Ixalan's Binding


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Ixalan's Binding


When Ixalan's binding enters the battlefield, exile target nonland permanent an opponent controls until Ixalan's Binding leaves the battlefield. Your opponents can't cast spells with the same name as the exiled card.

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Ixalan's Binding Discussion

DrkNinja on "Wait, how much life do I lose?" -Opponent

2 hours ago

Honestly man I'd pivot away from Vamps and go to Cats. Regal Caracal, Anointed Procession, Anointer Priest, and other Embalm/Eternalize cards... Maybe even Approach of the Second Sun.

Either way you need more control... Seal Away, Ixalan's Binding, Cast Out

moulcarve on Grave Robbing 101

2 hours ago

Lordrain1922, thanks for the feedback. I've been considering splashing green so that I could cast Darigaaz Reincarnated and Verdant Force if I need to, also green would give me access to a lot more enchantment removal, like Naturalize or Broken Bond to take care of Ixalan's Binding to take care of Ixalan's Binding. Alternatively i could run some graveyard recursion like Rise from the Grave or Boneyard Parley to get return Whisper, Blood Liturgist or any of the big creatures back, then even if they do use Ixalan's Binding I would still have a way to get Whisper, Blood Liturgist, and I could always just sideboard in Smelt or Goblin Trashmaster if they use Sorcerous Spyglass.

M_Malcom on Help with an anti net-deck

9 hours ago

Hunson_Abadeer yeah I was thinking maybe white for some good spot removel and or name jam cards with cards like Ixalan's Binding or Nevermore. Plus that would go with the theme.

Silverdrake on R/W Dinosaur Mid-Range

1 day ago

I appreciate the politeness of your disagreement, cdkime. I also think the card is too slow to be competitively viable in modern, but it appears yavuzyuksel07 is on a budget and working with primarily standard cards. If he has the budget for it he should absolutely opt for Path to Exile and Lightning Bolt. I only meant to suggest that he bump his mainboard removal up from just 2 spells.

cdkime, if I'm correct in my assumption that you're just working with what you have from cracking recent booster packs, you can still look for some other removal that's slightly more viable than Ixalan's Binding. Seal Away was just printed in Dominaria, for example. You also have access to Gideon's Reproach in white, which you likely have some copies of if you've been cracking packs. Lightning Strike and Shock have both been printed recently, but Lightning Bolt is only a couple dollars apiece so it's probably best to just shell out the eight-ish dollars to get yourself a set. But if I'm wrong about the working with what you have & being on a budget it, absolutely grab yourself some copies of Path to Exile.

cdkime on R/W Dinosaur Mid-Range

1 day ago

I disagree with Silverdrake's suggestion of 3-4 Ixalan's Binding, as I do not believe you should run that card at all. Modern is too fast for a 4 mana removal spell, particularly one that can be removed by Disenchant. While the mini-Meddling Mage effect is nifty, this comes down far too late to make a difference.

Silverdrake on R/W Dinosaur Mid-Range

1 day ago

Hey, welcome to modern!

I can see from the comments that you've heard this a bunch already, but Dinos isn't going to be quite powerful enough to play with the top dogs. That said, you can certainly steal some wins with it and have fun along the way! I'd say the most important thing for you to look at changing is the numbers of each card you're running. As cdkime said, consistency is super important. I know when you first start getting into the game there's so many cool cards that each do such cool things it feels best to run a couple of each, but I promise that isn't the best strategy. You want to figure out what the best cards in your deck are, and try to trim the rest. A good example to start with would be going up to 4 Kinjalli's Caller and 3-4 Ixalan's Binding.

multimedia on U/W Tezzeret Control M19

1 week ago

Hey, interesting ideas. If you're right--I think you are about Bolas/Scarab midrange and red aggro still dominating Standard until rotation--why do you think that combining Tezzeret with Teferi is a winning strategy? Goblin Chainwhirler will be a part of both these dominating decks and Tezzeret gets wrecked by him.

I just don't think Tezzeret interacts well with Teferi. He seems really good with Karn, but not Teferi. Both Teferi and Tezzeret are the same CMC and Teferi is so much better for control. Two five drop Planeswalkers is not what control wants especially since Teferi is a control engine by himself without needing other cards (artifacts). If you think red aggro is still going to dominate then that's another reason not to play Tezzeret because this adds another five drop to the mana curve who's quite bad when facing Chainwhirler.

I suggest as a way to fight both these possible dominating decks--instead of adding Tezzeret--bring back Approach of the Second Sun. Play more Seal Away, Cast Out and Ixalan's Binding. Chainwhirler is keeping green at bay until post rotation making playing these enchantments safer. They're quite good at stopping Bolas and Scarab because enchantment removal is nonexistent in these decks. Post rotation could be much different and Reclamation Sage could wreck Azorius with lots of removal that's enchantments, but until rotation I think you're safe.

Tezzeret is the most interesting card in your deck. You have the right ideas with using Treasure Map  Flip and Fountain of Renewal with Tezzeret, but he wants a much more dedicated artifact strategy. This way you can consistently 0 him the turn he's played. Having a 5 loyalty Planeswalker and drawing two cards is good. Much better than a having a 1/1 flier and a 6 loyalty Planeswalker.

Dimir seems good with Tezzeret with more artifacts like Metalspinner's Puzzleknot, Sorcerous Spyglass, Walking Ballista, Fountain, Map. Cards that care about artifacts like Herald of Anguish, Tezzeret the Schemer, Sai, Master Thopterist, Contraband Kingpin, Metallic Rebuke, Battle at the Bridge and Karn. The problem is that Dimir is already occupied in Standard until rotation with midrange. There's no reason to play Dimir competitively with artifacts until rotation since midrange with Scarab is already proven to be dominate.

Dimir is a guild in Guilds of Ravnica--Azorius is not. Dimir will have support in the set and the entire current Dimir midrange deck except Contempt rotates out of Standard. This leaves an empty spot for a new Dimir strategy which hopefully the mana curve of Fountain/Map/Sai/Karn/Tezzeret can fill. Post rotation Azorius with removal as enchantments might be vulnerable to Reclamation Sage; if this is the case so will an artifact strategy with Tezzeret. Tezzeret is a great card to brew around for post rotation, but I think until rotation too many cards outmatch him.

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