Endless Whispers


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Fifth Dawn (5DN) Rare

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Endless Whispers


Each creature has "When this creature is put into a graveyard from play, choose target opponent. That player puts this creature card from that graveyard into play under his or her control at end of turn."

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Endless Whispers Discussion

Anthedron on Phage "One Finger Death Punch" The Untouchable EDH

2 weeks ago

I definitely like the inclusion of Lethal Vapors, as it also gives me a way to instantly kill Phage with Endless Whispers out. The pestilence combo also works with Erebos, and I've found that he turns on very quickly. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll have to find some cuts.

Kogarashi on Still more Phage Interactions, Including ...

1 month ago

Well, there's lore, and then there's cards. ;) Jeska, Warrior Adept is a different card from Phage the Untouchable. And then of course you could technically count Karona, False God if you want to go the lore route....

But yes, killing your Phage with Endless Whispers on the board is a fancy way to take out an opponent in one shot, that you get to repeat if she's your commander but otherwise need to find a different workaround. Not terrible, but maybe not always something to try to build around.

eatmygender on Still more Phage Interactions, Including ...

1 month ago

So, in essence, playing Jeska (Phage, I'm a lore nerd) out while Endless Whispers is in play and Removing it is a fancy way to pay 7 Mana to Kill your Opponent and garner a Commander tax? Sounds pretty eh. I do think that Lich's Mastery would synergize well with Palace Siege, might try to make that work. I appreciate the help with the interactions!!

Kogarashi on Still more Phage Interactions, Including ...

1 month ago

Whoops, correction to my answer: Endless Whispers is NOT a control-changing effect. The game has no "memory" of who controlled Phage before Endless Whispers put her onto the battlefield (new permanent, after all). Instead this falls under the last part of "what happens when a player leaves the game." It's simply exiled.

What happens when a player leaves the game is this:

  1. All objects owned by that player leave the game. This means every card in their deck.

  2. All control-changing effects end. This means the other players get their permanents or spells back if that permanent or spell had its control change without it changing zones.

  3. Anything else controlled by that player on the stack (such as spell copies from Isochron Scepter) ceases to exist.

  4. Finally, anything that player somehow still controls, including creatures put onto the battlefield directly under their control from Bribery, Reanimate, or Endless Whispers, is exiled.

Kogarashi on Still more Phage Interactions, Including ...

1 month ago

Endless Whispers is essentially a control-changing effect. When a player leaves the game, all control-changing effects they control end, which would return control of Phage the Untouchable to its owner. It's already on the battlefield, so it's not entering again. Just changing control. So its ETB won't trigger at this point.

Lich's Mastery is pretty strong, but does have downsides.

  • While it has hexproof, it can still be taken out by sweep effects like Tranquility, or you could end up sacrificing it to something like Annihilator, at which point you lose the game.

  • If you're gaining life while this is in play, you're drawing cards. If you don't have a Reliquary Tower effect in play, you're also discarding cards, which means not being able to cast them. Obviously this is something to build around.

  • People can still attack you with creatures, target you with burn spells, drain you with life-drain effects, and so on. You won't lose life from them, but you do have to exile permanents you control and cards from your hand and graveyard instead, for each life you would've lost. Unless you've found a way to be constantly creating new permanents or drawing new cards, you will eventually have to exile more than you have access to, at which point you will end up exiling Lich's Mastery, at which point you lose the game. If you're exiling your defenses against attacks, it becomes even easier to hurt you, forcing you to exile things.

In effect, this card paints a big target on you until everyone else takes you out, or you pull off your wincon.

eatmygender on Still more Phage Interactions, Including ...

1 month ago

Alright, so, when Phage the Untouchable would get removed while Endless Whispers is in play, it automatically kills the player who is the target of the Endless Whispers trigger. But after that...? Since the player loses the game, all the permanents in play under their control return to their owners, but would that trigger Phage's ETB trigger again? Or would it in essence cast her with no downside to me and kill an opponent in the process? On a related note someone explain the broken mess of a card Lich's Mastery is?? There's seemingly no downside and the card is already frustratingly confusing.

Gleeock on The Brown Spider

2 months ago
  • I actually do have Savage Lands in the deck... Just not on tapped out, so good catch on that one.
  • I re-examined Endless Whispers and decided it NEEDED to go in, I forgot the trigger is not a "May" effect, so it can have a bizarre impact on the game. It would make games with creature sac-heavy decks quite unusual.
  • I cannot possibly remove Titania's Song It is way too fun in this artifact-light deck to turn everyone's artifacts into no-ability agents of damage-dealing or using this enchantment as artifact removal - either way I'm happy. It also is an incredibly dopey-looking piece of old-school MtG art :)
  • I like the ability to suspend Search for Tomorrow for .. but for a similar base cost cultivate does give me better future oomph & this deck won't worry about too many cards in hand, so I probably will make that switch.
  • Depending on how it plays out in a larger group I may end up putting more removal in, however I'm not especially concerned with this deck on strategy locks, even this: Peacekeeper won't kill me considering all the oddball groupslug I have thrown in. My other consideration is additional card-draw: Enchantress's Presence could do some real work in here considering I end up running almost as many enchantments as an enchantress deck.
  • Last cards I keep going back & forth on are Engulfing Slagwurm Hypergenesis and Frenzied Fugue - Fugue is such a pet-card for me & it hits PERMANENTS so stealing planeswalkers for an extra round does have its appeal.

_Kane_ on The Brown Spider

2 months ago

I cannot wait to see the chaos unfold!

Here are a few quick suggestions; take'em or leave'em:

Remove Foreboding Ruins to add Savage Lands I believe the "Have" land is worse than a Tri-land.

I think you can find better ramp in Cultivate by removing Search for Tomorrow.

Where is Windgrace's Judgment and Decimate! I know you want to give people toys, but having some answers may be needed. Maybe remove a couple enchantments like - Trespasser's Curse and/or Titania's Song

Card I love seeing in this deck: Swarmyard, Endless Whispers

Potential adds: Disrupt Decorum, Fumiko the Lowblood, Tempt with Vengeance?,

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