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Friendly? Nekusar

This is my take on Nekusar, the Mindrazer. This is my favorite commander decks to play, and although Nekusar is at his best wheeling, I try to get as far I can without wheeling. Typically, however, Wheeling is how you end up closing the game.

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The basic game plan is to start playing Howling Mine type effects, to make everyone draw more cards, and then punish them for it with a multitude of cards

Even better are two for ones! Nekusar, the Mindrazer, card:Spiteful Vision, Spiteful Visions being the slightly more questionable option, turning your own wincon against yourself? However, I find that typically with Nekusar and other cards that deal damage, I normally deal enough more damage, that I lost minimal amounts of life compared to everyone else.

Once you have your effects down, however, people are not going to let you sit for the 15 turns you need to slowly kill them, so we need to be able to both, protect our pieces, and also speed up the win.

Protection for our pieces is typically counter magic, and in lack of that, hope that you can still win without those pieces. The best way to speed up the wincon is with wheels, making people draw seven cards at once, can do a serious amount of damage, and when wheels are combined with Waste Not, you can start playing enough wheels in a turn to just win there.

I do run a Phyresis, it's effect works well with Nekusar , and has even allowed me to pull wins out of nowhere. I could go all in and get a Glistening Oil as well, but I do not want too many of these effects in this deck. Once Nekusar (or another card hate creature) has infect, everyone is 10 cards away from losing. When combined with wheels that countdown goes down a lot faster. This is one of the reasons Curiosity on Nekusar can be so powerful, giving Nekusar infect, and then using a Windfall, while you have over 10 cards in hand, is game over.

  • Curiosity - When you put Curiosity on Nekusar, the Mindrazer you draw a card for each card an opponent draws, which can amount to at least 8 cards per table rotation! Wheeling with a Curiosity Nekusar also can net you crazy amounts of cards, putting you far ahead of your opponents.
  • Propaganda - This deck runs very few creatures, so it is very prone to being attack, so every advantage you can get is worth taking, I have not yet gotten around to getting a card:Collectice Restraint or a Crawlspace, but they would also help to deter attacks, so we can live a little longer.



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