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Primer delayed for now. Between work and family I do not have any time to fully flesh it out as I hoped. Thanks for being patient!

This was my first commander deck that I put together. Two years ago I had a son whose name is Darian. When I found out that there was a commander of the same name (almost) I had to build a deck around him. I have been having a blast with it. It is not the most powerful deck, but it's been very consistent for me. The deck is built specifically to be able to handle many different situations and board states. I am aware that there are plenty of infinite combos that work with Darien. Two Soul Warden effects and Blasting Station into an Aetherflux Reservoir dump does not interest me (or any of the other combos he can pull off). Do not get me wrong. That is probably the strongest way to build a Darien deck. Protect him and combo out. But I would rather beat the opponent down the old-fashioned way like I imagine someone like Darien would want to.

Cards in the maybeboard have ALL ( yes, all, don't judge me lol) been slotted and played to varying extents. I cut down the maybeboard (it was getting too big for its britches) to be cards that I routinely rotate in periodically to mix it up. The deck as it is listed is how I primarily play it though. Darien is really flexible and swapping out often keeps things fresh and my opponents from knowing what might be slotted in any given week.

I removed Karma, Kormus Bell, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Stern Judge, and Royal Decree altogether from my list as it is just too janky for me.

If you are interested in building Darien on a budget, here is a pretty good intro point for about a tenth of the price of this deck.

Of course any suggestions or feedback are appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to read this and check out the deck.


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I just wanted to give an update as this deck has gotten quite a bit of views/upvotes now. I greatly appreciate all of the thoughts and ideas over the past eight months! It's been a huge help as not only was this my first EDH deck, it was my first MTG deck period. I've tried most of the recommended cards by the community. The current iteration of the deck is what's left out of now a couple hundred games. The deck plays surprisingly well against a lot of different types of decks. I never really feel like I'm totally out of any game. If you play in a fairly casual meta I highly recommend trying Darien out. Mono-white gets a lot of hate, but I think it's a blast.

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