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Omnath, Locus of Tokens

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This deck is a work in progress. Any suggestions are appreciated and definitely needed. I am new to EDH and just started playing MTG again after a 10 year hiatus.

Welcome to my first EDH Brew! I am trying to make this a casually competitive deck. Maybe a 7/10. How am I doing?

For my first deck, I figured I would try to keep it simple. And what's simpler than playing lands? This deck aims to win by creating tokens from landfall triggers and then turning them sideways. Heck, even our lands create tokens when lands come into play (Field of the Dead + Vesuva + Thespian's Stage).


I am considering:

  • Putting in a Rolling Earthquake, because it is another wincon and this deck generates a ton of health

  • Cutting a few cards and adding more lands

I am concerned that

  • I may have too much removal

  • My mana base may need some work


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