Molten Psyche

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Molten Psyche


Each player shuffles the cards from his or her hand into his or her library, then draws that many cards.

Metalcraft — If you control three or more artifacts, Molten Psyche deals damage to each opponent equal to the number of cards that player has drawn this turn.

Made_Compleat on Infatuated_Amnesiac

1 month ago

Hot take: you should build an Oathbreaker deck around Molten Psyche :P

Infatuated_Amnesiac on High Pressure, No Safety Valve

5 months ago

legendofa of course! Can't promise it'll be any good. I think I might adapt it with Molten Psyche cause as you pointed out, if they're only casting 1 spell a turn their hands'll be stuffed.

Though I have been wanting to build around Revel in Silence  Flip...

Made_Compleat on The Wheels Keep Spinning

5 months ago

Damn this is a cool deck. I love the synergy! You get extra internet points for including Molten Psyche.

Coastal Piracy is basically another Reconnaissance Mission, so it might behoove you to put that in.

For the memes, might I suggest Hive Mind? I know it kinda sucks, but it lets you copy all your wheels three times. That's quadruple the locusts.

Finally, Path of the Pyromancer is a great wheel that gives you a huge mana advantage and an extra card.

UltimateRoxas40 on Xyris, the Endless Ouroboros [Wheel Primer]

10 months ago

GorramScoundrel Temple Bell would be a good addition. Being able to make some Snakes at Instant speed would be nice, and having more Artifacts would make it more likely to trigger Molten Psyche.

But I kinda like Wheel effects rather than group hug everyone-draw-a-card effects. I'd like my opponents to see cards in hand, then watch as they all get dumped into the graveyard haha. But I appreciate the suggestion!

Infatuated_Amnesiac on Metalcraft hub not available

1 year ago

I'm building a deck with Molten Psyche which has metalcraft. But I can't add the hub to my deck? Maybe I'm being silly. Though, the hub is available if something like Mox Opal is in the deck.

TogbusPrime on It's easy Rem-K

1 year ago

So having seen this in action I can say it's a neat deck, but I know why you did nothing for so long: you have overcommitted to Rem's schtick to the extreme. Let's analyze the numbers beyond card types at time of posting... Rem Burn: 18 Burn Enablers: 7 Creature Protection: 12 Life Gain: 2 Answers: 8 Ramp: 12 Recursion: 3 Refueling: 4 Tutors: 5 To be clear I didn't count Molten Psyche and Mind Stone for refueling since they don't net you cards and some cards count toward multiple categories like Rem for enablers and protection. To be fair it's also clear that this deck is still in the playtesting phase, but I feel like pointing out a flaw beyond the lack of draw and life gain we saw is important. Also, did you mean to include Prismatic Lens? I'd drop that for either a mana rock that produces colored mana on its own or to sure up one of the lacking categories.

lagotripha on BOROS BURN AIKIDO

2 years ago

If you want to play Braid of Fire you want to set up something like grandmaster to cast multiple 'return to hand' instant/ X cost spells, backed up by a second ramp engine, and it needs to win the game. This would be easiest with setting up a Time Warp loop or similar, but there are combo options with red/white that are similar, if a little less reliable.

To do this you'd need to respec the list into a grind/control setup -Path to Exiles and Lightning Helixes with the goal of getting a winning field where you just have better topdecks and a braid that keeps ticking up. This doesn't match the rest of your list.

I'm most used to seeing Boros Reckoner alongside Swans of Bryn Argoll as part of a combo engine, but the deck here doesn't have the parts to do that (wraths/land damage). It will work fine as a 3 drop choice for boros, but it will eat up slots that could be draw engines. You could go a little higher on the curve, run some more removal and try for Light from Within or Acolyte's Reward value, but it will take tuning and likely never quite reach competitive levels.

I've seen mono red tron where you try to cast wraths and burn people out with reckoner damage/ Fireball, but it hasn't been great in a long while.

I have seen combos using Hallow+Plunge into Darkness, a long time ago. It was a janky mess leaning hard on Children of Korlis. Hallow can definitely work for getting a high life total, letting you set up something like Aetherflux Reservoir or symetric burn, but every damage spell for it has big question marks above it.

The rest of your deck outside of braid is an aggressive 'get to low life totals then exploit that' list. This is where deflecting palm shines, but also where risk factor is great. It will, over time morph into boros burn if you keep pushing the power level - the curse of competitive is that you tend to get a generic deck with 6-7 cards that are your own twist on it.

You might get something unique if you focus on cards like Timely Reinforcements, which has been a traditional control staple, to win mirror burn matchups, or figure out Molten Psyche alongside delayed symetric draw - Howling Mine or similar could power a very aggressive list.

I hope this provides ideas and options at least - I don't have any great answers.

Pikobyte on Xyris just wants to Make Snakes

2 years ago

Well, then hello neighbor. I’m from Germany so I’m familiar with € prices. 15 per Card is actually really decent and brings major improvements. I’ll list the prices assuming you use cardmarket too.

Purphoros, God of the Forge(10-12€), packs a great punch with your token generation and is also good in a lot of other decks if you retire Xyris one day. So it’s one of the more expensive ones but well worth it.

Impact Tremors(1,40€), little brother of purphoros, but still does massive work.

Beastmaster Ascension(3,70€) and Shared Animosity(2,30€) greatly empower your token army. Mass Hysteria and Fervor(both around 2€) gives your token army haste so you can swing right after a wheel or mass draw.

Skullclamp(4€) is a really nice draw card with tokens, so you never run out of gas.

Xenagos, the Reveler(4€) and Battle Hymn(50 cent) provide you with a ton of mana for some big and explosive turns.

Wheels do obviously well in Xyris. Time Reversal(2€) and Molten Psyche(1,5€) are good and cheap options to add.

I could go on with more suggestions but I think that’s enough for the first time. Maybe take a look at my primer first, I bet you finds lots of other new toys there and after that I can still help you to improve. Otherwise the list now will get too long I guess

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