Crater's Claws


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir (KTK) Rare

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Crater's Claws


Crater's Claws deals X damage to target creature or player.

Ferocious — Crater's Claws deals X damage plus 2 to that creature or player instead if you control a creature with power 4 or greater.

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Crater's Claws Discussion

Argy on Pattern Recognition #58 - Red ...

1 week ago

I like a combo of Avaricious Dragon, and Crater's Claws in my RDW.

The Dragon can help you push that last bit of evasion damage through, and gives you pseudo Draw.

Pairing it with Crater's Claws can squeeze through the last 2 damage you need for lethal.

I also REALLY like Satyr Firedancer in RDW. Such an amazingly good card for the archetype.

chadsansing on Rakdos, Lord of Goodstuff

2 weeks ago

Sweet creature list.

Have you ever tested with a few X direct damage spells like Banefire, Comet Storm, Earthquake, Meteor Shower, Crater's Claws or Conflagrate to cast of Neheb post-combat?

Happy playing!

goldlion on Menacing Onslaught *Budget*

3 weeks ago

Thanks, very much cdkime.

So far it's pretty casual. I may get into a modern night, but that happens an hour away from where I live and I have enough people to play with here for now. Just taking a relaxed approach for now.

Good points on the land. It was the price points that kept me from even looking. I think City of Brass has great potential, especially combined with something like Karplusan Forest in this deck. If this deck evolves to act quick enough, the 1 damage shouldn't be a problem. This deck is still unfolding pretty fast, even with those one turn waits, but I do notice myself often missing one more play per turn.

The thought with Dictate of Karametra is it wouldn't generally cast until that last push, like when I'd be ready to play the Crater's Claws. It worked out in my tests where I play Dictate of Karametra, untap all land with Dramatic Reversal, then doubled my mana up for a big Crater's Claws.That was before I realized Dramatic Reversal only untapped nonland permanents.. oops... Perhaps Early Harvest or Bear Umbra instead of dramatic reversal? Or am I heading the wrong direction with this and those spots would be better suited for something else?

I believe you're probably right about 4 copies of the better low-cost cards... I haven't defined what those are yet. Any recommendations for me to trial?

I definitely have found myself wanting more Hardened Scales.

Thanks again for your time and the recommendations. I am grateful, and excited to order the cards for this when it's a little finer tuned so I can trial it live.


usaDiabetic on Inalla

3 weeks ago

Maybe add some more burn to finish games, like Fall of the Titans, Banefire, or Crater's Claws. If you go that route maybe Pyromancer's Goggles?

Either way, sweet build!!

xyr0s on BR Dragons

4 months ago

Flameshadow Conjuring is a card, you could make a whole deck around. but here... no. It's not just a "does nothing" card, it's "does nothing very long time", since you have to pay for it. You play it turn 4, it does nothing. You play a land, and 5 cmc dragon on turn 5. And it does nothing, since you can't afford to play the activation.

Howl of the Horde - why? What is it you can play, which is worth copying, after you paid 3 mana to copy it? A turn... 10? 15? Crater's Claws? You need 7 mana to play the equivalent of 2 lightning bolts like this... Reverberate is better, as it can copy your opponents cards, and costs 1 less. But that still doesn't make it good for this deck.

VaultSkirge on Gruul X,Super big creatures

5 months ago

You could definitely replace Titanic Growth with Larger Than Life and Volcanic Geyser with Crater's Claws, which is probably my favorite X spell of all time, I run 2 in my gruul deck.

TheWrongBunny on Budget Dodgy Fiend

6 months ago

awesome deck, i would however personally would drop the counter spells for burn spells to add on a few extra points of damage as unless your local meta is very control based you should be putting out the damage quicker than they can control you. so things such as Wild Slash and Crater's Claws or maybe even a couple pf Trumpet Blast

gagabreus on Burning Horns - Commander

7 months ago

hello DeepFriedwater, thank you so much for the suggestions cards, I'll look for some of then, like Door of Destinies, Aggravated Assault, Comet Storm, Fireball and Crater's Claws will definetely enter in this deck.

Mogis, God of Slaughter is in this deck since the very beginning, I think you miss it. I can't find Anaba Ancestor and Anaba Spirit Crafter, for being old cards, I also can't find Didgeridoo, which would be a very good card for this deck.

Any way, thank you, any update for this deck I'll post as soon as I can.

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