Ring of Three Wishes


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 Mythic Rare

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Ring of Three Wishes


Ring of Three Wishes enters the battlefield with three wish counters on it.

5, T, Remove a wish counter from Ring of Three Wishes: Search your library for a card and put that card into your hand. Then shuffle your library

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Ring of Three Wishes Discussion

SimicEDHbro on Hammer Smashed Face • Saskia Dragon Surge

3 weeks ago

It's looking good. Now that I looked at the deck again two obvious changes caught my eye. Ainok Survivalist for Acidic Slime, and Swiftfoot Boots for Lightning Greaves. And if you are planning on running a pure Primal Surge based deck, then you are going to need a lot more mana ramping and card drawing. With a way to search out the surge. Birds of Paradise, Burnished Hart, Farhaven Elf, Solemn Simulacrum, Viridian Emissary, Sword of the Animist and Wood Elves are all on cheaper side of things. Although I also run some pricier options in my deck as well. I recently went and updated it. You should check it out. To search out the Surge Hoarding Dragon with a Ring of Three Wishes and Planar Portal is how I do it in mine without running black. You have the option of having tutor creatures. Liliana Vess, Rune-Scarred Demon. I hope this deck turns out well for you in the end.

QuietMyth on Kozilek, The Gas Pedal

3 weeks ago

Hey there. Ive been playing colorless cmdr for years now, and i know i can tell you of a few things that are just too cute and slow to be worth playing. Urzatron is an easy cut from this deck, its just super underwhelming in hundred card singleton. It That Betrays is generally, and rightfully considered to be a 'win-more' card in that it only shines if you are already too far ahead to really be stopped. I found Planar Portal and Ring of Three Wishes to be far too slow for what this deck wants to be doing. All stars that are missing here are Oblivion Sower , Paradox Engine and Steel Hellkite. Chances are, youve played one of these before, but it got removed right away or something. This is definitely not grounds to cut them, theyre just so gooood. Additionally, 32 lands in almost any edh deck is not nearly enough. Especially in this one, mana rocks are too vulnerable to take up land slots, and missing a land drop nullifies the ramp to begin with. More wastes would be a great idea. 6 to 10 is fine. Special shoutout to my favorite cute land Tower of the Magistrate its hilarious to use it on voltron commanders or just in response to someone equipping Lightning Greaves my deck Kozilek, The Great Distortion of the Boardstate is about to get a huge update, i love the way it runs right now.

Daedalus19876 on No Hand(lebars) - 1v1 Hazoret EDH

1 month ago

Hmmm. This deck is jank AF...but I'm always on board with jank!

cracks knuckles Let's get this show on the road.

You said you're having trouble finding your combo. The only unconditional tutor in red is Gamble, unless you want to play high-cost artifacts like Ring of Three Wishes or Planar Portal. But since your Bazaar Trader can do the same job, Goblin Matron can find him. If your playgroup plays the Wishes as first intended, you can also use Burning Wish to find a Harmless Offering from outside of the game.

This deck could happily embrace Vow of Lightning to keep Hazoret from whacking you. Confusion in the Ranks could also be a very good card here, since Hazoret the Fervent has haste and thus is a prime target to be stolen by everyone.

Have you considered Worldslayer to equip to Hazoret when you control her? You could also use some more removal (particularly Chaos Warp and Blasphemous Act) to remove those pesky Peacekeepers (which get in the way of your fun!).

As cute as Sword of the Ages is, I feel like Fling might fit your purposes better here. Also, Repercussion is a must when you can hit your opponents with cards like Nahiri's Wrath :D

What's with the fetches here? You don't have any library-manipulation effects and you're in mono-colors.

Deck looks entertainingly unique :) You certainly get my +1, lol.

RedStanley on Thalia lock em up!

1 month ago

KingMathoro I will answer these from the first suggestion down to the last. Right off the bat I agree whole-heartedly Wrath of God is so much better than Day of Judgment but you just opened a whole new world to me with Descend upon the Sinful. That card exiles and and board wipes? Thank you! Oketra's Monument does look really strong and goes with the feel of this deck I saw that on ManaSource and was pretty interested. Witchbane Orb looks really good as well and I will consider switching that with Aegis of the Gods I do have a lot of creatures and his 1 toughness does concern me for how easily he can be removed. Crawlspace? another card I am just learning about. Awesome. Helm of Obedience looks really strong It will be a while before I could obtain it but is a good goal and you're right it has nice synergy. My only problem with infinite loops is my card shop works on a point based system and I'll basically lose the tournament if I use them. Other than Akroma's Memorial I have those cards and I have wanted to work them in I just didn't know who to take out for them. Eidolon of Rhetoric is another one that I am just hearing about and NEED thank you! Odric, Lunarch Marshal and Angelic Skirmisher seem too good together! Actually all those creatures are really good and make picking between them a sad thing. Love the card draw suggestions and yes Mana Crypt and Land Tax have been dreams of mine to add so I hope I can own them someday. The only thing I have against Ring of Three Wishes is its not as fast as Enlightened Tutor and my chopping block is full already but I will still consider it because those 2 extra tutors are too tempting. I didn't know you could add fetchlands. I am glad I didn't sell my red/white one. Your comments have really helped and I cannot wait to see what I can make out of this (and hopefully find the big cards for a deal at the shop) thank you very much!

KingMathoro on Thalia lock em up!

1 month ago

The pleasure is all mine RedStanley

First off, I like what you got going on so let's build on that. First, I would either add Wrath of God or replace Day of Judgment with it, purely because the dis-allowance of regeneration. Other board wipes that are viable are Fumigate, Akroma's Vengeance, Planar Cleansing, Descend upon the Sinful, Rout, Austere Command and Mass Calcify Secondly you have a lot of creatures and there is a new card coming out called Oketra's Monument which is great for this style of deck. Moving onto your protection, Aegis of the Gods is great and all but Leyline of Sanctity and Witchbane Orb are also nice and can give you extra protection. Along with a card called Personal Sanctuary you will be safe from bolts and what have you. Another card you may want to consider is Crawlspace or Silent Arbiter to help prolong your life. Next we need to focus on alternate win cons, because let's face it sometimes you can't beat face. I recommend adding Helm of Obedience because it combos with Rest in Peace allowing you to mill someone out. The next alternate win con will be Sun Titan, Blasting Station, and Angelic Renewal which creates an infinite loop of sorts. Now for beating face I recommend getting some more anthem effects, things like Always Watching , Cathars' Crusade(maybe), and mayhaps an Akroma's Memorial. I know that I am recommending a lot of non-creature stuff but it works with that you are doing. However there are some creatures that I can recommend, that can help you pull out a creature based win, those being Odric, Lunarch Marshal,, Eidolon of Rhetoric Angelic Skirmisher, Suture Priest, Windborn Muse, Odric, Master Tactician, these guys awesome. Also while mentioning creatures, there are some that seem very under-performing, such as Thalia's Lieutenant and Champion of the Parish, while you have around 60 some odd percent of creatures that are humans you still have the 40% that's not. For money cards I would look for things like Mana Crypt and what have you, things to help you ramp up. Also as I am sure you are aware, mono-white and card draw don't exist really. Which is why I like Staff of Nin and also Mind's Eye and also for some tutoring Ring of Three Wishes they are all helpful in that regard. On that thought as well, it just occurred to me that the combination of Land Tax and Scroll Rack is almost unparalelled for mono white. I would also recommend a fetchland or two, this is becuase they give you the ability to shuffle your deck for a reasonable cost which is nice. Looking at your maybeboard now I really like Pearl Medallion, Weathered Wayfarer, and also the Mark of Asylum. Those are all nice. Speaking of the Asylum, a card that works well with that is Dolmen Gate making the only way that your creatures receive damage is through blocking. OK... I think I am done. I apologize for the long response but I hope this gave you some thoughts.

SageOfStone on Pacifism

1 month ago

I like Rebuff the Wicked, but the rest seem too niche.

I do think you need some way to find Near Death Experience. What do you do in the games where it begins 2/3rds of the way down your deck? If you don't want to play the broken tutors, thats understandable. Would you be opposed to things like Planar Portal and Ring of Three Wishes?

Oh, and you probably need Worship too.

SecondRate on Artifacts that use counters? (Atraxa ...

1 month ago

@Cmasa435, wow I hadn't even thought about Ring of Three Wishes, that's brilliant!

@chaosumbreon87, I'll have to go through all those when I get a little more time.

@philktoken8998, I appreciate the cost of those first three, they're nice and budget XD

@RedUndead40, I didn't know Serrated Arrows was a thing, but it should work nicely by helping me keep everyone's board presence a little in check.

@MindAblaze, I'll give Contagion Engine some thought, it's a bit pricey but I guess it shouldn't hurt to buy just a single of it.

Thank you all a lot! You've really helped me out, I've never built an artifact deck before so I was really clueless. Cheers! :D

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