewards you with card advantage. Should be a 4 of IMHO. I would cut 2 Ruin Raider for it. Sort of fills the Bloodbraid Elf slot.

I would ditch the energy theme at this point and swap Harnessed Lightning for Lightning Strike. There isn't enough support here to make the energy theme really shine. It works best with Winding Constrictor. Cool build +1.

No Liliana, Death's Majesty makes the deck seem less Jund and more Gruul.

rapicho on Temur Summoning Dominaria

3 weeks ago

I'm not sure what you're getting from red in this deck? I think you'd be better off in bant utilizing white board clears like Fumigate for lifegain, and Settle the Wreckage for a 4/4 and a board clear that doesn't hit you. White also has decent life gain and token synergies. The only advantage I'm seeing red give you is how Harnessed Lightning synergies with energy. This deck also would do much better with a Karn, Scion of Urza.

razelfark on DeathStar

4 weeks ago

If you want to try and be a spell heavy deck then I have a couple different ways you could try to take it. There is a spellslinger style deck that uses energy you can try to use or you could go a mage focused route. The spellslinger deck tends to be a slower deck build that also focuses on control and getting extra resources or damage from casting spells while the wizard deck option is less about control and more about rushing your opponent before they have much opportunity to respond.

Card ideas for the energy deck:

Artifact:Dynavolt Tower

Instant: Harnessed Lightning, Shock, Lightning Strike

Sorcery: Fight with Fire

Creature: Firebrand Archer, Aethertorch Renegade, Aethergeode Miner

Card ideas for the wizard deck:

Creature: Ghitu Lavarunner, Soul-Scar Mage, Ghitu Journeymage

Instant: Shock, Lightning Strike, Wizard's Lightning

Obviously the card suggestions don't tell a complete deck but can give you ideas of what you could do with them if you wanted to go those deck styles. If you wan't an idea of what I do for a white/red deck I call it Boros Path Of Mettle. It is an aggressive aggro deck with lots of focus on haste creatures that also makes it hard for my opponent to counter attack once I flip Path of Mettle  Flip into Metzali, Tower of Triumph. The deck has shown great results winning me first or getting in the top 4 consistently before Dom came out, but I haven't played it since because I have been testing crazy combo decks and Sap hoard decks.

If you have any questions I will try and help when I can.

multimedia on Jeskai Control

1 month ago

Hey, it's going to be hard to splash red for a double red card Sweltering Suns with only 11 sources of red in the manabase. I think the red splash is good for Abrade. It kills Vehicles, the things that UW Control have trouble with especially Heart of Kiran.

Abrade also gives you more early game removal spells that you can use on aggro creatures and save Seal Away for bigger mid and late game creatures. I like the one/two punch removal of Abrade and Seal main deck with Teferi. Consider 3x Abrade and 3x Seal?

I think Harnessed Lightning is too hit or miss because it's possible that you don't have four energy so you can't use it to kill Heart of Kiran early game. I could see playing it a 1 of because in the mid and late game you will most likely have energy to use with Harnessed and it's good with a lot of energy.

A alternative to Sweltering is Fiery Cannonade as it only has one red in the casting cost. If you're wanting a sweeper to combat 2/2 Knight tokens in the mirror then this does that at instant speed good with Teferi.

Spoonybard on Rakdos EQ

1 month ago

Carpet_Bottom - With all the Equipment I would consider splashing for Danitha Capashen, Paragon. I would go up to 3x Blackblade Reforged and change some of the creatures to be more Legendary. Mastermind's Acquisition can be replaced with more removal such as Lightning Strike, Harnessed Lightning, Fatal Push, etc... If you are spending for Siege-Gang Commander, might as well play Glorybringer. Finally, based on your curve, I would play 24, not 22 lands. Drop 1x Mountain and 1x Swamp and add in 4x Canyon Slough, in the event you already have enough mana in play or you need some card draw.

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