Kjeldoran Dead


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Kjeldoran Dead

Creature — Skeleton

When Kjeldoran Dead enters the battlefield, sacrifice a creature.

: Regenerate Kjeldoran Dead.

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Kjeldoran Dead Discussion

ChaosJester on Skeliez

1 month ago

what about the good ol' Kjeldoran Dead?

xoxoxo on Skeletal Control

6 months ago

More Icy Manipulator's? Do the Drowned really have to go? Do I want Sanitarium Skeleton as a 1 drop for a second turn Kjeldoran Dead + Bone Picker even though it's pretty garbagey?

Velkaarn on Sp00ky Skeletons (ULTRA Budget)

7 months ago

I've always been salty the stupid zombies overran Skeletons as go-to undead tribe in MtG, so to see the skeletal glory here warrants an auto +1! May I suggest Kjeldoran Dead? We used to run that a bit back in the happier days.

HorseFist on I feel thrifty : )

1 year ago

In case anyone still listening:

The 2 Ice Packs arrived (over two weeks late due to shipping error) sometime over the weekend. Pack #1 (Wolf, Ron Spencer illustrated) included:

Rare = Icy Prison

Honorable mentions/runners up (no uncommons in booster?) = Kjeldoran Dead, Nacre Talisman, Mystic Remora

Since I was kept waiting for more than an extra week to receive them, we will be in suspense for a few more days while I delay my gratification in opening Ice Pack #2....

jcpg33 on The Ungrateful Dead (Sub $8)

2 years ago

Kjeldoran Dead seems like it would be riiiiiight at home in this group

Zigen on Torpor'd Off

2 years ago

Ok its now updated

It went from 3 color to 2 color. subtracting red for one. The second is not relying on the Torpor Orb to be played before the Kjeldoran Dead, Shivan Wumpus, and especially the big guy Phyrexian Dreadnought. Creatures were also changed up as well while keeping Phyrexian Dreadnought as the main focus.