Crater's Claws


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir (KTK) Rare

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Crater's Claws


Crater's Claws deals X damage to target creature or player.

Ferocious — Crater's Claws deals X damage plus 2 to that creature or player instead if you control a creature with power 4 or greater.

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Crater's Claws Discussion

TypicalTimmy on Help me make my R/G ...

3 weeks ago

Actually, now that I read it, I'm not 100% certain that Mana Reflection will double Savage Ventmaw since you are not tapping specifically to add the mana, you are tapping to attack.

The mana is a result of him attacking, not the result of an activated ability.

I apologize for this oversight. I've actually never played with Mana Reflection before. It's in none of my decks, so I was unfamiliar with it's rulings.

That's my bad.

Regardless, you can still easily end up with 16 mana on T4.

  • 8 from 4 tapped lands
  • 2 from 1 tapped Dork
  • 6 from Ventmaw

That's still an X=13 Genesis Wave, an X=14 Rolling Thunder (Which will be game with the Ventmaw's damage), an X=15 Crater's Claws for 17 damage (Again, game), or a Hydra Broodmaster with Monstrosity of 4 (Which is still pretty good, all things considered).

I have one deck where I have a playset of Hydra Broodmaster and a playset of Gelatinous Genesis. So, that'd still be 7 of 7/7 Ooze tokens, too.

TypicalTimmy on Help me make my R/G ...

3 weeks ago

Boza, while I personally do see your point about the mana restrictions, your comment of: "it is impossible to have 12 total mana any sooner than turn 5" is not entirely accurate.

I build speed-Gruul decks all the time. Gruul is super easy to pump out massive amounts of mana. BUT - you have to build for it.

We are assuming you have your hand of 7 cards. Works well if you went 2nd, so you have card advantage each of your turns. That draw really helps.

Turn 1: 7 - 8 cards in hand.

Turn 2: You played 2 cards last turn and drew 1 this turn. 6 - 7 cards in hand.

  • T2: Any other land that doesn't enter the battlefield tapped. You'll want to play something like Generator Servant, another 1-drop Dork, if able you can do both but let's not get greedy here. Normally I take a hand with a Servant that can be played T2

Turn 3: You played 2 - 3 more cards and drew 1. 4 - 6 cards in hand.

  • T3: Land. You're Gruul so you need to hit tempo. You now have three lands, and 2 - 3 additional mana at your disposal in creatures. At this point, I usually tap all lands, tap my Dork, sac my GS and play a Savage Ventmaw, swinging for 4 and adding . On T3, with six available mana floating from your Ventmaw, you can pay for either a second Savage Ventmaw, a Mana Reflection, or even work up to a Zendikar Resurgent. You get that 7th mana by either discarding a Simian Spirit Guide.

Another option you have available is to, instead of playing a Ventmaw, you tap out everything you've got for your 6 mana. You float 5 of it and use for an Infernal Plunge and target your Dork. This adds back which pushes you into 7. If you are lucky enough to have a Simian Spirit Guide on top of your Infernal Plunge (Don't count on it) you could theoretically nail a Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger.

Turn 4: There's a lot you could have done last turn. Between playing a land, a Ventmaw / Reflection / Resurgence and giving up an Guide / Plunge, it's hard to really tell where you are at currently. This all becomes situational at this point.

  • T4: This is normally where I begin to play big spells. See the Unwritten, Genesis Wave, Hydra Broodmaster, Dragon Broodmother. You could do all of this on T3, if I'm being honest. You do this by swinging with Ventmaw on T3 and dropping any of these 6-drop spells immediately after. But that aside, you play a 4th land. You'll either have 4 mana from lands and 6 from Ventmaw + Dorks, or you could have 8 mana from lands when you consider it'll be doubled via Enchantments + Dorks. Since Mana Reflection doubles Dork mana, too, that could easily tip you at or above 10 mana T4. So you can see just how easy it is to hit 12+ T5.

If you were lucky and hit a T3 Savage Ventmaw who was hasted by Generator Servant (Happens a lot in my decks with the frequency I play them), you could even dump his six into a Mana Reflection. This means on T4, you have 8 mana from lands, 2 mana from a single Dork, and 12 mana from Ventmaw. That's 22 mana, on T4.

To put that into perspective: That's an X=19 Genesis Wave, a Hydra Broodmaster that you also turn Monsterous for 7 () which gets you 7 7/7 tokens, that's an X=20 Rolling Thunder, an X=21 Crater's Claws which deals 23 Damage from the Ferocious trigger...

Gruul, if designed properly, is the single most powerful ramp color combination in the whole game, in my non-professional opinion (lol)

TypicalTimmy on Verix bladewing

2 months ago

Trickster is probably going to go up in price, but settle around $3 or $4 as it is uncommon (So more printings) once it finds a place in Modern. It shuts down a lot of creatures Modern loves, like Tarmogoyf and can shut down bigger players such as Griselbrand and Emrakul, the Promised End. But as As Boza stated, you've got cards that are better at shutting down creatures. Take for example Snapback.

Now, to answer your question on Verix Bladewing. The benefit of Verix is that you get a 4/4 flyer for 4. However, there are lots of 4/4 flyers for 4. If we're sticking strictly to Dragons and red, Thunderbreak Regent is better. If we're stepping outside of red, well... there's just too many to list.

What makes Verix so good is that for 7 (Paying Kicker), you get two 4/4s. The problem here is that not only are both Legendary (So you can't recast another Verix and get a 2nd 4/4 token), there are also better flyers for 7. And any deck using red can use 7 mana far more efficiently. Take, for example, Crater's Claws. If you paid 7 mana into this, X would be 6. If you have a creature big enough to trigger the Ferocious ability, that'll be 8 damage straight to face. If you want a more on-par comparison, for literally 1 more mana, you get Utvara Hellkite and now you get not just two tokens, but exponentially more and much larger than that. And cheating out Utvara Hellkite is easier to do since you don't have additional costs to pay on top of the CMC.

Now I know people will argue that Verix gets you two bodies for that cost, and I understand. But those people will also argue that 7 CMC is too much mana for Modern - the card is too slow.

So you find Verix stuck between a rock and a hard place.

There's better ways to spend 7 mana, and 7 mana on a single card is kind of a waste in Modern.

Even in EDH, he doesn't really fit. As a Commander, you're paying a minimum of 7 to get his benefit, and if you need to redo his token each turn he's costing you 9, than 11, than 13... and restricting you to mono-red? He's a better fit for the 99.

I honestly don't think Verix will see any competitive play outside of Standard testing the waters with him. Therefore, I can't see him going up in price.

I think he'll slowly creep up within these next few weeks, maybe to around the $3 or $5 range, but he'll settle back down to around the $1 - $3 range once people realize he's using too many resources for too little benefit. I could be completely 100% wrong. There's a fair amount of mana-producing and land tutoring spells in Standard now. I suspect Gruul will come back, so he may go up slightly as people test him but drop once the initial impact settles.

Argy on Pattern Recognition #58 - Red ...

4 months ago

I like a combo of Avaricious Dragon, and Crater's Claws in my RDW.

The Dragon can help you push that last bit of evasion damage through, and gives you pseudo Draw.

Pairing it with Crater's Claws can squeeze through the last 2 damage you need for lethal.

I also REALLY like Satyr Firedancer in RDW. Such an amazingly good card for the archetype.

chadsansing on Rakdos, Lord of Goodstuff

4 months ago

Sweet creature list.

Have you ever tested with a few X direct damage spells like Banefire, Comet Storm, Earthquake, Meteor Shower, Crater's Claws or Conflagrate to cast of Neheb post-combat?

Happy playing!

goldlion on Menacing Onslaught *Budget*

4 months ago

Thanks, very much cdkime.

So far it's pretty casual. I may get into a modern night, but that happens an hour away from where I live and I have enough people to play with here for now. Just taking a relaxed approach for now.

Good points on the land. It was the price points that kept me from even looking. I think City of Brass has great potential, especially combined with something like Karplusan Forest in this deck. If this deck evolves to act quick enough, the 1 damage shouldn't be a problem. This deck is still unfolding pretty fast, even with those one turn waits, but I do notice myself often missing one more play per turn.

The thought with Dictate of Karametra is it wouldn't generally cast until that last push, like when I'd be ready to play the Crater's Claws. It worked out in my tests where I play Dictate of Karametra, untap all land with Dramatic Reversal, then doubled my mana up for a big Crater's Claws.That was before I realized Dramatic Reversal only untapped nonland permanents.. oops... Perhaps Early Harvest or Bear Umbra instead of dramatic reversal? Or am I heading the wrong direction with this and those spots would be better suited for something else?

I believe you're probably right about 4 copies of the better low-cost cards... I haven't defined what those are yet. Any recommendations for me to trial?

I definitely have found myself wanting more Hardened Scales.

Thanks again for your time and the recommendations. I am grateful, and excited to order the cards for this when it's a little finer tuned so I can trial it live.


usaDiabetic on Enter the Wizard

4 months ago

Maybe add some more burn to finish games, like Fall of the Titans, Banefire, or Crater's Claws. If you go that route maybe Pyromancer's Goggles?

Either way, sweet build!!

xyr0s on BR Dragons

8 months ago

Flameshadow Conjuring is a card, you could make a whole deck around. but here... no. It's not just a "does nothing" card, it's "does nothing very long time", since you have to pay for it. You play it turn 4, it does nothing. You play a land, and 5 cmc dragon on turn 5. And it does nothing, since you can't afford to play the activation.

Howl of the Horde - why? What is it you can play, which is worth copying, after you paid 3 mana to copy it? A turn... 10? 15? Crater's Claws? You need 7 mana to play the equivalent of 2 lightning bolts like this... Reverberate is better, as it can copy your opponents cards, and costs 1 less. But that still doesn't make it good for this deck.

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