Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Uncommon

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Choose one -

  • Target opponent exiles a creature he or she controls.

  • Target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose a nonland card from it. Exile that card."This place has outlived its usefulness."

  • Nicol Bolas

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Doomfall Discussion

TheCamFire on Grixis Turbo Tower - Remastered (XLN)

7 hours ago

Fluffy_Squid, you know, before rotation, one of my biggest problems was Bristling Hydra so I ran To the Slaughter as a pretty good edict effect against it. Now in Ixalan, I cannot find a good enough replacement for it in the colors that I'm using. Bontu's Last Reckoning and Doomfall could both put in some work, or I could Lost Legacy naming Carnage Tyrant game 2 if I lose to it game 1.

Radeint on UB Control (Ixalan)

12 hours ago

So I got some more cards today, and updated the list which it seems tough for me to find swaps. I mainly added the cards recommended to the side board. because i am not sure what to swap since there are too many good cards lul.

Although I feel Lost Legacy will be one of the only ways to deal with Carnage Tyrant based on how many are in meta ( since it is hexproof and can't be countered). what do you think about this?

I also am struggling on swaps between 3x Negate for 3x Supreme Will since negate is a nice 2 drop. same thing with 2x Essence Scatter for 2x Doomfall. please anyfeedback on whether these swaps would be better even with the higher cost involved, which would leave me with just Harsh Scrutiny and Duress until turn 3 if i hit all my lands.

soikkam on Treasuret - Board-clogging Treasure Midrange v2

1 day ago

I would love to see your build as soon as you have it ready, it sounds interesting.

Firstly, I went with Metalspinner's Puzzleknot because the loss of life is negligible with so many ways to gain life (and for pretty big amounts) in the deck and we would rather have the card than the Servos.

The synergy with Contraband Kingpin and treasure map also make me feel that Scry/Draw is a lot better for the deck than Scry/Make a 1/1.

The deck used to have 20 lands in it actually! However, with as much as the deck Scrys, Draws, and Scry/Draws, and with as much Treasure/Etherium Cell generation as the deck does, and how fast Improvise costs can come online, I think that 22 lands are the sweet spot. It feels as though as long we are hitting our early drops and efficiently scrying, we can actually play on curve quite consistently. Of course, variance is a bitch and maybe Ive just been getting exceedingly lucky with my opening 7s.

Furthermore, Prophetic Prism doesnt solve the problem of "Lack of Mana", it would only fix our colors if we were running into problems with colorless lands such as Inventors' Fair. The card draw is nice, but this deck draws plenty of cards and the engines that make that possible also have other uses.

Lastly, Ive since tested Herald of Anguish and he just doesnt live or do enough to warrant him a spot. I would likely just play The Scarab God over him if I had the option. Marionette Master has been an amazing bomb, and can win the game the turn we play her. She is synergistic with almost every card we are playing and thats all the deck could ask for.

Once Ixalan arrives, cards like Scarab God, Hazoret the Fervent, and Glorybringer wont have much of a leg to stand on once Vraska's Contempt, Hostage Taker, and Cast Out make overwhelming results. We are aiming to dodge that hate by simply not playing those cards (although, nobody would be wrong for playing those cards, theyll just have to grind it out).

Carnage Tyrant is the only card I can think of that dodges the hate. But thats why we have Bontu's Last Reckoning and Doomfall out of the board.

BaxfromAus on U/B Scarab control

1 day ago

@ ouPotato thanks for your comments... I will be doing some testing over the weekend and will put in a Torrential Gearhulk in and see how it plays out, I would love to get my another copy but soooooo expensive.. Definitely looking at the Ixalan cards as you have mentioned, Spell Pierce may also find it's way into the deck. Was also considering having Lay Bare the Heart & Doomfall for for hand disruption so will also consider putting these in during testing.

crypticMTG on UB Control (Ixalan)

1 day ago

Lay Bare the Heart is going to be much weaker with the new rules on Planeswalkers being Legendary. Have you considered 1 or 2 Doomfall, the versatility is often valuable in different matchups. The edict mode may prove more useful in the long run over Lay Bare the Heart.

Similarly, what about Supreme Will? Even late game, the option to turn a seemingly useless counterspell into the best card in your top four is pretty important.

Only other comment is are you short of Fetid Pools? Dual land early, turns your Drowned Catacomb online. Cycles late game when you're good on mana.

Generally, consider cards that give you multiple options, they help against more decks than other cards, so are usually better mainboard options which can be swapped out for more specific answers out of the sideboard.

I've been on Grixis control since the start of Amonkhet - which if you want to, you can find on my page - and have found that once I started playing Doomfall and Supreme Will, I've found more matchups easier to play against before sideboarding, allowing me to win game ones I usually shouldn't.

A costly addition may be looking into getting a The Scarab God or two if you can too. It's possibly the best control creature right now.

Illuminate21 on XLN - UB Master Control

2 days ago

I'm not really an expert when it comes to sideboards, but Iv got a rough idea of what I want. I'm thinking something along the lines of:

2x Harsh Scrutiny - To be used against aggro decks and any deck that plays Carnage Tyrant.

3x Kefnet the Mindful - Kind of replacing Sphinx of the Final Word, being a control mirror breaker. Also good against midrange decks.

1x Yahenni's Expertise - I'm not sure about this, but I have found that it is better to have a another boardwipe against token decks, mostly Vampires these days.

2x Doomfall - Another answer to Carnage Tyrant, yet also has an discard effect, which might be useful against some decks I hope. xD

3x Negate - Replacing Dispel which was used against the control Mirror, yet also good against Vehicles and pretty much any deck that runs mostly non creature spells.

2x Sentinel Totem - Graveyard hate that I want to test. Only problem is that it takes away both graveyards, causing problems for The Scarab God.

Not sure about what to add to the last 2 slots. If u guys have some ideas, feel free to suggest!

Countermage on Discard to death, mono black standard

4 days ago

Oh, I forgot to say yo need Doomfall in your 75, It's so versatile to Thoughtseize the opponent or to get rid of Bristling Hydra, Carnage Tyrant or those annoying Gods.

Geo67 on ARRRRR!!!! Standard Grixis Pirates

1 week ago

I've run Doomfall in a U/B Eldrazi deck, and in a R/B control deck, and I'm never sad to have it. This is such a cool build. I'm pretty excited about the upcoming release.

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