Jade Monolith

Jade Monolith


: The next time a source of your choice would deal damage to target creature this turn, that source deals that damage to you instead.

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Jade Monolith Discussion

Queen_Lulu on

3 months ago

Balaam__ self mill is not a potential win-con in this deck, exiling the library is. Also, Jade Monolith is far too inferior to Lightning Greaves to warrant a spot in the deck. Thank you for the suggestion though!

Balaam__ on

3 months ago

Had a thought the other day and want to see if it’s useful or not. Would Jade Monolith’s ability to redirect damage from your commander to yourself help this build at all? As far as I can tell you want to mill your library as one of your potential win-cons, not necessarily fill your graveyard with permanents from the battlefield. So I was thinking the monolith might help keep stuff in play long enough to earn a place in the deck. Again, just a thought I had. Not sure if it’s completely unnecessary or if you’ve already implemented a similar strategy with a different card.

TheChaosVault on Wanderer Oathbreaker (Mono-White Burn)

1 year ago

Some suggestions:

Armageddon Clock : everyone else now has to pay mana or take steadily increasing damage (also it's surprisingly cheap moneywise).

Ancient Tomb : Already a good card, improved when you remove it's only downside.

Fire and Brimstone : Don't know why you'd run this, but hey it works with Wanderer.

Jade Monolith : Allows you to protect your creatures from Bolts and the like for (1).

Mana Vault / Mana Crypt : Ramp with little/no downside.

Ashen0ne on Kingdom of Kjeldor, HEED YOUR KING!

1 year ago

+! My friend!

I won’t lie I’ve neither piloted nor even seen another Darien deck. I also rarely play white so my opinions might be limited but Imma try and throw some helpful suggestions at ya if I can.

Looking through the deck I would say you’re already well on your way to making this thing a real monster. Plenty of what I was originally thinking is already in. Since you’re running Urborg for those shenanigans you might consider Karma . With Urborg out it’ll hurt youre opponents for each land every turn and it’ll make a bunch of dudes for you. Even without it there is almost always someone playing black so it still serves to put some pressure on.

Marshal's Anthem allows for recursion of a key creature when or if its been hated out. The option of multikicking for multiple recursions is also nice.

When I first looked over the list I wanted to say Divine Visitation just because 4/4 angel’s is nicer than 1/1 soldiers lol but part of me wonders if it isn’t a “win more” card here. Unless you’re also willing to slot in Requiem Angel as a means of going infinite with any of your sac outlets.

I personally think Spear of Heliod might be worth a slot in here. Not only does it serve as an Anthem but it double’s as a threat for your opponents should Darien not be out. Even if he is the ability to, at instant speed, destroy anything that deals damage to you is nice. Niv-Mizzet, Parun comes to mind since we have one floating around in our meta.

I also really like Jade Monolith instead because it allows you to get Darien triggers even when you’re opponents are trying to avoid you. Angel's Trumpet might also do some work here. Particularly if it’s combined with Throne of the God-Pharaoh unless I am misunderstanding when the triggers would occur.

That’s all I got currently. Keep up the good work buddy! Glad to see another fan of Darien in the Deckwatch.

crabclaw on King of Pain

1 year ago

theplotthinnens - As far as I know, the multiple categories thing just works now. I just re-checked the formatting I used, and it's as you have it:

1x Mobilization (C14) #Anthem #Tokens

And that puts Mobilization in both categories. If you want two words for one category, you'd format that as:

1x City of Brass (5ED) #Land #Self_Flagellate

Thanks for mentioning that, though. For some reason half of my deck was goofed up with an accidental category.

And also, thanks for the suggestons, Sivvi's Valor is a neat one-time thing and could be useful. Jade Monolith works similarly but is of course telegraphed to the rest of the table.

I would probably add in a more symmetrical effect like Angel's Trumpet or Dingus Staff before Jinxed Choker . It does grow on its own which is nice, but I'm not sure how useful it would prove.

Dealing 2-3 damage on an opponent's upkeep isn't a strong use of a card slot, since I find it unlikely that the choker would be passed back to me with Darien on the board.

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