Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Uncommon

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Choose one -

  • Target opponent exiles a creature he or she controls.

  • Target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose a nonland card from it. Exile that card. "This place has outlived its usefulness."

  • Nicol Bolas

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Doomfall Discussion

razelfark on Rat Colonie Mono Black

2 days ago

I like that you are trying to be unique and not use the blue combo with Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive. I think you need to address some issues by not using such a creature with your build.

First issue is that Metallic Mimic only offers your creatures a benefit if it is on the board in the early game. If it is not, then it would have been better to have drawn another Rat Colony then it.

The other creature Ruin Rat offers no support to your deck other then a 1/1/ deathtouch body that might remove a card from your opponents grave when it dies. Overall a lack luster card.

Cards you may want to add to the deck idea would be things like Duress and Doomfall so you can pull field wipe spells from your opponents hand before then have the chance to use it against you.

Personally think the black blue version of the deck is the stronger version because it offers you ability to get in unblocked and offers blue support spells to protect the rats.

Best of luck with the deck.

Beydin83 on Ground and Pound

5 days ago

@rei10 I was going to make a sideboard with Duress, Doomfall, Angrath, the Flame-Chained.

razelfark on Mono Black control

1 week ago

Reollus1 he has 3 different cards that can do that between Bontu's Last Reckoning, Phyrexian Scriptures, and Doomfall as non-target removal. He can also get it out of an opponents hand if he turn one Divest.

eragon795 on [PRIMER] EsPURE Domination

1 week ago

Argy What did you mean about not being allowed to ID at FNM level? Don't the MtG Tournament Rules allow you to draw at any sanctioned tournament (which any FNM should be)?

x12721 I had to think for a bit before I worked out what seemed off about your deck. Then I realised that you have no sweepers in the mainboard. I highly reccomend some number of sweepers. Probably 3-4 main and then none side (2 Fumigate and 1-2 Settle the Wreckage ). The reason for this is that control decks which go 1-for-1 with opponents (as your deck does) fold to decks which make lots of creatures. That's why I played grixis instead of UB last season - it had a better matchup against the aggro and token decks.

If you add sweepers to the main, I would probably move at least 1, maybe both Vona's Hunger to the side, or maybe cut one altogether because 2 seems a little clunky to me. I also think that Dovin Baan is poor in general, and isn't particularly strong in this deck more than otherwise.

I also think that you have one too many Supreme Will and would suggest you trade it out either for another Disallow or another Hieroglyphic Illumination.

Finally, I think your sideboard is a little sub-par. You should definitely have 2 Authority of the Consuls and some number of either Regal Caracal or Lyra Dawnbringer. Given that the meta has adjusted to Lyra, I would suggest Caracals. I don't think you really need 2 Nezahal, Primal Tide. They are a house against control, but you also need to run enough denial still.

Unwind is a cool spell, but I don't think you need it as well as the 3 Negate. Probably play another copy of Duress though, because it's arguably the most impactful card against control. I would also recommend a Sorcerous Spyglass because it is amazing. You also probably need some number of disenchant effects, so either Invoke the Divine or Forsake the Worldly.

Finally, other sideboard cards include Doomfall, Gonti, Lord of Luxury, Lost Legacy if you are worried about Approach (although I think it is less necessary at the moment), and Arguel's Blood Fast which is great.

I know that I have suggested a lot of sideboard cards (more than you have room for), so sorry for that. I basically took the most impactful cards from my UW and Grixis sideboards and suggested them.

Also, sorry for the really long post, I didn't originally intend it to be this long. Also sorry if it sounds like I don't think your deck is good, that isn't the case. I just think it needs a little tweaking.

x12721 on Counter Surge Upgrade Budget

1 week ago

Land upgrade is Blooming Marsh (you really want access to both colors of mana T1). I would recommend Doomfall over Slice in Twain and 1x Duress. Arbor Armament isn't a great card, I would replace them with Sentinel Totem for some graveyard hate. Mainboard: remove the Maulfist Revolutionary for one more Llanowar Elves and another Walking Ballista. There's much better removal than Walk the Plank as well, while Vraska's Contempt is the best, a few more Fatal Push would also be good.

Mokan on Rakdos Control

1 week ago

No, not at all :DD I wanted to give you more of a feedback, but I didn't have the time at the moment.

Divest should be a really good addition to your deck, and I'd probably remove the Duress from the mainboard, or at least greatly lower the count, cause it might be a dead draw in a lot of situations (take it from a guy who's been playing playsets of Kitesail Freebooter). Doomfall is also real good hand disruption and takes care of gods. You should definitely put in some copies of Dark Bargain, cause what's a control deck without draw! Also, since you're going for control purely, Shivan Fire might be a lot better than Shock. I think you could definitely use some Noxious Gearhulk and Ravenous Chupacabra action, cause you're a bit lacking in the win conditions department (they're cheap anyway!); on that note - Glorybringer might be a good win con for you as well. Moment of Craving might be very good if you have a lot of aggro in your local meta. If you wanna do the whole curse thingie, you could put some Trespasser's Curse in your sideboard against creature based decks (btw I really don't get your sideboard). Finally, if you're willing to upgrade the deck in the longterm, I suggest you check out SBMtG's Lich's Mastery mono black control list on the youtubz for ideas and directions.

Anywho, happy brewing to you!

Argy on Rakdos Phryexian Sculpture

2 weeks ago

You're going to have problems against decks that play things like Ixalan's Binding and Cast Out.

About the only way you can get ahead of them is to run things like Duress, Lost Legacy, or Doomfall.

Icy Manipulator should come out for Vraska's Contempt.

It won't shut down The Scarab God, Vraska's Contempt will.

A play set would be even better.

Stazeeee on BWG Janky Spanky Control

3 weeks ago

Ah I see what you're saying. Well the only decks that are truly creatureless right now are Approach and some cycling decks. I predict midrange to be the most played right now though.

For the most part if I don't need board sweep I bring in +3 Duress, +2 Doomfall, +2 Kambal, Consul of Allocation, +2 Ixalan's Binding (9 cards)

Hell I'll just go ahead and give a break down of how I'm sideboarding:

U/W Approach:

+3 Duress (approach hate)

+2 Doomfall (approach hate)

+2 Kambal, Consul of Allocation (pretty much -2 life on any spell they have)

+2 Ixalan's Binding (for cast out/seal away or any planeswalker if they run one)

-4 Fumigate

-3 Settle the Wreckage

-1 Phyrexian Scriptures

-1 Profane Procession  Flip

9 Cards exchanged. This makes most approach match ups easy, though ones that splash black can be a bit trickier.

U/W Control:

They will usually run Torrential Gearhulk as a wincon and sometimes sideboard in some creature threats once you take board sweeps out (like the new 5/5 angel example..forget what she's called)

-4 Fumigate (they build their board too slowly for board wipes to get enough value to be worth it)

-1 Phyrexian Scriptures

-2 Settle the Wreckage (keep one as a just in case card you may want to draw into)

-2 Gift of Paradise (we don't need the life gain and the ramp in the deck is needed more for control than for aggro)

-1 The Eldest Reborn (need them to have a creature out for max value and most of the game they won't have one...3 still stay in for when they do)

+3 Duress (board wipe hate...they will have a lot)

+2 Doomfall (board wipe hate or force them to exile Torrential if they have a clear board to attack into)

+2 Ixalan's Binding (land one on gearhulk or cast out and you pretty much win the game)

+1 Profane Procession  Flip (spot removal that they can only deal with using cast out if you play around their counters).

+2 Kambal, Consul of Allocation (they will take a lot of damage if you get him out or sets up your ixalan's binding to hit their cast out when they use it on him).

10 cards exchanged.

New Perspectives/Cylcing:Similar to the U/W Approach game.

I think that covers most of the "creatureless decks".Other decks

Mono Red:

+2 Authority of the Consuls

+1 Seal Away (or +2 if I add another)

-1 Skysovereign, Consul Flagship

-1 Vraska, Relic Seeker

-1 Sandwurm Convergence

This is a really tough match up, and its all about ramping/gaining life with Gift of Paradise, and surviving to board wipe turn 4 and controlling the board till they run out of gas, then turning the game around. Profane Procession is useful for taking out Rekindling Phoenix and Hazoret the Fervent. Even though the deck has a plan and can, mono red might be its toughest match up.

Against Other Aggro Decks deck mostly stays the same and Authority of the Consuls doesn't come in. Just +1 Seal Away, +1/-1 Profane Procession  Flip (in if they are running hard to remove creatures like Rekindling Phoenix otherwise out and just rely on board wipe).

@wakawakawaka Ok so with that in mind and now that you kinda see how the sideboard works, I'm interested if you agree with it or if you would suggest a change. Mind you I do now have 2 open slots for sideboard based on your previous suggestion (took out Solemnity and Silent Gravestone as I don't think I need help with the matches they are pertinent to since I already have enough creature removal). I may add another Seal Away to help against mono red and R/G monsters. I was also thinking maybe a Cast Out or another Ixalan's Binding in case super friends starts to be more of a thing. They help against X/W control too since they run the same enchantments as removal.

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